Evening makeup eyes features application techniques

evening makeup photoEach woman should know how to use makeup, because it’s an art for which you need to have at least some skills and sense of style. It is also very important to be able to choose for themselves the make-up, based on the specific case. For example, evening makeup, which is created for parties, holiday or just an evening out, is very different from everyday work make-up.

When creating the makeup for the evening, it is permissible to use more vivid colors, strong contrasts and sharp lines. In General, the boundaries of «permissible» in the evening is greatly enhanced, and therefore you have every reason to experiment with their look or to try on some new way, or just create a magical, colorful makeup that will not leave indifferent neither men nor women around.

What would be the makeup for the evening?

The fact that the evening not only to have fun and relax, this is the time to decide more serious matters, so it is important to choose the right makeup «to the point». That is why evening makeup, there are several variations, it is:

  • classical, usually applied to trips to the theater, restaurant, or other cultural and social events;
  • club, characterized by its brightness and boldness, will come in handy for parties and get-togethers in rooms with fairly poor lighting;
  • working evening makeup can be a bit braver than the day, but still it needs to be fairly reserved and should be followed rules of corporate dress code;
  • well, the make-up «specials. purpose», is created for a special occasion, for example, for wedding ceremony and other special events where makeup should go well with the chosen outfit.

Before you start to do evening makeup at home, you need to know some basics, it is not enough just to use bright paints, cosmetics should properly emphasize all of your strengths and hide weaknesses. Ideally, before an important event conduct a rehearsal fan make-up to together a magical and enchanting came out just amazing and bold makeup.

How to do evening makeup at home?

Today, cosmetic manufacturers produce such high quality and professional products that help to make their own flawless makeup, without the assistance of master makeup artists.

To create a beautiful, smoky eye, special attention should be paid to two following things:

  • a basic tool for makeup in the evening, must be of high quality, carefully chosen, perfectly fits;
  • also women need to know their good traits and be able to stress.

Any makeup need to emphasize either eyes or lips. In a simple evening makeup, often the focus is on the eyes, making them bright, open, deep and expressive, and only slightly emphasizing the lips.

Create beautiful evening eye makeup will be especially difficult for someone who has great practical skills. So we will tell you how to make a beautiful evening makeup step by step.

  • Any makeup starts with alignment skin tones, so apply a skin tone remedy that will help to hide all imperfections and flaws on the face.
  • The next important step will be to design eyebrows, without that the evening will not seem complete and perfect. Give your brows the form, touch up their eye shadow or pencil, the hairs gently remove with tweezers.

Now you can move on to the design eye.

  • performing a bright and sophisticated make-up, proceed carefully and deliberately, makeup should be neat and symmetrical;
  • to begin, apply on the eyelids shadow, so they are not pushed and kept as long as possible, you can take a translucent powder or very light shade;
  • now you can draw eyes in pencil, but this is not required, after applying shadows, arrows still have to draw again.
  • you can then begin to shadow mapping, on the basis of your look and color of eyes. Tips for applying eyeshadow for different types of eyes, see the link /sovetyi-kak-pravilno-krasit-eye/

For example, in the evening makeup for gray eyes will look great cosmetics in almost any shade, but especially attractive can be the shade of silver, gray, dark green, purple. Evening makeup in brown tones, perfect brown-eyed girls and women with naturally blonde shade of hair. Blue eyes drink really go with the shade of metallic blue and turquoise colors, they are perfectly emphasize the depth of the eyes and femininity.

  • Creating evening makeup for eyes, don’t be afraid to use the shadows of even the most saturated and bold shades, the main thing that they are well in tune with your suited to the occasion. One of today’s most popular techniques of applying eye shadow «Smokey eyes» will be very useful for the evening. This technique involves soft shading several different but very close to each other shades, often smoky. In the corners of the eyes apply a lighter shade, and since mid-century, more than dark, thus effect a smooth transition. As a result, you will get seductive and languid eyes.
  • Expressive eyes can also provide summed over shadow arrow. Better if it is delicate, thin arrow, made in Oriental style. About how to draw arrows on the eyes, see the link /kak-sdelat-strelki-na-glazah/
  • At the end of the evening makeup for eyes, you need to use a lengthening black mascara. For a more spectacular way, you can several times to apply mascara and curl eyelashes the specialized tweezers. If your natural eyelashes are not very thick or long, but this evening it is necessary to make a lasting impression, it is possible to stick artificial eyelashes, as long as they fit in the whole image.

And the last thing I want to mention. If you are doing makeup emphasis on eyes, lips should be wearing lipstick the most natural shade, no raspberry and cherry colors, or you risk becoming a puppet or to seem too vulgar woman.

That’s about all, you just go to the mirror and create a stunning makeup for the evening.

Glitters and zavorajivaet at any event and celebration!

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