How to learn to hula-Hoop

Every day is becoming increasingly popular with simple gymnastic Hoop (hula), which uses every second girl in an effort to make your waist and tighten stomach muscles. But in order to achieve the desired result and to use the sports equipment in the fight against fatty deposits on the sides, it is necessary not just to buy, but also to learn how to learn how to hula-Hoop at home. It is important to choose the right sports equipment, because there are several varieties, and some of them are not suitable for beginners.

How to learn how to hula-Hoop on waist: lessons for beginners with video

At first glance it may seem that there is nothing difficult. You just need to become smoothly and happily, but there are several intricacies. If you want to lose weight without hurting their own health, adhere to the following instructions:

  • Take the initial position – stand up straight. Wrap take two hands, place it at waist level.
  • Simultaneously start the rotation of the hips, then release the hula Hoop.
  • The movement of the Hoop on the body is an excellent massage effect, the main thing – do not relax your stomach. You must run the shell synchronously with the movements of the hips.
  • If you want to quickly remove belly fat, tighten muscles, to do waist training should be conducted regularly.
  • Keep an even load on the muscles. Rotate the Hoop needs from 10 to 30 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of employment. How to spin the hula Hoop, watch the video below.

Important recommendations

If you want to lose weight with the wrap, you must follow a few guidelines that will make your workouts more effective:

  1. To stomach muscles began to work, first you need to twist the Hoop in just a few minutes. Each day increase the duration of the classes, and will soon become noticeable as go the extra volumes.
  2. How to hula-Hoop for weight loss? The minimum workout duration is 10 minutes. If the lesson will be shorter to achieve the desired result is not obtained. The ideal option would be daily twist wrap for half an hour, but no longer than an hour. If taken heavy hula hoops, workout time should not exceed 20 minutes.
  3. After the first workout on the body can bruise, will start to hurt the back and press. Do not worry, this is a natural reaction of your body to a workout is not necessary. After a few days unpleasant painful feelings will pass and will no longer bother you.
  4. It is important to know not only how to learn to hula-Hoop, but how much time should elapse between eating and exercise. The ideal option would be training on an empty stomach in the morning or 1-2 hours after a meal.
  5. Training time does not matter, it all depends on your employment. However, you should not do before bedtime. Training can be carried out not later than one hour before you go to bed.
  6. Before exercise you need to do some warm up exercises to warm up the muscles.
  7. Bruising is not a reason to stop training, but will need at the time to reduce the pace of the exercise with a Hoop. The load should increase gradually. Over time, the body will begin to take beautiful shape, contain is easy with regular use of the Hoop.
  8. If hula hooping delivers a strong discomfort, wrap the waist scarf or put on a sweater, but gradually less clothing need to get rid of.

How to spin the hula Hoop on other parts of the body

Girl shows how to roll a Hoop

With this sports equipment, you can not only reduce the waist, but also to get rid of a few extra pounds on the thighs and legs. How to roll a Hoop to the buttocks acquired a beautiful shape and remove cellulite? The correct position of the hula Hoop has not only a massage effect but also accelerates the blood. In other parts of the body exercise is much harder, because to keep the circle will be more difficult than at the waist. Make your work a success, consider the following tips:

  • To enhance the positive effect it is recommended to apply on thighs cellulite cream.
  • If you use a metal shell, it can hit very hard on the bones, but the result is worth the effort.
  • You need to become exactly, put his feet as close as possible to each other and start to spin the Hoop.
  • If you are in this position to keep the shell very hard, slightly spread your legs and make a light inclination of the case forward.
  • The amplitude of the circular motion should be big.
  • If it starts to hurt the back or spine, adjust the Hoop and take the shell easier.

The woman turns the Hoop

Many girls want to learn how to spin the hula Hoop on the neck, but this is a very dangerous occupation. In the result, may form a cervical osteochondrosis. If you still want to master this exercise, first consult with your doctor and find out if you have serious contraindications. Most importantly – during class not to lower the shoulders and to choose the right Hoop. Only suitable lightweight plastic shell, no bubbles inside. The lesson duration should not exceed 5 minutes.

Can hula-Hoop on her feet, but only if you have not been diagnosed arthrosis, otherwise there is a chance to more serious health problems. Protect knee joints after a long workout, they start to ache. Get up to the starting position, feet are on width of shoulders, slightly bent at the knees. Practice no more than 10 minutes a day.

