How to do manicure at home

Neat and well-groomed nails any woman — a real decoration of her hands. Beautiful manicure can be done with his own hands, and not rely on the help of specialists. It is actually very simple. I’ll tell you how to do manicure at home by themselves.

How to do manicure at home

We must start with the fact that the shape of your nails should match with the shape of your hands. If the nails are short length, they slightly distort the shape of the hands. And very long nails, very sorry, but can break, therefore, the best length for your nails should be in the range of 3 to 5 mm.

If you often use nail Polish, liquid for removing nail Polish, your nail becomes very brittle. So, to get rid of this phenomenon, nail periodically apply a certain poultice of fatty cream has nourishing properties, making it an oil bath, as well as to do a hand massage.

Let’s look at how to do manicure at home:

So, the manicure at home you should start with what you need to wash your hands in warm water with soap. Then you need to remove the old Polish from the nail surface.

— Then you need to give the nails the desired shape. Form depends entirely on the length of the fingers and the main shape of the nail as well as your preferences. We suggest: if you have a large and wide palm, it is not necessary to do very long, so we should not use «spike». Very nice the nails, which have an oval shape. To shape the nail using the nail file. Rasp is all very carefully so as not to injure the rind side of the nail, and it did not lead to an inflammatory process. Rasp nails need from the edge to the middle. It is necessary to take into account the fact that if a brush moving back and forth, edge of your nail will be slightly rough.

After all, you need to treat the nail with a roller. This is necessary, because if you grew a very large cushion, it will complicate the process of oxygen supply to the root of the nail, therefore the nail will not get the required power and the nail will become brittle. To the skin of the nail fold was softer have your fingers in warm water with soap. After about 3 minutes, the sharp part of the blade that you use of a manicure set, you need to gently lift the edge of the skin of the nail fold, and then with a skimmer the rind is necessary to shift from the bottom up. You need to be very careful not to injure the nail, and not to make the blade tear the nail shaft. Now with the help of manicure scissors with round ends smooth movements from right to left to cut the skin of the upper part of each of the nail shaft.

— The final step is that you need to remove dirt under your nails. To remove them you must use a special bone sticks. Should not be used for this procedure, metal objects, because the sensitive part of the nail is damaged.

And finally, a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, disinfect the cut nackoney and the nail plate, after that, grease the hands and make a small massage. You can now put in order your nails.

It should also be remembered that before using the instrument should be wiped with alcohol or Cologne. In addition, you will require different markers, because the cover is wonderful all ten nails is not so simple. It is also worth to buy a pen-corrector for nail Polish, is used to remove the excess Polish in the cuticle area or skin.

A manicure at home will be incomplete, unless you apply to the nail Polish. When selecting paint, you must consider the colors of the clothing which you will walk, and the shade of lipstick, which most often use. Great if your chosen nail Polish to match the color of the stones on the rings, of course, if you wear them. For example, sapphire, ruby, amethyst look great with pink or red varnish. Emeralds, Topaz look good with varnish carrot, red. Pearls, cubic Zirconia harmonizes perfectly with any shade of varnish. There is such a universal color is white, light pink that looks great with any stone and can be perfectly combined with any clothes.

During application the Polish on the nails, the hand that holds the brush should rest an elbow on the table to brush in your hand is not shaking and not shaking.

The nails should be given the opportunity to breathe. To this end, during the application of varnish in the corners of the nails or in the nail holes need to leave small areas without varnish.

Manicure, which is done at home involves first coating the nail plate is transparent or colorless lacquer, and after using the colorful nail Polish, you can adjust the shape of the nails. If the nails are very wide, or has the shape of the blade, the paint should wear a broad band in the Central part of the nail (but in this situation the side plates of nails are not painted). If the shape of the nail is small, that outwardly she was more, each nail plate must be completely covered with lacquer, while leaving no shaded areas.

To nails were strong, did not break, did not lolis except external cosmetic procedures needs to follow a proper diet where you eat proteins, vitamins and other mineral substances — iron, phosphorus, calcium and so on.