How to learn to walk in heels

how to walk in high heelsAs soon as a woman puts on heels, she changed posture, gait, and even the look becomes more confident and alluring. With the help of heels you can even hide some figure flaws and emphasize its advantages. And how much would not speak about the harm of high-heeled shoes, a real woman pleasure is the clatter of spikes on the pavement, because since ancient times, this is a sign of femininity, grace and charm.

But walking in heels you need to learn as a special art, and for this you will need a little patience and practice. Of course, the flat shoes and comfortable to walk in it easier, it also looks impressive and sexy? The phrase «I do not know how to walk in heels» is often the easiest excuse, or is associated with a reluctance to become more feminine and attractive.

Today we’ll show you how to quickly learn how to walk in high heels, not gorbas not bending his knees. Will try and reveal all women secrets and cheats.

Golden rules and tips on how to walk nicely on the heels

  • Choose shoes correctly.

Before you start your training, you need to choose the right shoes for yourself, it should be as convenient and comfortable. Better to give preference to high-quality shoes made of natural materials, with a comfortable fit. Today, the shelves have a wide variety of options and styles of shoes, each with different shape, height, thickness of the heel. When selecting shoes, focus only on your feelings. Remember that buying shoes, you have to not only stand, but walk, Crouch, bend over or even dance. To start learning to walk properly in heels, best shoes on a stable, sufficiently thick heel. So, you will be able to develop strength and train the ankle, so you could gracefully, freely and confidently walk in heels.

  • Practice.

Yak right, walks in heelsBefore you go out in them», it is recommended to practice walking in heels at home. For a few days, you can get used to the altitude, as well as to post new shoes and listen to yourself.

Go in different directions and try different surfaces, that is, go on the floor, on carpet, slippery flooring. If the shoes were purchased for a party, try some dance moves at home. Do not hesitate of his household, studying in front of a mirror. You should be embarrassed not for what you rehearse in front of a mirror, but for the fact that you are already that season, splashed through the town in worn-out ballet flats.

If during the home study, you feel tired, then take off your shoes and roll the soles on the floor as a rolling pin or bottle. Such exercises will help to eliminate fatigue and increase flexibility of the foot.

  • Follow the posture.

Remember, as the Secretary Verochka from «the office romance»: «All oklacity, skukozhilas, as ragged Shoe, and cards work…». Hardly, if you’ll look, who’ll throw your way a delighted look. Therefore, in order to walk properly and nicely on the heels, keep the shoulders apart, head straight, and her chin was parallel to the floor. Remember, you must radiate confidence and charm.

The proper gait heel shoes

It is not enough just to learn how to walk in high heels, it is important to make it beautiful. But it needs from the early days to develop the correct gait.

Movement at the walk should be smooth and even, if the gait seems unsure, try to reduce or slow down. Learn how to walk in high heels, super models. They seem to go in a straight line, carefully moving one foot in front of the other. The thighs are only a little wiggle, it is not necessary to write them «eight», first, it’s gross, secondly it’s easier to lose your balance. Gait should be easy and relaxed.

To quickly learn how to walk in heels, practice at home step. It is best to tread from heel to toe, gently moving the body forward.

Hand walking should be free, they can slightly jiggle with the aim of preserving equilibrium.

And the most important thing you need to remember every woman who wants to learn to walk on the platform and heels of the feet during walking should be straight! A woman walks in high heels on bent legs, it is more sympathy than admiration.

Women often complain that they can’t be in heels. And for them the following paragraph.

How not to get tired in heels

How would skillfully sported heels to work, from work, on a walk, it is not recommended to walk in heels for more than 3 hours straight if you don’t want in the near future to completely abandon these shoes. To the question whether it is helpful to walk in heels, all the experts and specialists are similar in their opinion that prolonged wearing of shoes with high lifting increases the load on the spine, knees, hip.

If work allows you in the middle of the day to change into more comfortable shoes, don’t lose this opportunity.

how to walk on the platform with studAfter a long stay on the heels, come home, do simple exercises for the legs. Alternately, follow rotational motion of the feet, stretch your legs with my hands you will melt away muscle tension.

Severe pain, make a soothing foot bath with chamomile.

Of course, for the sake of beauty, we are willing to ignore certain provisions of physicians, nevertheless, refers to your health it is necessary more carefully.

Elegant, feminine shoes with high heels choose are purposeful, beautiful women who want to look Royal attractive. To learn how to walk on spikes for a few days, it all depends on your desire.

Decorate this world with their beauty!

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