How to visually enlarge the eyes.

As eye to do moreBy using cleverly-chosen makeup can visually enlarge the eyes, to expand the mobile eyelid and make the eyes look more expressive. Makeup for small eyes, you can perform in the daytime and evening option, adjusting color and intensity of the use of cosmetics.

Using all of the following tricks, you’ll have to create the illusion of a wider and more open eyes. Add some of the tips in your daily makeup, and all of your friends will be sure that you have naturally large beautiful eyes.


Before you highlight your eyes with makeup, will pay enough attention to eyebrows. To draw attention to the eyes and visual to disclose them if it is possible to move the eyebrow up to the forehead. This can be done in several ways:

  • To remove hair from the lower part of the brow and tint the shadows, pencil or any other tool eyebrow eyebrow higher than it actually is. About shaping your eyebrows more information /kak-vyishhipat-brovi-krasivo/
  • To comb all the hair to the top and fix them with a brow gel (you can use gel or wax to hair, but to take it quite a bit). This action also has a visual lifting effect. The face will look more toned if you train your eyebrows to a shape, regularly sucesive hairs up. Besides, it is very important in the world of makeup.

Raising your eyebrows up, you reduce the width of your forehead. If you have naturally narrow forehead, use other means, as visually enlarge the eyes, which we present below.

Apply under the lower brow line light concealer, pink or peach shade. It will not only emphasize the eyebrow line, but «open» eyes.

Mobile eyelid

For those who first hear the term moving century is called the part of skin which covers the eyeball. In order to visually make the eyes more, apply on the entire surface of eyelids bright shadows. You can choose beige, pink, light gray or any other color of your choice. Small sequins in cosmetic product are welcome, because the glow from them makes the look more vivid, and the eyes more open.

Choice of shades of eye makeup to increase also is not in last place. To make-up stayed all day, pick the products according to your skin type. For oily skin gel or powdery texture, dry and cream shadows.

Before applying eye shadow should be applied on the skin makeup base. It prevents the rolling of the shadows and increases their stability.

Crease on eyelids

Makeup to enlarge eyes definitely includes this part of the eye. If you have a movable eyelid is not as big as you would like, it can visually enlarge if to emphasize the crease on eyelids a little higher than it really is, brown or gray shadows.

  • Do not forget to carefully shade a means to clear the lines, so the result will be more natural.
  • Spend a curve parallel to your natural crease.
  • Do not go to the inner corner of the eye.
  • The outside edge of the connect line with the lower eyelid, if you want you can highlight the same color of the lower eyelid is also not reaching the inner corner of the eye.

Adjusting the height of application of cosmetic means, you can visually enlarge the eyes as much as is needed.

White pencil

This product should be in the mind of every girl, especially if you are looking for ways on how to make eyes bigger with makeup. In recent years the world of makeup won military, shimmer and other products that give the skin radiance. If you have such a tool there is, feel free to use it, and if not, take any white eyeliner.

White color you should paint the upper and lower mucous membranes of the eyelids, that is, the basis century, the growth of eyelashes. You can also adjust the problem of close-set eyes if you draw the white inner corner of the eye. Of course, this is not worth it if you have the opposite problem, widely set eyes, apparently you will only aggravate it.

Arrows to increase eye

With properly matched arrows you can solve a lot of problems with the shape of the eye:

  • In day makeup include a thin, barely visible arrows as close to the lash line to the outer edge of the eye gradually increase the thickness of the line. The «tail» of the arrow draw a parallel wide inner eyebrow line. Don’t draw it too long, it can narrow your eyes.
  • To achieve a cat eye, extend and enlarge the eyes by using the arrows you can, if you draw it, starting from the first of the lashes and finishing with a thick arrow at the outer edge of the eye.
  • The drooping corners of the eyes that give the look of sadness, again corrected by drawing arrows. Pull the outer corner of the up arrow, to continue the line of motion of a century down undesirable.
  • Arrows, magnifying eye, may be applied to the lower eyelid, but this option is more suitable for evening make-up, than everyday. For smaller eyes, start the line at approximately the middle of the century and move the eyeliner to the outer edge. Before enlarge the eyes using eyeliner, be sure to draw white pencil on the mucous membrane, to have an idea where you want to darken the lower eyelid. Narrow eyes you can visually open, if you do not connect a line from the lower eyelid with a line from the top, leave between 1-2 mm is not traced the outer edge of the eye.

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Even if you don’t like the arrow that came out, and time to re-paint, absolutely no, properly blend her eye shadow to match the liner.


And of course, no one increases the eye makeup is complete without mascara. Choose a tool that increases the volume and length of lashes. When applying mascara, pay special attention to the outer corner of the eye. Sculpt both the upper and lower lashes to glance, it seemed more open.

Step-by-step plan how to visually increase eyes with makeup

Stock up on good lighting, mirror, patience and in a minimum of cosmetic products:

  • Lotion for cleaning the skin;
  • Cream;
  • Make-up base;
  • Pencil, eye shadow or any color product for coloring the eyebrows;
  • Wax or brow gel;
  • Foundation and concealer if necessary;
  • Light shadow;
  • Dark shadows;
  • Eyeliner or eye pencil;
  • Mascara;
  • Cotton swabs in case you need something to gently wipe.

Before you make big eyes with makeup, do not forget to clean the face, after washing with a gel cleanser or wiping the face with toner, lotion, micellar water or any cleansing liquid.

Instructions on how to make the eyes expressive with makeup:

  1. Cleaning of the skin.
  2. Application of the cream (if we are talking about the summer period, be sure to use creams with SPF factor).
  3. Applying Foundation or BB (CC) cream.
  4. Applying concealer or corrector to problem areas (circles, bags under the eyes, inflammation, pimples).
  5. Coloring eyebrows is a very important step before you make the eyes expressive. Comb the eyebrow brush, apply a color tool (pencil, shade) and follow with gel or eyebrow mascara. On how to properly adjust the shape of eyebrows, was a separate article.
  6. Applying light eye shadow under the eyebrow and over the entire mobile eyelid with a brush or just your finger.
  7. Apply the darker color in the crease or above it, on the lower eyelid and along the lash line.
  8. Applying eyeliner or eye pencil arrows.
  9. Complete makeup to make your eyes appear bigger, dark mascara.
  10. Swipe the excess dust that could fall around the eyes or on the cheeks from the cosmetics, and fix the result powder.

Do your makeup to make your eyes appear bigger, is not hard, especially if the «fill the hand». Practice, search for a corresponding image and leave comments if you have any questions or have their secrets, as visually enlarge the eyes.

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