How to quickly grow long hair

how to grow long hair fastLong and thick hair is the dream of almost every woman. Some girls, because of their fast pace of life, choose short hairstyles, but dream of long curls remains. To change your external image, look feminine and romantic will help beautiful hairstyle for long hair. The only thing you need to do to grow hair long.

How to grow hair

  • Eat right.
  • Use hair masks from natural products only.
  • Every day or wash your hair.
  • Don’t let your head sweat.

To grow hair in a short time will help a few simple but very effective tips:

how to grow long hair at home - effective methods

  1. Head massage applied daily will help to grow hair quickly and naturally. The main effect of this advice is that with regular massage of the scalp, the hair follicles begin to function, due to the normalization process of the bloodstream. Read more about massage techniques for hair the link /massazh-dlya-Volos/
  2. To grow hair at home will help the famous burdock oil. Its beneficial properties known since ancient times. With daily rubbing the hair roots of burdock oil, Your hair not only significantly increase in length, but will become thicker and silkier.
  3. The same property has and lemon juice. Mostly this product to use suitable owners of oily hair. But women who have dry or normal hair, lemon juice can also be used just to a specific ingredient you want to add or raw egg yolk (for normal hair), or wheat germ oil (for dry hair).
  4. To grow hair very quickly can use the following recipe: bulbs of onion squeeze the juice, much was juice, the same amount should be added castor oil. Apply this product 2-3 times a week (for a faster result can be and often). The only drawback of this magic mixture — an unpleasant smell of onions. But if You set a goal, and Your main desire: «I Want to grow hair», this shortcoming can be endured.
  5. Honey is a great remedy for hair care. The mask of honey will not only enhance hair growth but also will enrich them with useful nutrition.
  6. The question is: how to grow long hair, and will help recommend the following: Curling irons, irons, hair dryers — use of all of this destroys the structure of hair. So try to use these devices less frequently. After shampooing, if You can spare the time, do not expose hair, coercive and destructive drying, comb it wet and let to air dry on their own.
  7. The lack of vitamins in the body depends not only on the disruption of the internal organs, but also affects the condition of the hair. So if You want to grow hair in 2 months by 5-7 cm, then watch your diet or take additional vitamin-mineral complex of drugs. Recommended reading article: «What vitamins you are missing, when the hair starts to fall?».

How to grow hair at home

photo alinine hair to Popi

To grow hair in six months will help another mask that needs to be done 3 times a week for six months: mix together 200 ml of kefir, 2 raw egg yolks 1 tbsp. teaspoon of dry mustard powder. The mask is applied on hair for 20 minutes, then wash off with running water. The shampoo in this case is not necessary.

If you after each wash hair rinse decoction of herbs, the question is: how can I grow hair, will be solved. In this case, suitable following herbs: mother and stepmother, chamomile medicinal, oak bark, nettle, burdock, dandelion, and wormwood.

How to grow long hair blonde? It is known that, if the hair women were forced lighting, the use of certain funds for the care of hair (especially herbal teas), causes the yellow or green tint on the hair. But the blondes want to have long hair. How can they do that? Come to the aid of the recipe for hair growth, which must be taken inwardly, not outwardly. Fresh squeeze carrot juice, you should get 3 tablespoons, the juice is mixed with 0, 5 teaspoons of lemon juice. All the mixture to drink. To take the medicine for hair growth you need every day during the month. Should then be a break for 2 weeks, after which, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

How to grow long and thick hair? In this case, will cope with a given task is a mixture of brandy and honey in equal quantities, plus we can add a raw egg yolk, but not necessarily. Mask rubbed into the hair roots every other day for 1-2 months.

You can often hear from women: I want to grow hair fast. But this is not taken any action. In cosmetic shops there is a wide variety of care products for hair, you can use them. And pharmacy kiosks, on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist to shop for an effective remedy to speed up hair growth that is not cosmetic, and drug. Typically, such drugs are manufactured on a natural basis, but with the addition of additional medicinal components.

View videos from those who managed to quickly grow hair

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To grow hair in six months to more than 10 cm is considered normal. But to obtain such a result we need to concentrate on the proper care of yourself correctly and to eat a balanced, to eliminate from the diet of harmful foods and dishes get rid of all bad habits, take vitamins and use the best recipes for sprouting and thickness of hair.

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