Ways to get rid of stretch marks

laser stretch mark removal photosAmong the multiple imperfections much place is occupied by striae or simply stretch marks. Skin stretching is not particularly pleasing to the female half of humanity, but not strange, that the women are the most common of stretch marks. Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks? Of course, in our new-fangled time of the most modern technology, much is possible, and to eliminate minor skin defect simple. But before we deal with the problem of how to get rid of stretch marks, it is necessary to identify the root cause of this condition in humans.

Most often this disease occurs on the background of drastic changes of weight, when the skin doesn’t have time to catch up the process of weight loss or obesity, and begins to stretch and then tear. Such as often happens during or after pregnancy. In this case are two factors: a sharp decline in the functionality of skin composition due to changes in hormone levels and a rapidly growing stomach, which adds to a woman a few extra pounds. How to deal with postpartum stretch marks read the link /kak-ubrat-rastyazhki-after-rodov Not deprived of this trouble, and athletes, stretch marks on the skin they occur because athletes do power stretching when charging or gymnastics, which in turn, develops the gap of skin tissue. In adolescence, too, can meet this problem: the body of a teenager is growing rapidly, which also affects the skin condition is not a very positive way.

When did stretch marks how to get rid of this process? The problem is easier to solve at the primary level, when stretch marks are red or bluish color. In this case, getting rid of stretch marks does not take a lot of work and effort, but, subject to the constancy and regularity of all necessary procedures.

The problem of how to get rid of old stretch marks a bit trickier to solve. Note that the current situation is already a long-standing process, which will require a longer time to resolve. In addition, in some cases to get rid of old strains is not possible without medical services.

How to get rid of red stretch marks fast?

Fine reddish lines can be completely destroyed, if you use the services of massage. This procedure is recommended with the use of special creams or essential oils. An action has olive oil or almonds. You can also make a blend of essential oils that increase the action of the latter. The massage helps the blood come to the activity, after which she rushes to the skin. Oil make inside the skin vitamins and active components. The joint use of such funds helps the skin to regenerate, to recover, to get elasticity, to acquire elasticity. After a short use of the specified means, the trouble will not be over.

To get rid of stretch marks on the chest with a contrast shower. This procedure is not recommended for women «in position». The very same douche gently stabilizes the skin, giving it the necessary elasticity. A vigorous rubbing with a towel after the procedure will lead warehouse skin tone. In this case, stretch marks can be eliminated so much faster if after a session the contrasting shower and rubbing the skin to apply a special cream.

How to get rid of red stretch marks photos the use of iodine

is it possible to get rid of stretch marks

How to get rid of white stretch marks

stretch marks before and after

How to get rid of stretch marks at home? Quite good qualities of a homemade skin scrub used three times a week. The scrub: the same amount of sugar and salt plus half of the portions of olive oil. Everything is mixed and placed on problematic skin with gentle movements of hands. Then held a light rubbing, massage, then rinse, and the surface layer of the skin the cream is applied, it is best for children.

If stretch marks after pregnancy how to get rid of this condition? Very effective use of Shilajit, which is pre-dissolved in water and then mixed with baby cream. The tool is quite effective and efficient if use it daily. Recipe mummy against stretch marks see here.

When stretch marks are formed on the back, how to get rid of this disease The back can lubricate them with a mixture of essential oils. Excellent action has a oil of rosemary or juniper, almond or olive, orange or hazelnut. Oil of wheat germ has a positive results when getting rid of stretch marks and at the same time nourishes the skin.

Removing white stretch marks require more drastic procedures, which offer many beauty parlors with a medical slant.

Stretch mark removal laser

Among the effective and popular destruction damage the surface of the skin lack of high positions of laser therapy. Stretch mark removal using laser is fast and painless.

How to get rid of stretch marks laser? In the medical community the procedure called laser resurfacing or peeling. Specialist using an appropriate apparatus affects the skin where there is damage, due to which removes the thin top layer of the skin. After this procedure begins the rapid recovery of the skin and its regeneration is due to active metabolic process. Laser stretch mark removal is carried out in 1-2 sessions, so that the man behind the fastest time gets rid of the disease.

stretch mark removal laser pictures

photo after removal stretch mark laser

Stretch mark removal on Breasts is usually a two pronged attack. That is the first laser operation in which stretching lighter and flat out. And after a short time session of laser therapy is repeated, after which the disease disappears completely.

How much is stretch mark removal laser? All the results and calculates the amount specialist after visual inspection. The thing is that the problem how much is laser removal of stretch marks is decided depending on the volume of the resulting problems. The price depends on the volume and length of the strains, but in average amounts, it can be about 15,000 rubles.

Remove stretch marks with laser is very useful when formation of deep and long strips. This often happens after delivery. The procedure practically has no contraindications, but before using it, after all the doctor’s advice is needed.

Surgical stretch mark removal

It is not strange, but the removal of stretch marks surgically also holds a leading position in comparison with other options for the destruction of the problem. Surgery stretch mark removal is performed in medical conditions under General anesthesia. The patient removed the skin, which is stretching, then the skin gets a smooth surface. Disadvantage of the procedure is that the recovery period of skin may be delayed.

In this case, frequently demanded the removal of old stretch marks that have already not eliminated in other non-surgical methods.

The pain from the stretch

Stretch mark removal at home is carried out using a wonderful funds — badyagi. This substance is made from animal lips. The tool itself has an unpleasant smell, and in contact with the surface of the skin it causes a negative burning. Despite all these negative aspects, the drug is very effective in active combat stretch marks.

Badyaga against stretch marks is used directly on the surface and damaged layer of skin. When applied it tingles and tingling of the skin, so there is a natural resurfacing of the skin layer. In addition, these actions badyagi cause heavy blood flow, then begins the process of regeneration, repair and strengthen the skin. Badyaga powder from the stretch applied to narrow pores, after which renewal takes place.

the pain from the stretch photos

How nice it would be, but it is most effectively to combat the new strains. In the presence of chronic sprains to get rid of this process would be virtually impossible.

Natural substance is evaluated inexpensive, you can buy it in every pharmacy. Available in cream, powder or gel-based badge. But the destruction of sprains, it is desirable to use a powder. The powder is only the active component, it can be mixed with other remedy against stretch marks and to receive a loading dose of double effect. Creams and gels contain additional components that do not fit all.

When using fresh-water sponge it is necessary to observe some precautions. First of all, you need to find out if there is intolerance to a component in the patient. This is a skin test using a small amount of powder. Do not use pain if the patient present skin lesions in the form of scratches, abrasions. As a further security, all actions should be carried out only in gloves.

Not to ask the question of how to remove stretch marks? Efforts should be made to prevent their occurrence. Ways and means on this account, there are many, it is only necessary to pick up only what suits You. Most effective ways we have described in this article /rastyazhki-pri-beremennosti

If You helped in some way, let us know in the comments and share the results.

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