How to get rid of the mustache girl

mustache girls photosTendrils of the girl appear due to many reasons, it is believed that this problem mainly inclined brunettes, but this is a misconception. The light the girls hair on her upper lip just less noticeable. For whatever reason, has not appeared this cosmetic nuisance, almost all raises the problem of how to get rid of a girl mustache? But to solve any arising problems it is necessary to identify the root causes of its occurrence.

Why do girls and women grow whiskers.

You should always keep in mind that if mustache girls is a long-standing problem in the transition age to the present time, accompanying the formation of this disease lies in the heredity or genetic predisposition. It often happens that the dad of the girl has dark, thick body hair, thus, this inheritance is » passed and the little girl. Of course, it is not immediately born with a mustache, but during or after puberty this problem can really manifest itself.

removing the mustache with a razor is not effective!
Why grow a moustache in women who do not have ancestors with a rich vegetation?

  • In case suddenly grows mustache in women, the causes of this condition can hide in a fundamental imbalance in hormonal levels. This problem also applies to the same question, why do women grow moustache and beard? In this case, the woman is recommended to see a endocrinologist, because hormonal imbalance is often associated with disorder of the endocrine system, or diseases of the adrenal glands.
  • When women acquire excessive vegetation on the face, it still happens from what? Cause when the girls grow a mustache, unable to escape and the individual characteristics of the organism. Each person is different and the same human organisms do not exist, as, for example, a child may be born with a congenital birthmark, also from the nature of the whiskers can be offered up and the girl.
  • What a mustache woman? First of all, the problem I notice women who visited the menopause. This state of the female body also relates to hormonal changes.

The reasons of occurrence of this cosmetic defect associated with changes occurring regularly in the female body. But this trouble looks very unpleasant, both for the girls and for all the people around her. Causes of antennae somewhat, but the problem is easily solved.

How to clean and remove the mustache of the girl forever?

Most girls who have this cosmetic problem, pose the problem, whether it is possible to pluck a mustache to the girls? Many cosmetologists recommend this procedure only be carried out in beauty salons. But if the vegetation of the girl is small, and the antennae appear from time to time, it is possible to independently perform the process of plucking a mustache. Before the procedure recommended to properly steam your face, then arm themselves with sterilized tweezers and gently, hairs for the hairs to spend tweezing at home. To obtain a less painful process skin near whiskers need to stretch, and then, clinging to the hairs with tweezers, to pull him sharply.

What if the girl has a moustache. Methods to remove mustache.
The second method is the rapid removal of the mustache is discoloration. How to lighten a mustache to the girl. This will require regular hydrogen peroxide. In addition to lighten hair, peroxide will weaken the hair and make them thin. The procedure must be repeated for several days, to see how the hairs began to fall out and to brighten.

Removing a mustache from a woman in the home is carried out using wax or sugar sticky tapes that can be purchased in every pharmacy. The use of these tools is effective, but it is a painful process. A strip of adhesive side is attached to the place with the moustache, then abruptly torn off. After a session on the removal of vegetation irritated skin to lubricate the baby cream.

Another common and important question: can girls shave the ‘ stache? This procedure is strictly prohibited, otherwise the newly growing hair will acquire hardness, and in this state to get rid of them will be more difficult. Once the woman shaved off his mustache, then we will need to work throughout his life.

the photo shows how to get rid of a woman mustache laser hair removal
How to remove mustache on a woman forever? To solve this global problem there are many cosmetic services.

  • Electrolysis. If women grow a mustache, to kill the follicles of growing hair is possible using current. Specialist special needle penetrates the root of hair and destroys it.
  • Photo-epilation. Remove moustache women forever is qualitative and painless way. A session is the impact of a beam of light photo on the hair follicles. In this process they are killed, drop out and cease to grow.
  • Chemical depilation. This depilation in women is chemical substances that do not always have a positive effect on the skin. In addition to obtaining the strongest irritation, there is no 100% guarantee that whiskers will not grow again.
  • Inhibitors of hair growth efficient removal of antennae in women is produced by smearing the skin with special compounds that stop the growth of hair, and subsequently provoke hair loss. This means you must use very long, about a couple of months, and to lubricate the skin treatment compositions should be several times a day.

What to do with a mustache girl? As you can see, this problem is completely solved, it is only necessary to stock or patience, or a lot of money. And do You know of any other ways to remove unpleasant facial hair?

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