Irritation in the intimate area after shaving bikini

razdrto to do if you have irritation in the intimate area?bikiniA lot of women after shaving the intimate area and notice the appearance of pimples or other small lesions filled with a yellowish liquid. This rash is a sign of skin irritation, which is often accompanied by itching, burning and discomfort.

This phenomenon not only very unpleasant, but also dangerous, so it must be addressed. And the sooner you take action, the more effects of therapy.

Causes and risks

Provocateurs appearance of irritation after shaving or hair removal in the bikini area can be the following factors:

  1. Frequent shaving or waxing. If you do not give the hairs in the bikini area grow to such a size when they can be easily removed without harming the skin, it will lead to damage and cracking. They bacteria, subsequently don’t only provoke irritation, and various skin diseases (including genital herpes).
  2. Narrow, tight and uncomfortable underwear, rubbing the skin after shaving hence become too sensitive to any external stimuli.
  3. Increased sensitivity of the skin.
  4. Incorrect carrying out of procedure of removing hair in the bikini area. Often, ladies make a blunder, shaving dry skin. This is unacceptable, because it leads to the same injury of the epidermis.
  5. Shave the same skin area several times in a row.
  6. Allergic reaction to AIDS (wax, cream, soap, gel and other cosmetics used by women while shaving intimate places).
  7. The roughness of the skin (that’s why you need regular exfoliation is carried out using special scrubs and other cosmetic compounds).
  8. The adoption of a hot shower or bath.
  9. Strong friction of the skin hard with towels.
  10. Bad care of intimate places.
  11. Any dermatological disease.
  12. The neglect of the use of emollients before and after shaving or hair removal.

Irritation in the pubic area after shaving may also indicate that you do not fit your chosen razor. Different manufacturers use different technologies and components during the production of the product. The majority of the female machines have a strip with a moisturizer. They are often added to creams, extracts of medicinal plants, flavors. Always interested in the fact that it contain such a strip, and do it before making a purchase.

Many of the plants are the strongest allergens, so inconsiderate women, there is a strong irritation after shaving bikini area and beyond.

How to fix the situation?

Skin care of the intimate area after shaving

If you have itchy private area after shaving, then this should be your first and primary call to action. First of all, try to determine the exact cause of this condition. Carefully watch the reaction of your body after you have each carried out procedures to remove hair in the bikini area. If, during the application of emollient you feel tingling or itching, rinse it and don’t resort to its use.

If the cause of irritation was the razor, better to abandon it and to use means for depilation. They are much softer, although it is possible the appearance of pain sensations and after use. Read more about how hair removal bikini see the link /epilyatsiya-bikini-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

How to remove the irritation in the intimate area with the help of drugs?

Today there are many ointments, gels, tablets from irritation in intimate places. However, their application is necessary to be careful, because the contraindications and side effects are almost all medicines. The most effective and relatively safe drugs that help to remove irritation in the bikini area is:

  1. Aktovegin in the form of ointments for external use.
  2. «Bepanten ointment».
  3. Antihistamines in pill form: Aleron, Eden, Fenkarol, Tavegil and others. Their application is expedient in cases, if the rash on the pubis was the result of allergic reactions.

Before you use the above tools to combat redness in your groin, carefully read the leaflet to avoid side effects.

How to get rid of the irritation in the bikini area using the gifts of nature?

A large number of useful properties have a widely known folk remedy to combat such phenomena. Among them, the following should be noted:

  1. Essential tea tree oil must be diluted in equal proportions of oil of any plant. Lubricate the affected skin in the intimate area until complete disappearance of the irritation. This mixture also helps to get rid of the inflammation.
  2. Aloe is one of the oldest methods of treatment of wounds, scratches and cracks on the skin. One leaf of this plant is cut into 2 pieces and make a fresh cut to rashes or reddened areas. Hold for 10-15 minutes. The same piece can be applied several times.
  3. Lotions of medicinal herbs that have a calming, anti-inflammatory and healing action (celandine, chamomile, calendula, series). For this you need to make fresh broth, to moisten it a piece of clean soft cloth which then needs to be put on the affected rash areas of the skin. To remove these headbands are available in 15 minutes. After that, try not to take a bath or shower.
  4. Use baby powder to reduce the pain and relieve irritation.
  5. Wipe the damaged areas peach or almond oil.
  6. Grind into a powder 3 tablets of aspirin and mix it with 1 tablespoon of glycerin. Mix well and apply on rashes or cuts. Rinse off after a few seconds with water at room temperature.

Aspirin with glycerin is a common remedy for irritations in the intimate area. It softens the skin making it soft and smooth. Such masks will be useful in any case, even if you have no problems with the skin in the intimate area.

How to avoid irritation after shaving?

How to quickly relieve irritation after shaving your intimate areas?This trouble is not moved, so to speak, «chronic», you need to remember a few tips, by which you will be able to shave without any irritation in the bikini area.

  1. Try to shave only when you really need it. Too frequent hair removal in the intimate area threatens to damage the integrity of the skin.
  2. Even if irritation has already appeared, in any case they do not scratch the affected area and this will complicate the situation and lead to the ingress of infection in the resulting wound.
  3. Do not shave intimate places without steaming and softening.
  4. While taking a shower use antibacterial soap.
  5. To relieve irritation after shaving helps normal hair. It can also be used to prevent, especially if the hair removal process was not very successful (i.e. damage of the epidermis).
  6. Try not to wear underwear after the manipulation should take at least 20-30 minutes.
  7. Make regular exfoliation or scrubbing of dead cells in the intimate area.
  8. Do not use to wash the cream after shaving with hot water – its temperature should be moderate.
  9. Do not RUB the skin with jerky movements – they should be soft and neat.
  10. After shaving, do not neglect applying to the treated skin areas of special deodorants, which act as antiseptic.

To no longer wonder «How fast to remove the irritation in the bikini area after shaving?», follow these recommendations, and then the procedure of hair removal in intimate places is not only painless, but also safe!

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