How to make beautiful curls for long hair at home

Curls for long hair can be different: romantic waves with a sparkling curls or messy curls, but they always look amazing. This hairstyle is popular among the beautiful half of humanity for a long period of time. How to make beautiful curls at home? It is much easier than it might seem at first glance. A few simple techniques will allow you to achieve even better effect than in the cabin.

Tips on styling curls for long hair

To you could get beautiful curls that attract the attention of others, long hair is subject to careful maintenance. To preserve the strength and natural Shine beautiful curls will help you the next home action:

  • a variety of beauty treatments (masks, scrubs);
  • regular shampooing;
  • receiving vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • frequent brushing of the tresses brush.

Hair styles

Choosing hairstyles long curls, you need to consider hair type and face shape, so that the image was harmonious. For this it is advisable to consult a professional stylist, who will talk about the individual characteristics of the strands, will recommend means to care for them and choose the most appropriate type of hairstyle. You can find out the necessary information if you read special literature on relevant topics.

To create beautiful long curls at home you will need the following tips:

  1. In the process of styling curly hair with very small curls, it is desirable to pull the dryer and the large curls, it is better not to straighten.
  2. Thin long strands before styling treat styling tools to give the necessary volume. Will help to give a visual density of a small tease from the roots.
  3. To do perfect curls for a Perm, previously pull out the hair with a Flatiron, and then tighten them in any way.

How to wind beautiful curls at home – photo

There are many ways to create gorgeous curls at home. Do not have to wait for a holiday or special occasion to make a beautiful hairstyle with sloppy curls. Using a flat iron, curler, hair dryer or other domestic «helpers» you can do curls every day without spending to create them a lot of time. Let’s look at a step-by-step guide that will help you cheat beautiful curls at home.

Curl hair with a flat iron-hair straightener and Curling iron

The easiest way to create beautiful curls – using Curling irons or Ironing. But before the procedure, the hair should not be lacquer, gel, mousse or other styling products, so pre-wash and dry. To the hair preserved for a long time, and the structure of the strands remained intact, better before Curling, apply a special product for thermopacking. Technology styling beautiful curls with a straightening iron:

Perms curls flat iron-straightener

  1. Divide the hair into strands.
  2. Place the iron-straightener perpendicular to the strands, grab the end of her forceps, scroll several times around the axle, then roll the hair like a Curling iron.
  3. Do the same with all the strands. You get a spiral of the hair, which must be carefully separated by hand curls.
  4. In the process of wearing curls not broken, fix them in any designed for this tool.

How to create curls for long hair with Curling iron step by step:

How to make hair Curling irons

  1. Take a large Curling with tongs, divide the hair into strands, pull one of them.
  2. Clamp the forceps to the end of the section, then screw completely, as in a normal curler and wait for a while. The longer you keep the Curling iron, the stronger will be the curls. But excessive heat treatment can damage your hair.
  3. A more natural result you will get if you purchase conical Curling irons without a clamp.
  4. Even without a Curling iron to wind the strands very easily and safely.
  5. After Curling, hair should not spin, but only gently remove the Curling iron and fix with varnish.

Do curls on hair curlers

Using different kind of rollers, a woman can cheat any curls: funny small curls, thin spirals, beautiful waves, and even lion’s mane. This method proven for decades – it does not spoil the hair, so is trust. However, the owners of the too-long strands will have to work hard and cheat on their rollers is not such a simple matter. How to do it?

On hair rollers «Velcro» or «hedgehogs»

The strands on curlers

The perfect solution for women with thin hair. «Velcro» and «hedgehogs» do not require additional clamps or rubber bands and I use them on dry or wet hair. An important role is played by the ease and speed of the process of winding. Method is suitable girls who have no time for the Curling iron, a diffuser or a Styler:

  1. Wash your hair and a little dry.
  2. Spread over the entire surface of any fixing tool to obtain a more stable result.
  3. Select the strand size curler and comb her comb.
  4. Screw, moving from the end to the roots inside, gently pulling the strand to the hair is wound smoothly.
  5. Dry your hair naturally, and if no time, then using a hair dryer.
  6. To remove the «hedgehogs» or «Velcro», to spin, but be very careful not to damage the curls.
  7. After – comb the curls with a comb with large teeth, forming a smooth wave.

Thermo or electro-curler

Use hot rollers to create fashionable long curls of medium size. The advantage of this styling is the speed and different ways to cheat. Here’s the instructions:

The curl for hot rollers

  1. Wash and completely dry your hair.
  2. Apply for protection from overheating.
  3. Heated curler first, curl at the nape, then the sides.
  4. After final cooling, remove them.
  5. Apply to the strands of the fixing means.

