Improving and smoothing the complexion. Recipes masks

to improve the complexionA healthy and glowing complexion can only be a healthy person. Health is not merely the absence of severe and serious illness in the body, but also the presence of properly sized lifestyle and nutrition. It is possible to improve the complexion, if the reflection in the mirror leaves much to be desired? Of course, anything is possible. But in order to please not only others, but also yourself, the person needs to follow a few simple principles of beauty and external health. How to improve complexion?

How to improve complexion at home

If you have a bad complexion, it means that man pays his appearance little attention. Womens leather requires a special approach, it requires regular feeding, hydration, cleansing and enrichment. All these factors affect whether to attend dull complexion or a person will acquire freshness and brightness.

How to refresh the complexion? In this problem solution will provide daily care for the skin. Wash can be the tool that is best suited to Your type of skin. But after washing, it is necessary to treat the skin or a nourishing cream or a vitamin mask.

How to make the complexion smooth? To perform this action enough twice a week to use the services of masks and scrubs-peels. Only high-quality regeneration of the skin layer will help to improve the appearance of the face.

Uneven complexion often caused by lack of hydration. Therefore, the moisturizing mask is also included in the basis of face care.

how to even out the complexion
It is important to remember that solving the problem of how to improve the color of the skin, it is important not to overdo it, because everything should always be in moderation. Allow the skin to rest from a large number of creams and cosmetics, too carried away by the masks, even on a natural basis as it is not necessary.

Essential to improve the complexion has and diet. As you know, some products can positively influence both internal and external state of the organism. Other products, on the contrary, do everything possible to in the human body appeared discomfort, and disease. There are special products to improve complexion. These include all belkovosoderzhaschih products (milk, fish, seafood, meat, cheese, eggs, etc.), vitamin (vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouted wheat, greens). In addition, the products, improving the complexion, contain a lot of liquid. The most optimal is watermelon, orange, melon, tomato, cucumber, etc. In the diet it is important to include meals which are rich in vitamins A and E: vegetable oil, soybeans, oatmeal, oats. To adverse products that are not only spoil a person’s appearance and significantly undermine his health, include: fried, spicy, smoked, flour and sweet dishes. It is impossible to abuse alcohol and carbonated beverages. We should completely abandon various fast foods and fast food.

How to even out the complexion

To create the perfect look and quality to the complexion help folk recipes. The whole basis of folk medicines consists of natural ingredients. It’s more efficient and more affordable than using the services of expensive beauty parlours or buy questionable matching funds.

mask for complexion
To even out the complexion, if the use set of necessary procedures.

  • The use of blends for the face — the main and most important smooth skin color. What are the recipes of masks from clay for the face, read the article /maski-iz-glin-dlya-litsa hotel Very good properties of face mask for even complexion, which includes the cucumber (grated cucumber mixed with baby cream, the mixture is superimposed on the face for half an hour, then it all washed off with water). A great mask for skin that contains carrots (fresh carrots rubbed, the resulting slurry interfere with the yolks of the eggs, a little lemon juice and a small amount of oat flour for viscosity).
  • If there is an uneven complexion, so the body needs additional vitamin-mineral complex. It can be purchased in the pharmacy and use as supplements. More about vitamins for face read in this article.
  • To smooth the skin at home will help and foods rich in vitamin C in its composition. Such foods include: cabbage, citrus fruits, black currants, rose hips and others. You need all of these products regularly consumed.
  • The natural alignment of the complexion depends on natural moisture of the skin. In the diet of women should be required quantity of drinking water (1, 5 liters).

Mask to improve the complexion

If you regularly apply masks to improve the complexion, at the same time with a healthy complexion and get rid of other defects. The most ancient and effective mask for complexion include the usual sour cream and cheese. This mixture is applied to the face or use these ingredients alone. With these components a person will gain elasticity, linen, solid color and shining purity.

Another good face mask for a good complexion: natural coffee to boil, to separate the grounds, to apply it on your face, wait 15 minutes, then rinse the face with warm water. The mask of coffee at the same time and has a peeling effect.

mask to improve skin
How to return the face a healthy color? If you perform a set of specified procedures, good complexion will return, but only after some time. Also to maintain the beauty, you will need to regularly use the facilities of the complex of necessary procedures.

But if the problem how to give the face a healthy color, should be resolved at the moment, you can use cosmetic techniques. Currently available a lot of cosmetics, which are made from one person is quite another person. To return the smooth complexion you need to use a powder with light reflecting particles or a matting effect. When uneven color face stands out on any parts of the face, you should use a proofreader. It is applied to the defective skin and then all over the face overlaps the Foundation.

Hair color can also significantly change a person’s appearance. What color hair young face? It is generally accepted that Moldasig tone is all light shades. But you don’t need to be painted white, to regain youth, as the artificiality will only worsen the situation. Hair color must suit the color of the eyes and skin. So the hair color that is best for the young person each woman is individual.

When choosing makeup or beauty products, it is important to remember that the naturalness and the naturalness — the sisters youth and beauty.

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