How to get rid of spots from acne

spots from acne on face picturesSpots after acne can appear for several reasons. Most often this phenomenon occurs as a result of physical abuse of acne — self-extruding. Though this procedure is done at home and is not recommended, the majority of the holders of acne anyway they squeeze. In the process of this action on the skin appears red or dark spot. Another common reason for the appearance of dark spots after acne is the use of cosmetic preparations, negatively affecting the surface layer of skin. But in all cases, whatever the cause of the formation of this disease comes the problem: how to remove stains from acne?

Remove spots from pimples fast is hardly possible, it will take at least several days, and the speed of the operation depends on what was the pimple — inflammatory, white or Previn. But to speed up the process. It is recommended to listen to some tips:

how to get rid of spots from acne

  • the area of skin which is formed on the spot after the pimple as not to put extra effects: it can not be touched, to push.
  • if applied to eliminate the spots after acne, it should only be applied on cleansed and dried skin;
  • spots from acne quickly remove will succeed only in summer-autumn time period. At this time of year skin gets enough amount of nutrients and there is no dryness and sensitivity;
  • during the destruction of the spots after acne, the skin cannot be exposed to excess sun exposure. It is also not recommended to use the services of a Solarium;
  • to get rid of spots after acne can be much faster if you additionally with the main treatment to take vitamin C, which helps normalize the skin’s balance. Proper nutrition will also serve as a helper in this difficult matter.

How to remove spots after acne?

As spots after acne are classified pigmentation, the remedy spots from acne is available to pick up at any pharmacy. The most common, affordable and fast-acting medications is salicylic Ichthyol, zinc, sintomitsinovoy ointment. Quite lubricate the affected skin several times a day for a short time. After 14 days the spots will start to fade.

It has miraculous properties of fresh-water sponge from spots from acne. To prepare the means necessary in powder concoctions to put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. The resulting slurry was put on the spot at the quarter hour positions. If you feel any burning of the skin, so the process of destroying spots from the acne is gone. Thing from spots from acne is used as prepared in the factory cream. In this case, the spot after the pimple is lubricated by the mixture and in a week from a defect in the skin will be of small footprint.

It happens that a squeezed pimple left a red spot, but to get rid of it as quickly as possible. In this case, a very effective rosemary from spots after acne. A few drops of essential oil plants mixed with a small amount of white clay. This ointment spots from acne affects a defect, as the whitening solution. What else can be bleached spots on face after pimples? Beautiful, the action has a mixture of crude protein of eggs and lemon juice. Components are mixed and used as a homemade cream for damaged skin. How to lighten spots after acne? In this case, come to the aid of a wiping stain or the entire skin juice from fresh cucumbers. The procedure of wiping with a natural component you can use every hour.

Dark spots after acne are destroyed by pulp from fresh tomatoes, which added a bit of starch for thickness. The tool is used directly on the stain after acne and is used daily.

how to remove stains from acne

You can use home peels from spots after acne. To get rid of the trouble for this equal proportions mixed with honey and cinnamon. Then the application of soft massage of fingers on the spot, massaged and washed off.

A wonderful remedy for the spots after acne — melted paraffin. A drop of the medication drips directly on the stain, then dried rind is removed manually. To use this method is undesirable in that part of the body where there is hair growth (since there is a natural waxing) and those people who have manifested increased sensitivity of capillary vessels.

To remove red spots after acne good using a tincture of St. John’s wort. It can cook in fresh herb and alcohol, or buy in the pharmacy is ready. Tool is used in the form of a lotion, which is rubbed on the affected areas of the skin. It is not recommended to use this recipe to owners of dry and sensitive skin, as under the influence of alcohol skin tends to dry out.

Spots from pimples to remove it by bleaching can be dissolved in boiled water with Apple cider vinegar (ratio 3 :1). Application method similar to that described above. And tincture of St. John’s wort, and diluted Apple cider vinegar you need to use a 10-day period, then you need to take a break and repeat the procedure if there is a need.

Mask from spots from acne is components: honey, egg whites and olive oil. No less effective mask from spots after acne, contain ground parsley and egg white.

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How else can you remove spots after acne? On this account there are several cosmetic services.

  • The chemical peeling. The spots from acne are removed by the action of acid which is administered to a patient on the skin.
  • Ultrasonic peeling. The procedure is based on the interaction of the damaged skin area and apparatus with ultrasonic radiation.
  • The vacuum cleaning. Treatment session reminiscent of the exhaustion of problematic phenomena on the skin like a vacuum cleaner.
  • Laser cleaning. The laser apparatus on the spot after pimple permanently eradicate this defect in 1 session.
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