On curlers or curler «boomerangs»

Create curls using curlers-boomerangs

Soft curlers boomerangs or» help to create a sloppy small curls and big curls, depending on size. Girls love them for the opportunity to wind on the night and get up in the morning without a headache from the uncomfortable lying down. To use the «boomerangs» to create curls for long hair as follows:

  1. Wash your hair, lightly dry strands, apply some neutralizing solution.
  2. Divide the hair into equal parts, each comb throughout the length of the brush with antistatic effect, to get rid of tangling.
  3. On top remove one strand, wrap the hair curler starting from the end, moving up the spiral. Ensure the ugly creases that will ruin the whole effect of the beautiful waves.
  4. After winding the strands lock «boomerang» by aligning its upper and lower end.
  5. Clocked all the hair, wait a few hours, then disconnect the ends of the «boomerangs» and loosen the hair.
  6. To create slight negligence, do not brush your locks, treat them with varnish. To create a wavy Hollywood curls hair is better to comb.

Create curls with a hair dryer

Curls with a hair dryer

Create beautiful curls on naughty long hair easily with a conventional dryer with a nozzle diffuser. This method of Curling masters called «wet effect». To create a stylish small curls you need:

  1. Wash your hair, towel-dried hair by 70%.
  2. Apply on the palm of mousse, then compress them the entire length of the strands, as if putting it in a bun.
  3. Tilt your head down and dry your hair with a diffuser.
  4. Then, without raising his head, fix the hair with your hands, creating volume.

Curls without curlers and Curling irons

To do curls at home without special tools is not a problem. Some ladies apply for this pieces of thick paper, which in turn twist locks, securing them with thread. Other resourceful girls even use their own fingers to make beautiful curls of long hair. Consider the most common methods to create curls.


Using conventional studs girls do quite professional curls that can last for several days:

  1. Dampen your hair and gather into a ponytail.
  2. Twist the tail into a tight harness, coil into a bun, and secure with hairpin.
  3. After 6-8 hours unwind the tail.
  4. Formed a beautiful wavy curls shake hands, fasten varnish.

Small curls

Curls on a rag

Naughty curls did our grandmothers with rags, and now this method has not lost its relevance. You will need several thin slices 5 cm in length, to perform the following steps:

  1. Divide the hair into narrow strands, screw them on the cloth from the tips to the roots, as the wooden bobbins.
  2. Tie the pieces up so that hair will not slip out.
  3. Dry them naturally or with a Hairdryer, then carefully untie or cut the cloth so as not to damage the curls.
  4. Small curls lock by any means.

Big waves

Exquisite big wave long hair will help to make the cut of the fabric. To do this:

  1. Moisturize strands with water, split into several zones.
  2. The number of zones to prepare strips of cotton fabric.
  3. Wrap it around the base strand fabric and braid her plait Kolosok, tying the tip of the eraser.
  4. To make the «ears» on all strands and leave on overnight.
  5. In the morning dissolve the hair, lightly fluff them with your hands, sprinkle with varnish.

Easy curls with braids

How to look Afro-curls

Light curls will help to make the traditional braid is the most reliable way to create beautiful curls on long spinning wheel without damaging the hair:

  1. Dampen the strands with water or wash.
  2. Divide the hair into 10-20 equal parts and braid them in braids.
  3. Tie each thin elastic band, spray varnish, go to bed.
  4. In the morning braids rasplatita, form curls, lock by any means.

Perm hair elastic

Using headbands girls often create formal hairstyles for long hair. But this accessory is sometimes used for making beautiful curly strands. To do this:

  1. Put on a head bandage-gum.
  2. Moisten with water the strands that were under it.
  3. Divide the wet hair into several parts and each strand twist into a bundle.
  4. Pry each harness under the rubber, and hide the tip in the previous section.
  5. After a few hours, let down your hair, form a beautiful curls.

Video: how to make voluminous curls to long held

If you are the owner of straight long hair, don’t think that you will never get a beautiful, voluminous curls. A beautiful hairstyle easy to do at home, it is important to know exactly what size curls best suited for your appearance. Check out the video compilation below that will help you choose the optimal size of the curls and learn the best methods of their creation, for a long time allows the curls to keep their shape.

Big hair from the face

African curls

Hollywood curls

Step by step instructions laying on the electro forceps

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