How to get rid of age spots

how to get rid of age spots on the faceIn most cases, age spots are considered a large cosmetic defect, especially women. The causes of this disease can be numerous: and diseases of internal organs, and the interaction of sunlight and age-related skin changes and a failure in the hormonal system of women. Some people hope that the pigmentation will pass on their own, and for some — it is recommended to resort to additional means of destruction age spots. Among the medical services widely used for removal of pigment spots by laser. And medicine folk and home medicine in the first place is a part of.

How to get rid of skin pigmentation

  • Laser removal of pigment spots. This service is available in most beauty salons. In addition to high cost, other negative points it does not exist. Before you carry out the procedure removal of pigmented spots with a laser, a qualified technician needs to identify the true cause of the defect, to carry out some tests to check the presence of infectious diseases and contra-indications to the specified service. In each individual case is the recommended number of operations, select the type of anesthesia and given advice on the future way of life.

    removal of pigment spots by laser

  • Removal of pigment spots can be carried out using chemical peel. The procedure is done in the respective institutions with the observance of sterility. Active substance for peeling glycolic acid. The doctor in each case, prescribes the required number of procedures. After a chemical peel the skin takes some time to regain the softness and elasticity.

  • How to remove age spots with the help of pharmaceutical drugs? Great reviews has the cream «Skinoren». It is an effective remedy for age spots. The preparation is applied twice a day, but the rate of application is from about 1 to 3 months.
  • Well established and whitening creams from age spots. Very effective concoctions from age spots and salicylic acid. The most popular creams are those which contain in their composition of these substances.

Folk remedy for age spots

How to withdraw spots using the recipes of traditional medicine?

  • A good action has a ointment from age spots based on raw yeast, milk and lemon juice. The product is applied to the skin daily.
  • How else can you get rid of skin pigmentation? Effective wipe for every day the damaged skin with the juice from one of the following product: cucumber, parsley, lemon, onion.
  • Treatment of pigment spots will go naturally, if each time instead of evening washing with running water use the washing whey. Well-proven lemon for skin lightening, read more here.
  • A good action has a whitening mask pigmentation spots, based on blend of essential oils: castor, grape, lemon. how to get rid of skin pigmentation
  • Applied Apple cider vinegar age spots. It is used as a rubbing damaged body parts. Double action will have the tool if you mix it in equal proportions with juice of onions. It should be borne in mind that people with sensitive and allergic skin, this recipe may not be suitable. If a person has dry skin after applying Apple cider vinegar, you should use another method of removing pigmentation.
  • From age spots and soda is used. This product is prepared, the mask, which in addition to the main component contains a hydrogen peroxide and white clay. The mask is applied to the damaged areas on the body, then leave for 20 minutes.
  • Fresh-water sponge from age spots used as mixtures. Effectively powder concoctions mixed with hydrogen peroxide, to give the tool a little stand, and then apply a pigment stain. The mask is done every 5 days. Throughout the treatment, it is recommended not to be exposed to direct sunlight or use special sun-protection creams.

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If there are dark spots, how to bring them out in each school of beauty. But it is important to remember that in some cases it is necessary to organize the work of the immune system to pigmentation eliminated by itself.

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