How to lose weight after childbirth

How to lose weight after childbirthUsually, if the birth went well and mother’s body all right, the woman starts to gain weight. Weight gain during pregnancy is normal. In order to lose weight after childbirth, you need to understand the causes of excess weight.

After birth often occurs many hormonal disruptions in the body, they can begin the set not only excess weight, but also the emergence of various pigmentations, hair growth on the face or chest. In this case, you need to take a blood test and consult with your doctor.

If mom is breastfeeding, then in any case impossible to sit on diets. This may be detrimental to the health and growth of the baby. Should be more actively monitor their diet, as extra products, such as chocolate, sweet, carrot, cabbage, meats can cause allergies in children and weight gain in mothers. What can be eaten nursing mom in the first month after childbirth, see the link /food-kormyashhey-materi-after-rodov/

Breast-feeding «going on a diet» is usually called exclusion from your diet of poor quality foods, foods from fast foods, cafes and listed above. A day fruit has no more than one green Apple, especially if your child is less than a month. Bananas, for example, very high in calories in addition to carbs a lot of sugar that can cause a child diathesis, mother’s excess weight gain. Do not only after birth but also in everyday life nutritionists recommend eating no more than one banana a day. And it is desirable that those bananas were not ripe slightly green skin. These fruits is still a little starch and sugar, which is slowly and poorly absorbed by the body.

losing weight after childbirthAnyway, to go on a diet only a month after giving birth and if you are breast-feeding a baby. It is best to combine diet with exercise.

To start you just need to reduce your daily diet twice and do not eat after six in the evening. It should last one day. On the second day in the evening before sleep you have to shake and press 15 times to do 7 squats. On the third day in the evening to do 30 presses the press and 15 squats. In the fourth 50 times to push press and do 25 squats. With this approach, in any case can not eat after six in the evening try to drink as much liquid as possible.

After seven days you will see the result. The stomach will become stronger, and will remove the stretched skin, legs will become more toned. Approximately not less than three pounds will go.

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This diet is very simple. Even if you will not exercise, you still weight will gradually go away. Press the swing in this case, it is necessary that as quickly as possible to clean up the stomach and squats for putting in muscle tone and reduce body fat.

The diet you can stick to until you lose those extra pounds. The first week should more strictly adhere to the instructions, then you can slightly reduce the physical burden or to abandon it altogether. To lose weight after childbirth, but not dramatically.

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