Makeup for round face

makeup for round face photoEvery woman is an individual, with your features and face shape. Chubby girls look very cute, feminine and attractive. But, for some reason the owners of a round face shape often believe that it is their fault, not love their comely cheeks or cheekbones too wide. But, really, no problem does not exist. Every professional makeup artist knows that with makeup you can hide any imperfections and highlight its advantages.

The right makeup for a round face should be well to correct the deficiencies, and visually to simulate the face oval. Before to tell, how to paint a round face, consider some features of the shape.

The characteristic features of the round face

Before you choose a makeup, you need to determine whether your face has a rounded shape. The face is considered round, if you have the following characteristics:

  • Almost the same width and length of the face;
  • Too wide cheekbones (the massive middle part of the face);
  • Receding chin;
  • Detailed angles of the lower jaw, thereby forming itself the roundness of the face :
  • For chubby is often a characteristic turned-up nose, maybe a second chin.

To accomplish makeup for round face, you need to follow some rules and to resort to some tricks. Apply cosmetics need good lighting, because basically, correction round face is built on the play of light and shadow. Also, the main mission of makeup for chubby young ladies is underscore the prominence of the lips, forehead, eyebrows and nose to create a more textured face. In other words, you need to visually create the effect of a more correct oval of the face.

Features makeup for a round face

Any makeup should begin with the application of moisturizers to the skin. After this stage, you need to smooth the skin and disguise dark circles, inflammation, pimples and blemishes using Foundation funds.

Owners of round faces, you need to have in the Arsenal of the two toners are of different colors: natural and dark. Light shade is necessary to treat the chin, middle part of the forehead and nose. Darker Foundation should be applied on the parts that need to visually «hide», that is, on the side of the cheeks, cheekbones and temples, so you a bit visually «narrows» the contour of the face. Do not forget about working on the contours of the nose, apply a dark color you need on its sides and wings of the nose and cover the tip and a line along the length of the nose.

Performing correction of round face with makeup, remember that there should be obvious contrast between the cosmetic products of different colors, are not permissible difference more than 2 tones. In addition, the border between the two colours should be well feathered. If make-up you need for a holiday or party, to highlight the cheekbones on a round face, if you create a stronger contrast in colours.

Doing makeup for the full face, try to avoid horizontal lines, we all know that longitudinal stripes visually increase the volume, and we need, on the contrary, make it more slender.

A chubby girl interested, how to draw eyes. It should be noted that the long thin arrows for round faces are not suitable, but a neat little upturned arrows, is quite acceptable. You can choose any shade, including dark shades, but they should be applied only up eyelids, but in any case not to the side. Any horizontal direction in makeup for chubby persons need to be excluded. Dyeing eyelashes need well as pulling them up.

Another relevant question among women with this type of person, how to hide wide cheekbones. Here, professionals found simple solution. You need to apply blush in a triangle, which will start at the cheekbones and narrow to the corners of the lips. To properly define the application area and pull your cheeks and go out on the cheekbones the triangle.

The right makeup to correct the shape of the face will help you feel more confident, and your grooming and attractiveness will definitely draw the attention of others.

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