How to dye your hair red

Paint the hair redCurrently, the shop Windows offer us various hair dye. Most women dye their hair in order to change his appearance to become younger and brighter. If you pondered the question: how to make your hair red, look for the answer below.

How to change the color and dye your hair red. In order to completely change the color we can not do without the advice of a hairdresser. As a rule, in the salons, in order to achieve the desired color specialist mixes different shades. Before you dye your hair to show the hairdresser, for example, a picture of the model with your desired hair color. Shades of red color are many copper, gold, brown. Women who have gray hair, you should choose paint brown tones.

You told yourself: I want red hair?! Look at the video the colouring in red:

There is a perception that hair color can determine a person’s character. That redhead is veselushka and funny bone. Red color is always the height of fashion, so many women and girls want to dye my hair exactly this color. It is easiest to be painted in red can brown-haired women, just pick up the paint with any shade and doing their job. With natural dyes it is best to take the henna as it won’t just make the hair a Golden color, but also to strengthen them. Women, brunettes you can do without lightening your hair, choose paint with a red tint. Few of the blonde decided to become a redhead, but if we decide to, beware of paint with a bright tone that would then not be like a carrot. To add volume to hair, ask your hairdresser to dye your hair in different shades of red. This technique will help you look younger.

Remember, the red color requires perfect condition of your skin, as the damage and red spots may become more noticeable. Well, freckles can’t spoil your image. This season at the peak of popularity of such shades of red, like terracotta, honey, ginger. In order to follow the red hair color you must use special means to care, as the shades of red very quickly washed away.

I hope you find your way.

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