How to apply false lashes

How to glue false eyelashesLush and voluminous lashes will give any look a sense of depth and luxury, but what if your eyelashes are far from ideal, even after applying mascara? You can build them in the cabin, but this procedure is not cheap, besides there is an opinion that your eyelashes from it deteriorate. In order to look bright for the evening, use false eyelashes. Well, learning to use them is not difficult, below we will tell you how to glue false eyelashes at home.

You need

At least in order to stick the lashes at home, you must have yourself false eyelashes and glue. In fact, the list of useful tools for this task is much broader. It may include:

  • Mascara any that you like (she will need for her, and for false eyelashes);
  • Tweezers (to better cope with a bunch of artificial eyelashes);
  • Scissors (to shorten faux lashes if necessary);
  • Toothpick or a cotton stick (for easier applying glue);
  • Eyeliner (to make false lashes even more invisible).

Before you stick the lashes yourself, arm yourself with a good mirror, clear your workspace, put before him all the necessary tools and make sure that the room is well lit.

How to choose false eyelashes

Of course, before you paste the false eyelashes, you must choose in the store, but sales are different brands and forms. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you should pay attention to the different types of false eyelashes:

  • Beam

They look more natural in comparison with other forms, are well suited for those who have bad eyelashes are fixed in the nose. False eyelashes beams less load eyelid, so if you have poor vision or elevated eye strain, it is better to use them.

  • Glendowie

The most common type of artificial eyelashes. Each cilium is already pre-attached to a fishing line, whose length must match the length of the growth of your own lashes. This option is great for evening events, weddings, photo shoots or live performances. In the daily makeup routine with them will be very bright and inappropriate.

I must say that glendowie false eyelashes divided form.

Natural lashes look very similar to real, they have rounded artificial hairs planted on line and do not intersect with each other.

Eyelashes V shape represent bundles of different lengths, similar triangles, planted on a scaffold some distance from each other.

Infused lashes crisscross able to add density, but not overloading on makeup, unlike all the other forms they do not need top touch up mascara, it may even disturb the lashes.

Very volume lashes also available, but natural beautiful look they will not adjust. These lashes are well suited for photo and video shooting, since the lens is usually «eats» a part of the make-up.

  • Lashes half-century

They are mounted only on the outer corner of the eye and creates quite a natural effect of cat’s sight. Of course, you need to see whether the second half of your century look bald.

And although you have already received a lot of information about which false lashes are better, this is still not enough in order to proceed to the practical part.

How to choose glue for eyelashes

Learn how to glue false eyelashesFew know how to choose false eyelashes, you also need to find suitable glue. When choosing glue, look for quality, don’t skimp on it, because it will be within a few hours of contact with your eyes. The use of a defective product threatens to allergies, irritation and even blurred vision. And of course, the fact that the adhesive used should be specifically for eyelashes and not for something else, to say pointless, it should be pretty clear.

Before you paste the false eyelashes, remember a few rules of selection of adhesive:

  1. The bottle, which comes complete with cilia, often has not of very high quality. If possible, purchase a professional tool such as Mod Lash Adhesive, Seven Star or any other from available to you.
  2. The glue color is also of great importance. The universal is white, which solidification becomes transparent. Dark grey glue will give your lashes extra volume, but can ugly smear on age if you are not careful. Black glue is perfect if you are planning to apply top eyeliner.
  3. If you plan to glue voluminous thick lashes, use a glue with a high fixation.

Instructions on how to properly glue false eyelashes

  1. Clean the skin of the eyelids and the hairs using any lotion for removing makeup. Wait until it dries.
  2. Before first use, do not rush to apply false lashes. If you use a thread to which are attached artificial hair, first try it on, attaching to the eyelid without glue to make sure that it is suitable in length to your eye. If it is more than you need, cut the excess with scissors. You can undercut themselves are artificial hairs, if they appear too long and unnatural.
  3. Apply to your natural lashes mascara in a single layer, wait until it dries.
  4. Apply glue on the line with false eyelashes along the entire length, paying special attention to the ends of the rope. For convenience, you can use a toothpick to evenly place the glue.
  5. Before you apply false eyelashes to the eyelid, wait 20-30 seconds so the glue has thickened a bit. If the adhesive is colored, it starts to change color. To speed up the process, blow on the glue themselves or with a Hairdryer.
  6. Apply false eyelashes first to the Central part of a century, and then gradually (2-3 mm) move towards the edges, pressing with your finger, tweezers, or cotton swab. Apply false eyelashes as close as possible to the line of growth of your own eyelashes.
  7. Additionally fix the result, pressing a thin object (back side makeup brushes, tweezers, Lee, cotton swab, etc.) a strip of false lashes along the entire length.
  8. Let the glue completely dry on your eyelid.
  9. Comb the lashes with a brush, connecting them with their natural.
  10. If necessary, top apply another layer of mascara, so you will achieve more natural.
  11. Also you can apply on top of shadow, eyeliner or rhinestones. Eyeliner needs to be liquid not to move the lashes.

The instructions on how to glue loose eyelash, in General, is no different. The only thing this method easier than sticking the whole strip, because the risk of spoiling all the awkwardness less. In addition, the beams can be positioned at different distances, thereby adjusting the density of the eyelashes.

If you have any questions about how to use false eyelashes, please share them in comments.

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