Premature grey hair: causes, treatment, prevention

why have gray hair at an early ageEveryone knows that gray hair accompany the aging process. However, sometimes young people have gray hair at an early age. The fact that gray hair is an indicator of not only age, but also health. There are many reasons of graying of hair due to natural aging processes, which we describe in this article. How to get rid of gray hair at home will also learn below.

Why have gray hair?

The hair loses its color, acquiring a grey shade, when you lose melanin, the pigment responsible for the color. At the time of aging is the loss of melanin is quite natural, and stop it, alas, is impossible. But if the age is far from «venerable», and the thought of how to get rid of gray hair, gives you peace of mind, have to engage in a serious analysis of the work of his body.

Causes of premature graying:

  1. Genetic predisposition to early gray hair

If Your parents ‘ hair started to acquire a light tone to 40 years, be prepared for the fact that the same situation will be repeated with You.

  1. Constant depression, anxiety, stress

In a moment of strong emotions, the human body secretes neuropeptides – they, in turn, interfere with melanin: first, just isolating it from the protein, and then completely destroying. The next stage of the reaction of hair to stress is hair loss.

  1. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  2. Thyroid disease
  3. Hormonal disorders
  4. Constant exposure to sunlight
  5. The lack of valuable minerals and vitamins

If the time to understand that this was the reason for early graying, you can assign a course of treatment, including no vitamins from the gray hair. Useful items determined by the physician according to the results of the analysis. For example, a copper deficiency can contribute to malfunction of the pigment.

You can also help to recover hair with the help of folk remedies for gray hair. Work effectively decoctions of herbs as when used externally, and when administered.

  1. Poor blood flow to the head and the hair follicles
  2. Heart failure
  3. Viral contamination.
  4. Deviation of the endocrine system

Not always graying of hair due to aging. If gray hair came at an early age is a serious reason to consult a doctor.

How to get rid of gray hair at a young age

The man who found himself on the head with gray hair or a strand of wants as soon as possible to get rid of it. Pull the silver hairs completely useless in the future at the same place will rise a new, moreover, you can get irritation of the scalp, which will encourage the spread of grey hairs on others healthy hair roots.

Many experts believe that to cure gray hair is impossible, it’s just a symptom of a serious error or violation. However, there are many ways how to stop graying hair. You should start with following some simple measures.

  1. Avoid stress and depression, emotional disorders, keep psychological balance in any life situation. Protect yourself from scandals, resentments, intrigues, worries, fears and other negative emotions. Always find time for rest, relaxation relaxation and tranquillity.
  2. The second important rule is to sleep properly. Healthy sleep is one of the best medicines when dealing with gray hair, because during sleep the human body fully relaxes and gets the same «happiness hormone», which in turn is responsible for melanin production and pigmentation of hair.
  3. A healthy diet and lifestyle. Any person extremely important to get from food all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Pay attention to your diet and include foods fortified with copper and zinc. Much copper is contained in buckwheat, spinach, potatoes, beef and pork liver and kidney. Enriched with Zinc bran, wheat, lentils, peas, beans, nuts, some fish and squid, tomatoes, and green tea and cocoa. Not superfluous to drink a course of special multivitamins.
  4. Properly care for hair, and do not expose your tresses stress, overheating, hypothermia and other negative impacts of external factors.

Regular coloring and trips to the beauty will not save you from grey hairs, if not to normalize your lifestyle and nervous condition is an important point about how to deal with gray hair in women.

If silver hair is your genetic feature, as a rule, to stop this process it is not. Then comes to the aid of a cosmetic solution, though temporary, but fairly simple and accessible – dyeing gray hair.

How to dye your hair to hide the gray

Many people know that gray hairs do not respond well to staining. However, there are a number of rules created by professional hairdressers, using which anyone can learn how to paint the gray hair, even on dark hair.

  1. Dye above the 6th level is suitable for dyeing gray hair.
  2. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you can use oxidizers of various percentage concentration. The thicker the hair, the more %.
  3. After applying the dye the hair should not be viewed by the strip.
  4. Coloring the hair for the first time, apply to the roots of the oxidizer to a smaller percentage. Otherwise, they may be lighter than you expect.
  5. Wiry gray hair it is recommended to paint the fifth tone of the dye.
  6. First look than to paint the gray hair without harm to hair. There are tools for painting, which only affect your grey hair or fragments of hair. In this case, the hair, have not lost their tone, remain intact.

Folk remedies for gray hair

Before to camouflage grey hair on dark hair, it is important to analyze the reasons for its occurrence. Without addressing the main factor that causes the destruction of melanin, the treatment of gray hair with folk remedies will not bring the expected effect. However, integral control can give a nice result.

  1. Recipe first, how to get rid of gray hair without coloring

Mix the honey, brandy and castor oil in equal quantities are added to the mixture of chicken egg yolk. RUB it into the roots for 5-7 minutes, dreaming of a luxury hair color (when someone interfered with a positive attitude?!). Lockable caps for the pool and keep on the head for 2-3 hours. This mask is washed off with shampoo.

The result will be visible after the fourth procedure.

  1. The second recipe is how to not only get rid of gray hair with folk remedies, but also to strengthen the hair

Burdock root take the number 2 table.spoons, pour two cups of boiled water. Put on a slow fire and boil until, until the volume of broth is reduced by half. To broth add ½ tsp.a spoon of fennel seeds and insist about 2 hours.

The mixture is filtered and rubbed into the hair twice daily.

  1. The third recipe, how to color gray hair with folk remedies

Of the natural coloring actions can be distinguished:

  • Coffee;
  • Henna;
  • Chamomile;
  • Tea;
  • The husk from the bow;
  • Rhubarb.

Any of the ingredients dissolve in hot water, insist some time and RUB it into the hair roots. Then wash off with shampoo and opolaskivaniem solution of the same Fund (e.g., infusion of chamomile for blonde, coffee for brunettes). Henna use as directed on the package.

Folk remedy for gray hair can be a great assistant in the fight with an ashy shade, but only with regular use.

Establish food!

To help in the fight against gray hair will help the following products:

  1. A variety of citrus.
  2. Fish and sea products.
  3. More greens (dill, lettuce, parsley, and more).
  4. Protein (chicken, egg whites, and beans).
  5. Fruits and vegetables that contain iron (beets, dried fruits, nuts, etc.).

prevention of gray hairAs you can see, there is nothing supernatural in the listed no power to add to your diet is not difficult, almost every housewife. However, if you are serious about how to remove gray hair permanently without dyeing, healthy eating is an integral part.

Maybe the day will come when man will be able to manage at least their age, and their appearance in old age. But so far none of the most expensive tools will not be able to restore the melanin. Although every year there are new tools that supposedly guarantee restore hair color from gray hair, this is nothing more than a commercial move, otherwise we would have forgotten how to look people with gray hair.

One conclusion: we cannot prevent aging but we can delay it, leading a healthy lifestyle, living in harmony with yourself and the world around you and saturating your body with vitamins of different groups. Besides, beauty can already answer the question how to hide grey hair on dark hair.

Be beautiful at any age!

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