How to grow hair

Beautiful, long and healthy hair zone is a reason for pride, a luxurious decoration of a real woman, a symbol of femininity, which gives the virgin a special attraction, magnetism. According to the ancient doctrine, they protect the girl and her entire family from anything bad, if their length is below mid-chest. However, split ends, dull hair does not add beauty. Therefore, long locks – it’s hard work, the main secret which you learn from the article.

Reasons for slow hair growth

To at home to grow hair to waist, you must first find out the cause of slow growth. The most basic is the inability of the body to supply the scalp with nutrients. The follicles observed passivity, but their functions remain. When nutrients come in the proper amount, it starts fast hair growth. Regrowth can be slow poor care, the use of mismatched tools, permanent staining, clarification, sluggish circulation.

The hair to grow in the home required a minimum of amino acids and vitamins. However, the modern pace of life does not always give complete care for your own hair. The most part hair is a protein chain of amino acids, among which the most common – cystine. In the reproduction of hair cells plays a role and stress the more often you are exposed to it, the slower the hair grows. Dirt, germs, sebum envelop the hair roots, preventing them from breathing, which also adversely affects growth.

Factors that affect the speed of hair growth

The appearance of the strands, their length is of concern to many members of the fairer sex. There are certain factors that inside and outside affect the rate of hair growth at home. Play the role of physical activity, nutrition, special skincare, technique to stimulate. Having considered each factor, you will be able to quickly grow hair at home.

1.Healthy lifestyle habits, exposure to stress negatively affect the growth and condition of hair, making them weak, brittle, dull and prone to hair loss. To avoid such troubles, it is recommended to give up Smoking, alcohol consumption, regular walking in the fresh air, be physically active man, to observe the mode of wakefulness and sleep.

Proper nutrition promotes hair growth

2. Proper nutrition. To grow long hair at home, you need to increase your protein intake, which is the main building material. Enrich your daily diet with fish, chicken, Turkey, eggs, cheese, seafood. To add the energy needed by hair and body every 4 hours eat a few seeds or nuts. On such a diet strands will quickly react.

In addition, food should be to enrich such foods: salmon, mackerel due to the fatty acids prevent loss of internal moisture; the liver due to its content of lysine which promote the growth of; eggs, rich in sulfur, giving Shine to hair; seafood due to the zinc prevents thinning; cereals and whole wheat bread with vitamins To nourish the roots, strengthen the base of the hair; cheese and dairy products prevent the breakage due to the content of calcium; olive oil and almond protect hair from harmful environmental effects due to vitamin E.

3. Proper care of hair and scalp – this factor also affects your locks. You must do whichever you prefer, blonde or brunette, curly or straight hair, thin or thick. Combing and washing should be done very gently using conditioner, shampoo, suitable for your type of hair, brushes with natural bristles or wood. Dyeing, bleaching causes the hair to break.

Cascade to dry hair naturally, because of the chemical styling products, hair dryers, tweezers, Curling irons ruin the hair structure, making it difficult for them to fully grow. Definitely need to cut off split ends as another way to get rid of them: it is better to do according to the lunar calendar when the moon is waxing, 3-or 4-th lunar day.

How to grow long hair after short haircut

Short haircut is difficult to turn into long hair, because it requires a lot of patience. When regrowth hair may look sloppy, that does not add MS beauty. What should I do? How to grow hair with short haircut at home, in order to look stylish? This following simple tips:

Haircut split ends of hair

  • If you have decided to grow their hair should not stop going to his master. You should regularly trim split ends.
  • Do not forget to use accessories that greatly simplify the styling process and will highlight in the image. Short haircuts will fit headbands, scarves that are easy to learn to tie beautiful.
  • Try to experiment with hairstyles: make your hair voluminous, smooth, pick it up more in the bangs, trim the ladder, cascade. However, you should not try to change, to lighten, dye my hair, otherwise they will fall out.
  • The most important factor in growing a hair at home is patience.

How to care for the hair, to accelerate their growth

Thick, lustrous hair suggests that their owner glowing with health. To maintain an attractive appearance the correct care because of stress, bad ecology, lack of sleep, overwork, fatigue impact negatively on the condition of the strands. To at home to grow hair, you must observe the following rules for caring:

Combing hair before going to sleep

  • Shampooing with this interval, as required by the hair. The main criterion is their degree of contamination.
  • It is better to use for all manipulation of soft water.
  • Don’t RUB the hair.
  • Use warm but not hot water, which triggers increased sebaceous glands.
  • Blow dry the hair without using a Hairdryer. A turban is not worth a long walk.
  • Before bedtime it is important to carefully hair comb.
  • You need to use lotions and masks for growth, a regular massage.

Special funds to stimulate hair growth at home

To stimulate hair growth you can a variety of means. Below is a list of the most effective techniques that you can use both in complex and separately. Try and pick a remedy that will give maximum results

— Ampoules are means to repair, stimulation of hair growth. Special solutions are placed in plastic or glass containers. This remedy helps hair to grow at home even in advanced alopecia due to supply deep layers of the hair structure. Among the most popular vials for growth are: Complex, Biolag, Dercap, Loreal, Fotolab, Bonacur, Stvolamin, Schwarzkopf.

— Darsonval – this is a great way to quickly grow hair at home prevent hair loss. The effect is based on the action of pulsed high frequency current and voltage. It improves blood microcirculation, lymph, and it has a drying and antiseptic effects.

— The laser comb is a good helper to grow hair at home and get rid of problems with them. The laser stimulates growth, eliminates dandruff, strengthens the roots, revitalizes the scalp. Laser lights enhance blood circulation, the roots of the hair are saturated with oxygen, nutrients, the strands become thicker, healthier thicker. The laser energy goes into biological, involved in protein synthesis, improves blood circulation. Laser comb eliminates seborrhea, itchy scalp.

