How to make a beautiful bundle with your hands: photo

In the past year have become very trendy hairstyles from the different types of tails and beams, but their popularity continues unabated today. So how to make these hairstyles are very simple, in addition, also they look very original and stylish! To make the beam from the hair of any length.

In this article we’ll show you how to quickly and easily make this hairstyle.

Beautiful high bun hair: photo lesson

1. We first remove hair back and tying it in a ponytail with a thin elastic band.

2. Next, divide the tail into strands. Then wound them in tight bundles.

3. Then to wrap each flagellum from the hair around the elastic and fasten the bun with hairpins. In order that the hair is kept longer, slightly sprinkle it with varnish at the base of the tail.