How to dress full girls and women

45652277_1The most lush and charming women somehow got it into his head that they should only wear baggy and dark clothes. It is a profound mistake and chubby women in its own way very appealing and also you catch yourself admiring glances of men, like skinny. You just have to learn how to dress to accentuate the beauty that nature has endowed chubby ladies. Stop complexes, and to be like samovar women, you are incredibly beautiful, always remember that. How to dress larger women to look chic, you will learn after reading our recommendations.

How to dress full girls and women

Buy a dress with an emphasis on the waist, this will help you to enhance the beauty of the silhouette and the line of the hips and chest. Naturally choose a dress very close, the silhouette needs to be a semi-formfitting without the strips, cutting details, ruffles and corrugation. Please note that such clothing recently is Jennifer Lopez.

Sweaters and blouses must be of an elastic tissue, so they recommended your cute roundness, and no one will know about the little flaws. Those sexy sweaters fit perfectly butterball Marilyn Monroe. If you don’t want to look too «soft and fluffy», wear a leather belt and throw over a wool or tweed jacket model. The velvet fabric it is desirable to exclude, so as not to visually increase the figure. Try to buy styles classic cut and elegant lines. Avoid large shoulder pads, better stop your choice on close-fitting jackets, no large decorative details.

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To enhance the beauty of the bust and visually stretch the upper body, wear clothes with V-neckline, extending it to cleavage, thereby giving your sexuality, and spice. Undo the upper buttons on the blouse, just don’t overdo it, not to look vulgar.

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If you want to hide the fullness of hands, wear a flared sleeve. And for visual reduction of the hips, wear flared pants or skirts. This technique is used after birth Milla Jovovich, which have put on a little weight.

To create a feminine silhouette, wear a dark top light bottom. However, the lady with a pear-shaped figure, this technique is undesirable in clothing. However, butterball Beyonce successfully this recommendation neglects.

Plump women are advised to wear suits in men’s style. Although this unexpected decision, but thanks to men’s wardrobe in our memories of Marlene Dietrich stay eternally stylish and slim.

the options of clothes for fat women

Lengthen skirts, in that case, if you have full calves. If the extra volume at the ankles, wear skirts knee-length. And vertical stripes that have strojniski magical properties that will make your figure more elegant.

Chubby women need to avoid the use of sweaters, bell-bottomed jeans, too bright colors of clothes and large patterns, things not in size, not a style full women, or small and tight. And most importantly love yourself!

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