Exercise for weight loss

The wrap helps you to quickly and easily lose weight, tighten abdominal muscles, remove a few extra inches at the waist and deposits of cellulite on the thighs. However, this can only be achieved with regular and proper training. View detailed instruction for conducting classes with the use of hula hoops in the video below. It will be a great helper in your struggle for the perfect figure.

The benefits and harms of exercise with a Hoop

The benefit of regular training with the hula Hoop is simply priceless, the classes help to achieve these results:

  • The rhythmic pace of the exercise helps to lose weight. During the class there is a decomposition of subcutaneous fat. The result is clean flanks and a protruding abdomen.
  • During training with the hula Hoop is an intensive work the abdominal muscles, making them gradually begin to strengthen, considering the press, there is a beautiful relief.
  • During torsion of the Hoop you need a massage, which accelerates blood circulation in the abdominal area are given in normal metabolic processes. So you can not only lose weight but also to eliminate deposits of cellulite.
  • If the child is suffering from such unpleasant diseases such as scoliosis, it is desirable to regularly rotate the Hoop, but only after consulting a doctor.
  • By improving blood circulation in the process of training improves the functioning of all internal organs and digestion.

Girl learns to spin the Hoop on the waist

At first glance, classes with the use of hula hoops seem to be very effective and quite affordable. However, if used improperly, this sports equipment, you run the risk of harm to their health:

  • Too intense pace of exercise on the body can develop painful hematoma. Even simple bruises are able to provoke scarring of the subcutaneous tissue that is manifested by a tuberosity of the abdomen. This refers to the heavy models of the ring, on the inner side of which there is thorns. It is important to choose the right hula Hoop, taking into account its own physical form and prone to haematoma formation.
  • It is strictly forbidden to exercise during pregnancy, otherwise it will seriously harm the development of the fetus, with the result that there can be a miscarriage, or the baby will have a different pathology.
  • It is not recommended to twist the Hoop in diseases of abdominal organs (eg, bowel problems, kidney inflammation, kidney stones).
  • Improper use of hula hoops can occur prolapse of the uterus, so such classes is contraindicated for women who have gynecological diseases.
  • In the presence of skin diseases (psoriasis, various rashes, ringworm) it is better to postpone classes.
  • If there are problems with the spine, the exercise must be carried out only after consulting a doctor.

The opinion of doctors and contraindications

Despite the benefits of regular exercise with a Hoop, this sports equipment, there are contraindications to use:

The girl has a stomach ache

  • pregnancy;
  • earlier caesarean section;
  • if you constantly hurt the kidney (side);
  • hernia, gastritis and other diseases of abdominal cavity organs;
  • varicose veins (if the disease occurs in severe form);
  • monthly, there is a risk of open bleeding;
  • endometriosis (a disease in which suffers from uterus);
  • fibroids, cysts and other gynecological diseases;
  • the first few months after birth;
  • if there is uterine prolapse.

How many calories are burned in 1 hour of exercise

Twist wrap produces a great massage effect, improves the condition of skin, returns skin tone and diminish existing fat deposits, increasing blood flow. During training work the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, press, back, to quickly strengthen and remove the belly. Well-trained respiratory system, cardiac muscle, and the vestibular apparatus. 100 minute workout with the Hoop burns about 1000 kcal, and the waist becomes smaller by 5-7 cm

Reviews about the effect to health and weight-loss results

Maria, 25 years: After the birth my stomach muscles have weakened and sagged. For regular gym lacked time, so I decided every day to twist the Hoop house. The result pleased me. After a month of regular training the abdominal muscles tightened, the skin has regained some of its former tone, and gradually fade stretch marks. Do every day for 20 minutes.

Olga, 30 years: Constant sedentary work ruined my body, had problems with digestion. A friend advised me to learn how to learn how to hula-Hoop. I bought a hula Hoop and started practicing every day in the morning before work, and the result was not long in coming. After a few weeks I have no problems with digestion, and after two months of training the waist decreased by 5 cm.

Svetlana, 45 years: After severe stress I was much better, I had to look for available methods to remedy the situation. A friend shared that she makes the hula Hoop. I also decided to try and bought a plastic wrap. I am a perfectionist, therefore, approached the matter seriously. Now doing twice a day for 20 minutes. For two weeks, the stomach became more flat, waist decreased, I was able to wear my favorite dress.

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