How to do pedicure at home

4-0-4Self-confidence girls consists of little things, including well-groomed and beautiful toenails. Especially this question becomes relevant in the warm season, when it comes time to replace the shoes, and wear open shoes. But to maintain their nails in order and attract the surrounding the fashionable design don’t have to be an avid visitor of beauty salons. How to do a pedicure at home will be discussed today.

Start with a few basic rules.

  1. To maintain the pedicure at home, it is recommended once a week. Of course, a lot depends on your individual circumstances: how quickly grow nails and coarse skin.
  2. Slice the nail should be as direct, to reduce the risk of ingrown nail into the skin.
  3. It is not recommended to cut the cuticle clippers. First, sharp clippers you can accidentally hurt themselves to the blood. Secondly, the more you cut the cuticles, the more abundant she then grows. Instead, move the skin of the orange stick.
  4. To cut and to cut nails you need, when feet are dry, but remove the cuticles and the rough skin of the feet with moist skin.
  5. Depending on how much time you have, a home pedicure can be stretched. Standard filing nails can be supplemented with warming tray, mask, massage and hydration of the feet. Suggest at least once a month to pamper myself for such SPA-procedures.

Pedicure at home: step by step instructions

  1. Start with a foot bath

Dial the pelvis slightly hot but comfortable water, add available ingredients: bath salt, oil, soap, cream, lemon juice, ground coffee, etc. All depends on the available items and your imagination. Poparte feet for 10 minutes.

  1. Remove corns

When you feel the skin of the feet quite wet, massage them with a pumice stone, removing the hardened layers of the epidermis. We recommend you to stock up on hot water, so your bathroom will cool down and the temperature should stay the most comfortable.

  1. Corrected the cuticle

After removal of rough skin you can do a cuticle. Remove one leg, the second let will continue to steam and «lay» in a useful solution. With the manicure spatula or stick, push the cuticle to the nail root. Excess skin can be cut with clippers, but don’t go overboard. Cut only strongly overhanging cuticle, leaving the healthy part of the nail. About removing the cuticle on the hands, see the link /udalenie-kutikulyi-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

Equipment for a pedicure at home can be supplemented with a tool to remove the cuticle. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, also greatly facilitates the task of a beautiful pedicure.

  1. Give your nails shape

Use to adjust the shape of nail scissors and a nail file abrasive 200-300 grit. As mentioned above, the curvature of a pedicure are not allowed, otherwise, grow, the nail can grow into the skin of a finger. Professionals are advised to file the nail only in one direction, but it usually takes more time than conventional sawing «back and forth».

Read also about how to file the nails on the hands and give them the desired shape.

  1. Polished nail

To give nails a natural Shine and reduce the likelihood of delamination, you should Polish very nail plate and free edge. To do this, buy batik or a soft nail file for polishing. It is believed that it is not necessary to Polish the nail more than ten touches.

  1. Nail design

Dockable result of putting on nail Polish or colorless strengthening. Recently, the popular procedure of pedicure with gel Polish or shellac. This coating lasts much longer.

  1. The final touch

After you brought marigolds right, lubricate the foot cream and apply on the cuticle special or any base (olive, peach, apricot, etc.) oil.

What you need for pedicure

The basic pedicure set includes:

  • Pumice stone;
  • Nail file to give the nail shape;
  • Batik for polishing;
  • Stick of orange wood cuticle;
  • Tweezers;
  • Scissors;
  • Sea salt;
  • Cosmetic oil;
  • Cream for the feet.

Tools for pedicure at home can be supplemented with scrub, massage Mat, professional scraper for the feet, socks for massage, etc.

Foot mask

As an example a home SPA treatment for your feet will bring you some recipes of natural masks. It is best to do at night: apply the composition on the foot, to wear the top Shoe covers or plastic bags, secured with socks.

  • Mask of blue clay

Mix the clay powder in water until mushy state and apply to feet.

  • Apple

Grate the Apple on a grater, mix with honey and olive oil, apply on the feet, focusing on rough skin.

  • A mixture of oils

Mix the olive and eucalyptus oil, massaging, apply on the feet. You can also add the knob of butter a few drops of oil of peppermint, put on your heels and trodden areas, wear socks and leave overnight. Performing this procedure every day for a couple of weeks before the bathing season, you will hit the surrounding shiny, healthy and soft heels.

That’s all tips about how to do a pedicure at home, I hope they will be useful. You are welcome to share your ideas and tips pedicure.

Stay beautiful!

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