How to dye your hair

Hair coloring at homeWomen love to experiment with their look, changing shades in makeup, choose a new style of clothing, but most importantly, it transforms a woman and makes her almost unrecognizable – it’s a new haircut or a different hair color. If the woman decided to change your hair color by yourself, it is very important to know how to dye my hair, the result was the best and not to the detriment of health.

The rules of hair coloring

When painting the hair is exposed to alkaline environment, resulting in the opened scales of the outer layer can get burn, which means the hair will break and split at the ends, combing will be much more difficult. So, before you proceed to coloring hair, you should decide for what purpose it is held – just to refresh the color, paint over the hair or radically change the color. In accordance with the selected option selected and the hair dye. If you encounter difficulties with the choice of hair color, you view this article.

To saturate the color of your hair and make it Shine, you can use a firming cream or special shampoo. However, the effect of the coloring will not last long, because very quickly washed away, but the damage to the hair will bring.

Resistant paint is used to dramatically change the color of your hair or for grey coverage. It usually contains hydrogen peroxide in a sufficiently large quantity, causing the hair after a painting require more careful care.

How to dye your hairIf only appeared first gray hairs, or want to make hair darker in tone or lighter, it is best to use so-called soft paint, which added a bit of hydrogen peroxide. This hair has minimum negative impact on hair.

In every package of hair dye, you can find the user manual with the rules, but there are a few female tricks that will help you achieve the best result.

How to dye your hair covered in this video:

Hair coloring at home

  • Hair coloring at home Always observe the exact time of staining, as specified by the manufacturer, perederzhivat paint can cause serious damage to the hair.
  • Before coloring your hair are usually advised not to wash, as body fat can be a shield for your scalp. However, it is not necessary to apply paint on very dirty hair, it is better to pre-wash with regular shampoo, without the use of air conditioners or balms.
  • In order to avoid staining of the skin at the temples and in frontal region, before painting just lubricate these parts with a fat cream.
  • For convenience when painting it is best to use a special brush for dyeing hair.
  • To start staining you need from the nape, passing to temporal region and in the end, paint the hair on the frontal part of the head.

After dyeing the hair requires much more care. You can use the cosmetic products – hair masks, special shampoos, balms, etc., or to turn to folk medicine and grandma’s methods. For example, the fresh juice of the nettle is an excellent remedy for hair loss and eliminate dandruff, which can appear after staining. An excellent tonic is a decoction of fruits of mountain ash (boil a tablespoon of fruit in two cups of boiling water for 10 minutes, cool, strain) is used for rinsing after washing.

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