How to make beam with the help of a donut

If you are the owner of long hair, or they have an average length, an additional way to create this hairstyle you will need it. Information on how to make a beam with a donut, will help for a short period of time to build the styling that will fit perfectly in the style of the secular parties, office dress-code or a regular walk. A minimum of tools and sleight of hand – here’s what you need to look charming and stylish. Let’s see what kinds of bagels are that best fit to your image, which option will suit either a girl or a grown woman.

What are the different types of bagel

There are several types of such devices that help to make the hair on the hair of different lengths except the shortest: bagels, barrettes, scrunchies, twisters. All of them reinforce and keep hairstyle long time. Learning to use these items, you will be able to make the bulk a stylish haircut. A variety of clips will be invisible to the public eye, but will help to focus on the beautiful women’s hairstyles. Here are the main types:

French Twister

French Twister hair

When creating a smooth «shell» without the French Twister can not do. It is a metal mesh cone-shaped design with clip-clip. With the help of such device you will be able to wind the hair, holding the ends with the pin in French twist. Received a beautiful «shell» and secure with Bobby pins that will not stand out.

With ears

Sophist twist

Such an original name derived from the similarity of appearance of the loops at the ends of the pins with the ears. In another device called a Sophist twist. It perfectly establishes the collected strands, is easy to use without assistance. The hair needs to pass through the slot to be wound on a fixture and lugs to pass each other. Then tie, securing with a pin. Sometimes, at the ends of the tabs buttons to fasten.

Classic bagel

Classic donut for hair

Classic elastic hair band increased in size, which can be made from synthetic, natural fibers, foam rubber, called a bagel. Such designs will help to make fluffy original hairstyle that will be securely kept.


Hair Kagami

Using a clip Kagami you can dream up, creating different forms: Curling the hair with a spiral shell, a bagel, a heart. Transformation is easy because is flexible, but solid Foundation Hairgami firmly holding the hair, initially collected in a «ponytail».

The advantages of hair bagel

We cannot deny the fact that the laying beam has a large number of benefits. Here are the most vivid of them:

  • The minimum amount of time that is needed to create the installation.
  • The accuracy of the collected hair will pass not only to a party with friends, but the official celebrations.
  • The versatility of the location (on top, side, bottom of the neck).
  • The combination with other elements, braids, curls or strands. A decorative barrette or hairpins with beads will be an elegant addition.
  • Hairstyle with donut, you can make the strands any length, except very short haircut.
  • This styling helps to disguise some imperfections on the hair or scalp.

What you will need to create a beam

What you will need to create a beam on his head

First you need to buy yourself a bagel. It can be made of natural or artificial materials. Pick the color that will perfectly blend with your own shade of hair, then you will get a natural lush beam. The width of the bagel may be different: for thin or very long strands, select a more narrow instance, then the tresses will be able to fully cover. The owners of gorgeous thick hair you should look at the broader, more massive heels, which are guaranteed to be luxurious heavy strands.

In addition to a bagel you will need a small thin elastic band, which you collect ponytail, about a dozen pins (the longer and thicker the hair, the more should be studs). If you planned a festive event to brighten the beam, be a beautiful hair clip, satin ribbon or a colorful scarf, a small bouquet of flowers (corsage), a suitable rim. Lacquer will fix the hair.

How to make bun hair: step by step instructions

You first decided to experiment with hair? Detailed, easy to use, instructions placed below will help you learn how to do a beam with a donut:

How to make beam with the help of a donut

  • Carefully comb washed and well dried hair.
  • Think ahead about where you want the beam (refer to available length).
  • Create a tail using a strong narrow bands.
  • Put the bagel on the base of the tail, pull the strands through the middle of it.
  • Carefully wrapping strand by strand, evenly distribute them around the perimeter.
  • Remove the ends of the roller.
  • Attach the resulting cone with pins.
  • If you’ll excuse the length, one strand will Obratite around the beam to create a fringe. Can replace it with a finely woven braid that will give even more elegance.
  • If the hair is not long enough, and you are not sure that they will stay in the beam, use in problem areas need extra Bobby pins or hairpins that will decorate hairstyle and will serve a dual purpose.

Especially the performance of the beam with the bagel

While creating this hairstyle you need to be aware of some nuances. For example, how to wind the beam on a bagel, with hair of a certain length. The basic steps for creating a bundle remain unchanged, but differences exist. How to make a beautiful bundle with a bagel, based on hair length available, check the following collection.

The short hair

Securing the gathered hair with a thin elastic band, thread the donut only their ends. It is very important that they are well and then was able to gain a foothold. Together with the tips of the hair, wrap the donut to the base of the «tail». Thoroughly seal the ends with Bobby pins with Bobby pins. If you have short strands sticking out, then tie a ribbon or scarf around the bun, tucking unruly hair.

Long strands

The beam, made with the help of a donut

Hair from the blades below and choose the oversized bagel, which would accommodate, hold a large mass of strands. Leave one strand, wrap her base beam. So load up on bagels will decrease, and most of the studs that hold the beam to be hidden from prying eyes.

On the medium length hair

Collecting hair in a ponytail, put it in the donut to the base. Finding the middle in the center of the basis, divide your hair in a circle, put another narrower band, which will hold the ends. Secure with pins and wrap the base of the thin oblique or left lock. If medium length hair allows you to do this, use ribbon or handkerchief, as in the case of a short.

Video: how to make a quick bagel

To create an original hairstyle, collecting hair in a bun, it is not necessary to buy in a specialized store required attributes. Items on hand to easily replace the bagel for styling. This magic wand can be a sock. How to use it to create a magnificent bunch, spending a few minutes, you will be able to learn by watching videos from Polina Repik. This information is available with consistent demonstration of all the actions will help to create a stylish hairstyle, even a novice:

Video tutorial creating a bagel with a scythe

Master class on creation of the evening laying the below is striking not only for its beauty but also simplicity. Anna Lutsenko lucidly demonstrates how can be done hair beam with a donut around it to fixed braids are not only beautiful appearance, but also securely held. To braid them, you can in several ways. Due to the fact that to complete a chic hairstyle will need a small number of subjects and the minimum time it will find its fans, who have long hair.

Experiment with braiding different shapes will help you create new images you can capture on a photo to select the best option. The proposed tutorial is easy to remember. When planning a hairstyle for official evening practice in advance, at the right time the hair easy to fit, was obedient, and for the hands, all movements have become habitual, right, like leading the master class.

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