How to grow a beard

The fashion for facial hair is constantly changing, but there came a stage when to wear a beard again becomes a sign of beauty. The problem is that this is not so easy, requires patience, care and to implement some of the recommendations how to grow a beard.

How to grow a beard in stages

A bearded man

Beautiful and long beard – the work of not one day and not the same as to grow a beard. How and what vegetation grows on the face, is influenced by many factors:

  • the amount of hormones;
  • proper nutrition;
  • healthy lifestyle;
  • the flow of the right amount of vitamins, etc.

To start to grow hair on the face should be after puberty when a boy becomes a man physiologically. To grow a beard in adolescence is almost impossible, the body is just not ready for it. It is not recommended to apply the additional funds, drugs, pills or hormones to stimulate. The result will still be bad, the hairs will grow unevenly. To achieve results quickly fail, to grow a beard – the slow process that requires time, patience and willingness.

We can divide the growth of vegetation into three stages:

  • Bristles

Before you grow a beard, make sure that you have the ability to achieve dense vegetation on the face. Put the razor for 1-2 weeks and look at the hair growth, there are gaps, blank areas. If these are present, you should consult with a specialist at the hair salon, you may have to abandon the idea. In some cases, better growth can be achieved with the help of special gels, lotions, oils, shampoos. If all is well, then proceed to stage 2.

The man with the stubble

  • The first three months

The company, which may force you to abandon the idea and be disappointed, so gather into a fist. You will have to watch below:

  1. Vegetation gave «weight» to the chin, avoiding his neck. Adam’s Apple should be either shaven or have short beards.
  2. Do not run the area under the lower lip, in time to trim it.
  3. Wash well after eating, because the hairs on the face perfectly absorb all odors and keep for a long time.

The hairs will stick out in all directions, the owner will look slightly crazy and evil. There is itching on the skin, but it will pass in 1-2 weeks. At this stage you should begin to trim-a da beard, giving it form, gradually reducing hairs on the sides. When I decided to grow a beard, you need to be patient, to wait out the times when you want to quit.

  • After 6 months

It can already be called a full beard, which will become the subject of your pride. Note that the hair on the face require a more thorough care than on the head, they should be washed daily and comb. To improve the appearance of often use special oil, wax or lotions. Regularly trim the beard and mustache so it wasn’t just a tuft of hair, and a real decoration for men’s faces.

The way to grow a beard

Burdock oil for growth of beard

Those who are looking for options on how to make the beard thicker, strengthen its growth, use of certain funds. You can divide them into three main groups:

  1. Medicines. You can use them only after consulting a doctor.
  2. Folk recipes. As a rule, is absolutely harmless to human health, help naturally to grow a beard.
  3. Cosmetics. Perform virtually the same function as traditional remedies, but are more expensive and sold in specialty stores. Plus the fact that there is no need to prepare, brew, brew, etc.

Burdock and castor oil for beard

The appearance of your beard will depend directly on how much time you devote to the care of her. No need to buy expensive remedies, the medications. To improve the condition of the hair will help the oil for the growth of the beard, as a rule, use castor or burdock. Below are a few recipes at home these tools:

  1. Burdock oil itself is good for the hair. You need to use it once a day before sleep, dealing with a comb on the beard. In the morning rinse off. Useful not only as caregiver but also as way faster to grow a beard.
  2. Mix of castor, burdock oil. Before applying poparte face for 5 minutes. DAB the gauze with the mixture and apply the compress to the chin, cheeks, keep no longer than 2 hours.
  3. Another option is a mixture of red pepper (pinch), of castor, burdock oil 2 teaspoons. Apply the mixture on face and keep at least 15-30 minutes. Oils contain nutrients and pepper stimulates improved circulation. Rinse the product with warm water.


You can find a special facility to grow a beard, in the form of cream Black Phomthong. Composed only of natural ingredients, which stimulate the follicles, accelerate the growth of: milk, sesame oil, green tea, nutmeg, klitoria Ternate. The cream contains no dangerous substances, hormones, which could affect human health. The manufacturer indicates that this cream goes well with Minoxidil reduces the severity of side effects of this drug.


You can find recommendations on the forums regarding the use of ointments with hormones to grow facial hair. Note that such tools can lead to hormonal disturbance in the body and cause side effects. Is recommended to use them only after consultation with the appropriate specialist.

What to do if you have a beard

A man with a small beard

There is a category of men who have to grow a beard just does not work because of genetic characteristics or lifestyle. In this case, you need to determine the cause of weak growth and eliminate it first. Usually, the problem lies in the insufficient secretion of testosterone, lack of vitamins. Start with lifestyle changes:

  1. You change your diet, eat more foods that are high in protein.
  2. Sign up for a program or a gym. Active exercise stimulates the production of testosterone, which affects the growth of vegetation on the face.
  3. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  4. Full rest, no alcohol and cigarettes.
  5. Avoid or time to remove the stress.

How to speed up beard growth with vitamin complexes

The bearded guy

The speed of growth of hair on the body to influence intake of vitamins. To enhance growth and to grow a beard faster, you should increase the consumption of groups of elements:

  • B1;
  • B6;
  • B12;
  • Biotin (2.5 mg a day).

Video: how to grow a beard if it is not growing


Nick, 24 years:Searched the Internet for ways on how to grow a beard, but they were all in doubt because recommended by very strange means. In the end, just collected will in a fist and didn’t shave the month. It was the most difficult period (itched the skin, the hairs pricked the face), but then became much easier. Always take care of your beard, otherwise it will look disgusting.

Jack, 28 years:to Grow a beard is half the battle, then you need to look after it correctly. Guys, don’t forget to wash it with shampoo and use conditioner, then it will be much softer, will not stick out in all directions and spin in the bagels, brush also help. I was able to accelerate growth through sports, which is useful in any case.

Anton, 23 years:a Genetically created for wearing beards, growing in small bunches and very watery. No media, lotions, creams and ointments have not helped, even the beloved Minoxidil. There’s just not destiny, so nothing to torment a person, leave him alone and not harm the skin.

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