How to make beautiful makeup for green eyes at home

One of the most beautiful and rare shades of eye is green. Many girls dream about the emerald color of the iris, so we try to create this color using contact lenses. Look the green-eyed girl mystical, attractive, charming. To make the beauty of green eyes brighter, and look more shrilly appropriate qualified makeup. Creating it, you need to consider the color of the skin and hair, own style girls, the hue of the iris.

Features makeup for green eyes – tips for beginners

The easiest way to create perfect make – up- trust in the expert hands of a professional makeup artist. However, daily visits to a beauty salon not always have a sufficient amount of time and money, so learn the skill of make-up have their own, at home. In order to choose the right makeup, consider the following tips:

  1. Choice of shades depends on the shade of eyes:
  2. Gray-green. The most appropriate is milk chocolate, pale blue gamma shadows. To focus on the gray color help black, Browns.
  3. Light green. Suitable green shade of pastel colors, peach, beige, emerald.
  4. An intense green. Will fit almost any color scheme, but the most profitable will look Golden yellow, graphite, lilac, coral shade.
  5. Yellowish-green. A good choice would be purple, lilac shades.
  6. Prohibited color eyeshadow for green eyes include: silver, black liner, white, any pastel colors that give the appearance of a tired look.
  7. To create a chic gradient to make the colors sharper, use a primer.
  8. Makeup for big green eyes use thin lines of ink applied in one coat.
  9. Lipsticks makeup, use several. Depending on the occasion and event you have in the cosmetic bag should be of lipstick frosted beige, bright coral, pink, red.
  10. Blush matched with the skin tone.
  11. The technology of applying makeup is very important:
  12. First on the mobile eyelid applied the main color.
  13. Bright accents, it is desirable to add under the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes, dark on the outer corner.
  14. The number of shades of one color should not exceed three.
  15. Eyeliner and pencil do not use black. Best chocolate or dark grey tones to create more contrast and help to distinguish the green color of your eyes.

Nuances of applying makeup depending on the color of hair

Saturation shadow and eyeliner depends on the color of the eyes, but important and shade of hair. The right combination of makeup colors and pass can highlight your natural beauty to make the appearance brighter and more expressive. Every day to look natural and attractive, note the following nuances of applying makeup in conjunction with a specific hair color.

Blonde hair

Green eyes very effectively blended with light and brown hair, but this beauty needs to be the right choice of color palette. Beautiful makeup for green-eyed blondes provides a bright, soft, yellow and brown shades:

  • For walking in the evening can make up eyelids a rich dark purple, copper or Golden color.
  • Light makeup for green eyes for every day involves the use of gray and pink shades.
  • The shade of pink, blue, dark dark tones are not suitable green-eyed blondes.
  • Blonde is not recommended to use dark basics for make-up and creams, they create the effect of a «dirty person».
  • Contour pencils for lips makeup blondes inappropriate.

Dark hair

Green-eyed brown-haired women and brunettes are incredibly attractive, when properly done makeup. For such a brilliant appearance need to define precisely the main focus of the make-up: or a nice, rich sponge, or piercing glance:

  • Dark-haired girls perfect black eyeliner and makeup smoky-eye.
  • For an evening look you can use glittery, emerald, plum shade.
  • To focus on lips, buy a bright lipstick.
  • Pink shades should not be present in the tone-based brown-haired women and brunettes, it is the prerogative of blondes.
  • For daytime makeup fit will be a light shade and a subtle lipstick with a natural color.

Red hair

The green-eyed girl with red curls are beautiful, seductive, extravert appearance. They can not be overlooked. For red-haired beauties makeup must be chosen with great care so as not to make the image vulgar:

  • In daytime make-up is dominated by the shade translucent warm green, gold, brown tones, the emphasis is on the fiery hair color.
  • In evening makeup, it is important to use a black pencil and mascara, shade: lilac, pink, terracotta, purple.
  • Red-haired girls often have light skin, so Foundation it is recommended to choose natural shades.
  • Perfect color lipstick – caramel or coral.

Step-by-step technique of makeup for green eyes with pictures

Prepare the skin

Prepare the skin for makeup application

Before applying makeup the skin need to cleanse and moisturize:

  • With tonic or cleansing milk and a cotton pad, wipe face.
  • To moisturize the skin and saturate it with nutrients, apply a thick layer of cream under makeup (daytime), give it 5 minutes to soak, and the residue to remove with a cotton pad.
  • Next, carefully apply to face tonal Foundation, it should be possible to come close to the color of your skin.
  • Use a transparent powder to remove extra Shine on your chin, forehead and nose.