— Professional cosmetics – how quickly you can grow at home hair, is influenced by factors that reach the hair follicle. Professional cosmetics Schwarzkopf Professional, l’oreal, Weleda, DS Laboratories, Bosnic etc. with active ingredients able to give the effect that is not capable of conventional shampoos, masks, balms.

The most significant components are capexil, the compounds of butyric acid, saw Palmetto extract, Inositol, placental extract, Niacin, zinc, copper, cysteine, methionine, vitamins a, E, C, group B. Welcome the combined use of properly selected professional products and folk remedies.

— Medicated creams, lotions and serums. In some cases, a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, care not help to grow hair at home. Then you need to seek help and medication. To cause hair growth, awaken dormant follicles, use Vichy Dercos Neogenic. Quality drug Exederm used to prevent baldness, increase in volume and hair density. Serum Andrea, used to enhance growth and strengthening.

Homemade recipes masks

To achieve maximum effect when you need to grow hair at home, it is recommended to Supplement the care folk remedies. Most useful are the recipes that contain caffeine, capsaicin from chilli peppers, burdock root, green tea, broths, extracts of Arnica, nettle, cedar, pine needles, citrus, sage, powder from the pulp of acai berries. To increase the volume of hair will help tools with a hydrolyzed red algae, gelatin-based, with jojoba oil, Shea butter, olive leaf extract.

Masks for hair growth

  • Egg. The mask is based on a large number of nutrients and vitamins that help to grow faster at home hair. Mix one egg yolk, a tablespoon of castor, olive or burdock oil, add a few drops of oil solution of vitamin E or A. Apply the mask on the roots, RUB into the skin, spread throughout the mass. Head wrap, rinse in 30-50 minutes.
  • Burdock. Burdock oil is rich in vitamins and other active ingredients that improve hair condition and increase the speed of their growth. 2 tbsp or more (depends on length) pre-heat the oil to a comfortable temperature in a water bath, apply on the skin, the roots, the entire length, the tips. Wash off after 1-3 hours.
  • Clay. White and blue clay rich in magnesium, zinc, silica, iron, phosphate, nitrogen, strengthens hair, helps to grow in the home. Mix the powder with warm water in such proportion that the mixture resembled sour cream. Apply to damp hair, wrap polyethylene, a warm cloth, leave on for 15-20 minutes, rinse.
  • Mustard. The mask is based on the fact that mustard bake a little scalp, increasing blood flow. Mix in container with 1 tbsp. of honey, 2 tbsp mustard powder, one egg yolk, 1 tbsp warmed olive or burdock oil, warm water until the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mask on your hair Rotem rubbing into the roots and distribution along the length, wrap, wait 15 minutes to an hour, how much you enough. If intolerable pain, then wash your head and next time reduce the amount of mustard.
  • Gelatin. The collagen in gelatin composition penetrates into the deeper layers, enriching material. Soak 1 tbsp gelatin in 4 tbsp water, leave to swell. Meanwhile, wash the hair. Put gelatin in a water bath until dissolved, add the slightly cooled mass of 1 tbsp. l. burdock and castor oil, 2 tbsp. l. colorless henna, 5 drops of lavender essential oil, yolk. Apply on hair, keep for an hour. Rinse with warm but not hot water.
  • Honey-onion. The efficiency of the mask based on the content of silicon, zinc, plant proteins, fiber, minerals, b vitamins, PP, E, P. Mix one onion, grated, a teaspoon of honey. When dry add the vegetable oil. Apply the resulting slurry on the hair, wrap it up and leave for 30-45 minutes, wash off. After that you need to spend a herbal rinse.

Massage and other effective ways

Massage of the scalp promotes hair growth

Regular head massage is a pleasant method to grow hair at home, to rid the body of stress. Classical technique: 50 strokes with a brush with natural bristles, bent forward head, the other 50 is out of habit. Good effect gives massage in the middle starting from the middle, stretching and rubbing the skin along the line. After a minute move a centimeter from the previous one and so on throughout the head, alternating right and left sides. A pleasant way – a circular massage lightly with fingertips, starting behind the ears, at the base of the neck upwards.

The next secret that will help you to grow hair down to his knees and earn the title of Rapunzel, a thorough brushing a couple of times in the morning and at night to stimulate the capillaries. For this purpose, choose a comb with natural bristles, for curly prefer the ridges. The scalp needs to detox. Due to the accumulation of toxins, lack of oxygen, the fragility of the bulb is increased, so it can’t grow strong hair. So use periodically detox shampoos.

Video tips: how to quickly grow long and thick hair for a week

Thick, long hair attracted attention, because a beautiful MOP is considered an indicator of health. To grow long hair at home, to improve their condition under the power of every girl. The following YouTube video, you will learn about the effective ways that will help you get a beautiful long curls. Remember that the correct approach is to eliminate the negative factors, proper care, a balanced diet. Need a lot of patience to make their dreams a reality.

Feedback about the results

Marina, 26 years old: «I bought the d’arsonval for the advice of a friend. She has horrible showered hair, and after the first application the condition was much better. When I started using it, I noticed improved hair growth and condition.»

Catherine, 35 years: «I bought a laser comb, but it is not. The results appeared after a month of regular use. My hair has become more shiny, strong, obedient, began to grow the undercoat».

Eugene, 23: «I once read a recipe for a mustard mask and tried. Since this is my number one tool for hair care. They do not only grow faster, but become thicker, thicker. I noticed that removing a cap of hair as a spring, restoring the volume.»

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