How to get rid of pitted acne scars at home

acne, what is it?Acne is a common skin defect that occurs more on the face, back or chest. There are many imperfections, most of which occurs due to improper skin care or due to mechanical damage (e.g. squeezing acne or moxibustion). What is acne? This is a phenomenon on human skin, which is formed at the site of the former acne, pimples or boils. By referring to the defect resembles a small scars or minor scars. But in some cases, acne takes the form of significant deficiencies, in large size and deep in volume.

Acne, what is it?

Most often, when some part of the human body, mainly on the face, there is a lot of small pimples and inflamed, we call this condition — acne. This acne has a medical term — acne. Itself and acne and therefore, acne appears due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. Quite often acne takes inflammatory in nature.

What is acne on the face? Appeared on face acne people trying to destroy. The destruction primarily occurs through the extrusion of the defects. The consequence of this action is acne. Rarely the person conducts the procedure in sterile conditions, and mechanical impact is increased. Delicate facial skin is injured, forming scars, which are also called acne.

Plame acne photosSpots acne can take different forms. Not necessarily only in the form of scars or scar. In some cases, acne is formed in the form of spots, similar to a trail produced from the injection, or in other words, deep holes. Another kind of acne is a compacted, lumpy surface on the skin.

Combating acne must be carried out immediately as the appearance of trouble. It is important to consider the fact that with age, the skin changes its structure, and even minor defects require enhanced measures to remove.

How to remove pitted acne scars? Ways to do this, there are many. First, you can use the medical services of beauty salons and to remove or cure the problem using the latest technological devices. Secondly, traditional medicine offers few ways to fight acne. To decide which of the given options to choose — especially individual case.

How to get rid of acne?

If the problem is significant, it is best to consult a beautician or dermatologist. The doctor, after examination, the defects may appoint several ways how to get rid of acne.

  • Introduction in the diet of the patient medication, the type of retinol, the property of which is to reduce the natural production of fat under the skin. It should be borne in mind that this method is better to combine with another by any means. One only ironicaly funds may delay the solution to the underlying problem for a long time.
  • Peeling from acne. The procedure is done under the influence of chemical products that eliminate the defect. It is not uncommon for full recovery of facial skin after this procedure takes a long time and the regular use of rejuvenating and softening agents.what is acne on the face and how to remove it
  • Laser resurfacing from the acne. Very efficient and harmless method. The procedure takes place under the influence of the laser device, which is aimed at smoothing the skin.
  • Removing acne can be done with the help of ultrasound, vacuum massage, cryotherapy and electrophoresis. All these methods are effective and help to completely eliminate the problem.

Choosing one of these options, it is important to realize that the best remedy for acne still is able to suggest only an expert in the relevant field. In this regard, we cannot follow the examples of friends or acquaintances, as the skin all people are different, and post-acne is never the same. Any procedure for defect elimination should be carried out only after the examination of the defect and after further side effects and contraindications.

Treatment of pitted acne scars at home

There are also beauty rooms provided by various means from post-acne. Any beautician will be happy to prescribe a course of sessions and carry out all necessary procedures to save your patient from post-acne. But it is important to remember that expensive services are very easy to replace on your own, but no less effective means of treatment of skin deficiency.

How to get rid of acne at home?

  • pitted acne scars picturesMasks from acne, which is clay, help to eliminate the shortage. You can use diluted clay with water and can be added to the resulting slurry a few drops of rosemary essential oil. The procedure is done twice a week, the duration is several months.
  • The juice of parsley, that is smeared on spots from acne will help even the long-term disadvantages. The same property has and lemon juice.
  • You can lubricate postacne tincture of Hypericum. This medicinal herb promotes the regeneration of skin cells, levels a skin surface of the upper layer and brightens the tone of skin color.
  • Fresh-water sponge from acne used at all times. Can be spread on the skin defect of the special pharmacy cream containing concoctions. Effective to produce a mixture for the treatment of acne: powder concoctions to drip some drops of hydrogen peroxide, then apply it to your skin problem. The sizzle on the skin means that the treatment process is effectively gone.


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