Emphasize eyebrows

Correction of the shape of the eyebrows

Pay special attention to the eyebrows, their shape depends on the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes:

  • Remove with tweezers all the hairs at the bend line of the eyebrows and bridge of nose.
  • Use the brush to carefully touch up the edge using a matte dark brown shade.
  • To get a good, point with shadows bend and the end of the eyebrow, the main part of the blend.
  • At the end remove the eyebrow brush the excess eyebrow powder.

Draw arrows

Draw arrows on the upper eyelid

Visually enlarge the eyes will help neatly drawn arrows. They turned a neat, firm hand guide the pencil on top of the black color from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outside. At the end of the line arrows slightly lift up. Follow the line width, it should not be different, discontinuous or indistinct, make it subtle and expressive.

Shaded arrows with shadows

To look was gentle and natural, make the feather of the arrows:

  • Take a special applicator or a thin brush and the blue shadow.
  • Feathering is performed, starting from the inner corner of the eye. Don’t make the line too wide, it is visually heavier eyelid.
  • For convenience, slightly pull the eyelid, but the eyes can not close.

Draw bottom arrow

The arrows on the lower eyelids

To complement the almost finished eye makeup will help the arrows on the lower eyelid:

  • Here draw a line with a black pencil even thinner than on the upper eyelid.
  • Apply it, digressing a little from the inner corner of the eye, since they are the lacrimal gland, and one wrong move will trigger the release of liquid, pencil flow.
  • Arrow external-century slightly get up.

Shaded arrows on the lower eyelid

Blue shadows and brush shade the arrow, following these rules:

  • Feathering should begin at the inner corner of the eye.
  • Shadow apply a thin line slightly thicker arrows.
  • Girls with deep-set eyes it is better to do the shading is barely noticeable.

Give the eyes color and brightness

Drawing the shadow on the eyelids

To make green eyes brighter, you can use different shades: green, blue, yellow, copper. For example, use bright blue shadows that give the eyes the brightness, and look courage, boldness and sexuality. Take a wide round brush or applicator and apply to upper eyelid, slightly shade. So the color of your eyes will become brighter.

Podkashivaet lashes mascara.

To make the eyes visually larger, you need to tint eyelashes mascara, for example, black:

  • First paint the lower lashes, hold the mascara vertically, touching the cilia is only the tip of the brush.
  • When the bottom row gets dry, go to the top. Here the ink is held horizontally, staining first the middle part of the century, then the outer, and at the end.



At the final stage, the makeup should tint the lips:

  • Use light pink lipstick, cause you can use any convenient tool, but it’s better to paint the lips with a special brush.
  • Start to apply the lipstick from the center of the lips to their edges.
  • For color intensity, apply two layers, each of which is to wet a cloth.

Video tutorials: how to make beautiful makeup for green eyes

If you are the owner green eyes, beautiful makeup will help you recommendations the video below. They have professional beauticians in detail will show how to create a particular variant of makeup for green eyes. Each video includes step-by-step guide, having studied that, you will be able to repeat the same makeup on the face, without assistance.

Light day make-up

For each case appropriate your makeup. Summer daytime makeup for green eyes involves the use of moderate, not too bright colors, which give the appearance of freshness and lightness. Use a minimal amount of cosmetics. So, shadows can take no more than three colors, such as gold and green. How to perform natural makeup for green eyes, watch the following video:

Evening makeup

Makeup for dark half of the day different from the day more dark and rich shades of shadows that make the look expressive, temperamental. It is dominated by the classic combination of brown, black shades of shadows with rastushevyvaet effect. Take a look below phased manual complete a beautiful evening makeup for green-eyed girls. This option of make-up suitable for beautiful Quinceanera dress for prom, birthday, corporate party.


The image of the bride without makeup is incomplete because it emphasizes the positive features of the girl and hides her visual shortcomings. Make-up for green-eyed bride can be varied, it all depends on the shades of the iris and color the girl’s hair. In tune with the wedding the way copper, gold, pink, lilac, turquoise shade. If the wedding is organized in the style of boho, the original choice would be the purple hues of cosmetics. Let’s see how to do wedding makeup in the next video:

Every day

For daily makeup it is important to emphasize the natural beauty and slightly adjust the exterior flaws, so natural light shades of eye shadow in pastels, beige, taupe. You can make yourself look extremely attractive with the help of shadows. A simple ten-minute method of applying daytime makeup look video instructions:

Bright Smokey eyes for green eyes at home

The main feature of the makeup Smokey eyes – create the smoky effect, whereby the main focus is on the eyes, they visually seem to be more expressive. Smoky eyes done in different color variations. It is characterized by the use of different shades of one color. Find out more about the makeup style Smokey eyes for green-eyed girls from the video lesson below.

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