Beautiful and correct gait for girls

a walk for womenBeautiful and correct gait immediately makes the person a good impression. Of course, the external image consists of many components, but the course can be rightly recognize the hallmark of any lady. You yourself must have noticed that a familiar person is easy to recognize from afar, drawing attention to his manner of stepping. If you own gait you yourself do not like, do not despair, over time it is possible to change, if you train regularly and know how to learn to walk nicely. Today let’s talk about how to change your gait for the better.

The secrets of a beautiful gait

Any transformation starts with theory. If you are not given the luxury gait from nature, don’t worry, almost everything can be learned if you know a few secrets.

  1. Posture

Posture and gait cannot exist without each other. Even if you examine the exact location of the legs with a beautiful gait, but stooped, consider all the efforts were in vain.

To straighten his back, but not to look like a goose, you can use the following algorithm:

  • Put your hands down;
  • Lift the shoulders to a maximum height;
  • Pull your shoulders back and down.

Drag body and head up, chin slightly up, look forward. Pull your stomach. Here, we have prepared our body for the first step.

  1. Step

Correct gait for women provides a couple of unspoken rules. First, the step length should equal the length of your feet. Allowed step size 1.5 feet, but no more. Second, the first moves forward it is the leg with the foot, followed by the body. Thirdly, it is important that the foot stood on the ground exactly, that is, the toe and heel were on the same line, the sock can be quite a bit to expand outward.

  1. Hips.

Distinguish the go from the knee and gait from the hip. This does not mean that you need to pull your hips from side to side, there’s something vulgar. However, when I step from the hip, slight rocking of the pelvis still remains important not to overdo it.

  1. Hands

Feminine gait does not provide for broad pointing of fingers, however, and chained to the body they should not. Look best smooth movements with small amplitude, in which the left arm moves to the beat with your right foot and right hand and left leg. Arms should be slightly bent at the elbows.

Carefully follow the movement of the body during walking. Before you change the speed, first learn the basics, practice the movements in front of the mirror, slowly, aware of every movement. Then you go to the fast walking, a little bit disabling consciousness.

Common mistakes

Knowing the most common silly things that people do when walking, you will be able to detect them and avoid further occurrence of such errors.

  1. Walking on bent»

This problem is especially often true of young girls who just starting to learn to walk in heels, and have taken unconquered peaks. The proper gait heel also provides for a step up from the hips with straight legs for her actually characterized by all the same principles as for walking on a flat sole.

The desire to bend the knees due to a subconscious desire to nullify the effect of a high heel, because in the end you don’t add yourself to the growth, if you go with the knees bent. This bad habits you must get rid of! Wanting to walk confidently in heels, increase the height gradually, starting from 4 inches.

  1. Try to tread easily

Heavy step, which may even be heard a dull sound is not quite a walk for women, to which we aspire. At the same time, bounce in step, too, is not good. Watch yourself in the mirror during the workout moves. Everywhere important the Golden mean.

  1. Choose comfortable shoes

How to improve gait, if all the shoes are too big for you or, conversely, leaves of corn? Not at all. You should feel comfortable in the shoes, without this step almost impossible to achieve.

Exercises for a beautiful gait

To take and correct the gait that you have used for many years, is quite difficult. It is best to move towards its ideal course is gradually, gradually changing your body in a new way. Is perfect exercise for beautiful gait and posture. To fulfill them it at home for 15-20 minutes a day.

  1. Wall

Stand near wall, pressing to her neck, shoulders, loins, calves of the legs and heels. Wait in this position for some time to get used to it and proceed to the next exercise.

  1. Book

This technique is known to almost all who once tried to straighten his posture. You must take the book of medium size, put it on your head and walk, trying not to drop. The longer you go with the book, the sooner your back and neck will get used to the correct position.

  1. Technique aspiring models

Learning models taught a simple technique of walking: bound feet on 15 sm above the knees. In this form it was necessary to walk for a while. The correct gait for girls appeared by itself: to maintain balance, had to keep your back straight and body slightly to reject ago. In addition, the rope is not allowed to make big steps, but once accustomed to the correct step.

  1. Control of the hips

Your hips during movements remained motionless, you can do the exercise using any stick, for example, a MOP. Hold it back, holding hands behind his back. Why don’t you take this situation and make sure that the hips stay on the MOP.

  1. Walking along the line

That fashion models go for one of the conditional lane, known to all. But such a walk and in everyday life looks very beautiful. So if you want to know how to learn to walk upright, it is imperative to master.

On the floor draw a straight line or tape. Straighten your back, raise your chin a bit and go on one line, not turning out the toes, neither in the internal nor in the external side of the stop.

Try to invest in the course of its confidence and ambition like you attracts standing in front of the object.

What is gait?

Gait may be heavy, flying, sexy and feminine. By the way they walk sometimes you can even give a brief description about the person. Since the errors of the female moves we have already discussed, we now describe how to learn to walk nicely to the girl in the illustrative example.

  • Original position

The body is extended upward, the chest forward, gaze is directed to the level of the 2nd floor, shoulders are down, back straight, belly tucked up.

  • Step

One leg of the sock is placed in front of the other, the knee of the front foot slightly turned inwards, and the toe pointing directly at the same. Transfer weight to foot, standing in front, draw the second leg so that the knee was again rotated slightly inwards. The size of the step, as already mentioned, 1-1. 5 length of your foot without shoes. All movement occurs on the same line.

This gait is best suited for beginners. Once you’ve mastered it, you will be able to vary the position of the thighs and legs as you like.

Tips on how to correct the gait girl

In the longer term helps to improve the gait enhancing the General physical tone:

  1. Fitness

Strengthening of skeletal muscles, abs and spine will have a positive impact on the course. In some cases, before you change speed, the girl you first need to tone all muscle groups.

  1. Dancing

Any type of dancing eventually manifest itself even in the running. Even if you regularly dance to the rhythm of the waltz, your gait becomes another «color».

  1. Conscious gait

As soon as you realize that your style of walking you don’t like, there are many ways how to learn a beautiful gait. Pay attention to your hands, body, legs, specifically what you do not like your gait. Try to learn something new every day, changing at least a little something in your everyday situation and turn.

The question of how to develop a beautiful gait the girl is actually not as complicated as it may at first sight seem to be. A little theory, a fixed regular practice, and soon you will feel much more confident walking down the street.

If you also have tips on how to make a beautiful walk, leave comments under this text.

Train to health!

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