How to dye eyebrows shades: dyeing techniques

how to paint eyebrows shadowsBeautifully decorated and tinted eyebrows can make the makeup complete, and the person more attractive. Correctly shaped eyebrows, or a complete lack of makeup on them can ruin your image, even if everything else looks fine. Previously we considered a technique of summing up the eyebrow with a pencil, and today we’ll talk about how to properly paint the eyebrows with eye shadow.

How to choose eye shadow for eyebrows

When choosing eyeshadow for eyebrows is usually in front of the girls raises two questions: brand and color. And if the first is a bit more clear, here should proceed with their financial capabilities, with the color eyeshadow for eyebrows can make mistakes.

It is believed that noble look of eyebrows that have no red or red hue, the so-called cool colors. And this rule works not only for girls that possess cold color type. However, before to draw the eyebrow shadows, is to determine your color type and choose in accordance to them the appropriate colors.

Blonde is better to pay attention to the shade of light gray with a slight olive tone. Moreover, such color will be relevant to them regardless of the color of eyes, hair and skin.

Light brown shade with a gray tint is suitable for those with darker hair. Quite searing brunette can turn its attention to the darker shades, but black eyebrows should be avoided, as they are too bright, replace them with may well dark gray or dark brown tone.

Some brands offer very comfortable suites, which include two shades of eye shadow, a brush for applying, sometimes a pair of tweezers or even a brow gel. Choose exactly what you need, or just buy the shade shade you need and assemble the whole kit yourself.

How to paint eyes shadows: step-by-step instruction

To complete a beautiful drawing eyebrows you will need:

  • Tweezers (in case the remaining hairs after correction);
  • Nail scissors (if the hairs on the eyebrows are different lengths, they must be cut);
  • Brush for combing eyebrows (on the form it may resemble a brush from the mascara or toothbrush, but it will certainly be a brush designed for brows);
  • Shade one or two shades;
  • Flat brush with a beveled tip;
  • Wax (gel) eyebrow (to lock the hairs in the same position);
  • Concealer or light colored pencil (to give a more manicured look to the eyebrows).

Instructions on how to paint the eyebrows with eye shadow step by step, assumes that you have already picked up the shape of the eyebrows based on the type of face and other parameters and plucked all the unwanted hairs in any convenient way. If training was completed, move on to the actual stages of makeup.

  1. Define the base points of eyebrows

Regardless of whether you color eyebrow shadow, pencil or the paint counter, the first stage remains unchanged: it is necessary to outline three main points on which the painting will be made. This is especially necessary if you are a beginner, but even after years of training and development, how to use shades for the eyebrows, it will save you from errors and asymmetries.

how to draw the eyebrow shadows all stages

The inner point (near the nose): the hairs should be removed with the point of intersection of the perpendicular drawn from wings of nose to browney arc. But this point does not quite match the start point of painting shadows. Your eyebrow will look beautiful and natural if she will start with light colors and gradually go to dark, because it is in our inherent nature. The main painting starts from a different point: the intersection of the perpendicular with the inner corner of the eye and browney arc.

The highest point (bend): a place where a line drawn from the wing of the nose, crosses the outer (closer to the temples) side of the iris. For the first time in order to make it easier to determine where to correctly apply eye shadow for eyebrows, you should use direct improvised tools: pencil lilikoi anything. When you learn how to do eyebrow makeup, can determine the desired point on the eye.

External point (at the temple): to understand the angle at which the eyebrow should be lower down, you need to find over school bone indentation, it is near the ear and the hair line, that it should be the line of the bend. And where to end the eyebrow? This is the point of intersection of the line drawn through the wing of the nose and outer corner of the eye, and browney arc.

Perhaps the sound of these control points a bit complicated, but in practice it is much easier than in theory. In order to properly use the shadows for eyebrows, you need to assimilate this information.

  1. Combed eyebrows

Her hair up, and brush when you approach a bend and the tip of the eyebrow, gradually change the direction of hair growth. Natural method does not provide the sharp curve of the eyebrow, it has long been out of fashion. Now eyebrows should look softer and wider than a few years ago. Comb the hair to the eyebrows should be repeated often enough: before makeup and after each step, if you want to paint the eyebrow shadows in one direction.

  1. Hold the bottom line

Apply to brush a small quantity of the selected shade guide and with its help the bottom line of the eyebrows. There are two techniques on how to draw eyebrows shadows: the first consists in applying a continuous single line, this variant looks more clear and smooth. The second method of application is suitable for natural effect, you need a brush to paint small strokes in direction of hair growth, filling the free space. So visually you will make your eyebrow more lush.

  1. Fill in the gaps

Correctly to draw the eyebrow shadows will not work if you do not learn to do short movements along the hair growth, repeat own hair. To draw so eyebrows throughout the length as much as you want to visually expand or emphasize your eyebrows.

  1. Summing the upper bound

If you want to achieve the most natural effect, you can leave your eyebrows without upper bound. But for a more graphic makeup eyebrows, it should be emphasized, and the upper bound is small, but clean lines.

  1. Fix the hairs

Before you paint the eyebrows with eye shadow for the eyebrows, they need to shape and adjust the size of the hairs with nail scissors. But if you forget to cut the hairs, this can be done at this stage. Satelite brows up and fix them with wax or hair gel. If you see that the hair are different lengths and some of them are at the upper border of the eyebrow, trim them to length using scissors.

  1. Illuminated border

To properly paint the eyebrows with eye shadow and get a beautiful finished result, it is necessary after working with the shadows to use concealer or a light pencil in the tone of the face.

Guide selected by the line below the brow 1 millimeter, the shape of the eyebrow. Using a clean brush with a tapered tip to blend the line towards the eyebrow, and to everlasting. Thus, the line of the eyebrows to be more precise, as this method allows you to erase some inaccuracies.

Which is better: shadow or eyebrow pencil?

Virtually the same algorithm described above should be followed if you are looking for other means than it is possible to dye your eyebrows at home.

Pencil and shadow have their pros and cons. For example, a pencil is better fixed on the eyebrows, and they are easier to work with for beginners, but it is necessary to constantly practice and do not overdo the pressing. Shadows you can achieve a light tone on the brow, and a bright accent, if you put them on top of brow gel. The decisive factor is what is most convenient for you. Some of makeup techniques include pencil and eyebrow powder. Ideally, try to work with that, and with another tool and see a significant difference in service and during application of make-up.

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