How to do makeup for brown eyes

Dark eyes always attract attention. Their owner look bright, catchy and impressive. And the right make-up can make the look even more expressive and charming. How to do makeup for brown eyes? For everyday make-up needs to accentuate the natural feline playful look by applying a few touches, and you will conquer all men, and the evening has a more rich tones. What colors to use to the maximum benefit to present their eyes what makeup to do for a variety of reasons, you will learn from this article.

Basic rules of makeup for brown eyes

Owners of brown eyes can safely use contrasting colors, while the main thing is to combine them with each other, so that the makeup does not look vulgar and tasteless. Make-up can be moderate and bright, depending on occasion, mood and taste. To look beautiful, you need to provide a smooth complexion, to properly combine colors, carefully applied cosmetics.

When creating makeup for brown eyes you can safely use eyeliner. This is the perfect tool for transformation in Eastern odalisque with tenderness and languor in the eyes, or a playful sexy beauty pin-up. Eyeliner should be applied to the eyelashes along the upper eyelid, the shape of the eyes needs to take a cat bend by lifting the outer corners. Shadows in makeup designed to emphasize the natural luster, the mysterious warmth of tone, dark depth. They must slightly adjust the lid or to highlight a specific shape of the eye.

features makeup for brown eyes

For light brown girls serve olive-brown palette. Dazzling will look great dark blue saturated color. With light skin should give preference to greenish-marine hue fuchsia, bright blue. Brunette fit silver, black, brown, Golden, dark brown shadow, and blonde – dark pink, sand, yellow, green.

Main stroke in makeup for hazel eyes is using mascara. For burning brunettes fit black, which emphasize the sensuous nature and the natural attractiveness of the view, for light blonde – brown. Mascara should be carefully paint over, as it is very important to brown eyes. Not prohibited for special occasions to use false eyelashes, which will give a more expressive makeup. And finally, a few secrets:

  • If the lower eyelid is swollen, it is not necessary to put on a reflective concealer, otherwise it will give even more volume.
  • To adjust the appearance of heavy eyelids, apply dark brown shadow in the crease and blend thoroughly.
  • Don’t forget about matching makeup case and clothes.
  • To increase the eye draw a line on the inner side of the lower eyelid white pencil.
  • To give cat eye large move lower mucosa with a black pencil.

Step-by-step master classes with photos

Beautiful makeup is an art that we must master each girl. Do not blindly follow the fashion trends from the pages of glossy magazines and fashion shows. Your goal is to create your own individual look that will fit your lifestyle and internal content. When applying makeup you need to exercise care and caution, as the owners of brown eyes are different natural brightness and effectiveness. Want to know how to do makeup for brown eyes? Follow the step-by-step master classes.

Easy day

Light day makeup is designed to enhance the beauty of brown eyes, to adjust its shape, making it more elongated, but the image should not be too bright and obtrusive. This master class you will learn how to create a daytime make-up in pencil technique with shades of brown, perfect for brown eyes. We will need:

  • shade, shade;
  • white pencil;
  • brown pencil;
  • bright, brown and brick-mustard shade;
  • blush;
  • mascara.

Easy daytime makeup for brown eyes step by step

Manual step by step makeup for brown eyes:

  • Distributed database for shadows on the upper eyelid. Under the eyebrow with a white pencil draw a light line, which will accentuate your eyebrows, making them neater. Shaded line with a brush.
  • Brown pencil do at the outer area touches.
  • Shaded hatching. Then proceed to drawing the shadows: moving from the inner to outer corner apply a light mustard and brown.
  • Shaded border gradient color of shadows. The space between upper lash fill in brown pencil, dark shadows duplicate. It turns out the similarity of the arrows, but the tip output should not be.
  • Paint eyelashes.
  • Apply the blush. If necessary, sponge paint transparent gloss or a lipstick Nodaway.


The proposed option everyday makeup for brown eyes is easy. You will be able to implement it very quickly. This pastel make-up looks smooth, relaxed and natural, perfect for daily wear. We will need:

  • shade, shade;
  • blonde, brown, black shadows;
  • bundles of artificial eyelashes;
  • mascara.

Casual makeup for brown eyes step by step

Manual step by step makeup for brown eyes:

  • Top lid cover base.
  • Duplicate mobile eyelid light shadows, outer corner apply the brown.
  • Soft fluffy brush shaded border. Black shadows darken the outer corner and shaded.
  • Closer to the outer corner glue a few eye-lashes, color mascara with their lashes. To complete the makeup on the lips apply a gloss or balm.

For prom

At the prom, you can make a reality of the most unusual solutions makeup. In this master class are encouraged to use red shadows, which look unusual, bright, noticeable, if you pick your own color, which doesn’t do look painful, and give it depth. This makeup for brown eyes fit grey, black and other dark outfits, making you a real goddess. You will need the following tools:

  • Burgundy or brown shades for eyebrows;
  • Nude, red shade;
  • red and black gel eyeliner;
  • black pencil;
  • ink;
  • Golden pigment;
  • red lipstick;
  • shade, shade;
  • blush icy hue;
  • highlighter;
  • red lipstick;
  • topovye the shadows.

Makeup for brown eyes for prom

Step-by-step makeup for brown eyes:

  • Apply a base on a movable venom, shadows flesh color under the eyebrow.
  • Prepare a eyebrow brown or maroon shades.
  • Cover mobile eyelid with red shadows, a shaded border application.
  • The base of the arrow drawn in red. It may be red lipstick, red shade, applied with a wet brush, or shadow, mixed with medium Duralin from Inglot. The tip finish with a black gel eyeliner.
  • Shaded border, red and black eyeliner.
  • Mucosa supplied with a black pencil apply mascara, select lower eyelid red shadows.
  • In the inner corner of the eye apply a Golden pigment to give your eyes.
  • Conduct contouring: the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, apply highlighter under the cheekbones – topovye the shade, on the apples – ice blush. Paint red lipstick.


In this master class, described the process of creating a delicate and romantic rose gold makeup for brown eyes for wedding. This make up pastel and light color wedding dresses. Pink color lends depth, and the arrow visually draws the eye, making it cat. Will need these tools:

  • shade, shade;
  • soft brown pencil;
  • pink matte shade, a light pink with Golden pearl, Golden and brown shadows;
  • black liquid eyeliner;
  • black ink;
  • pink lipstick.

Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Manual step by step makeup for brown eyes:

  • Apply base shadow, brown pencil draw the shape of the eye makeup from the outer corner.
  • Shaded pencil. Apply the matte pink shade.
  • On top apply a matte light pink mother-of-pearl that adds radiance.
  • Draw a black arrow, lower eyelid progressivem Golden shades.
  • Chestnut color dimmable outer corner of the century, the area of the Golden arrow on the lower eyelid.
  • Dye eyelashes and apply lipstick.


Evening makeup for brown eyes can be much brighter, richer, and darker days. In this master class uses a Burgundy-purple color. In General, the makeup is reminiscent of an Orchid flower – a stunning, beautiful, attracts attention. The lower eyelid is highlighted with a green arrow, which adds brightness to the look. You will need the following tools:

  • pale brown lip gloss;
  • black ink;
  • white pencil;
  • blush;
  • green shadows, malachite mineral loose with mother of pearl, bright, black, maroon, purple-brown;
  • shade, shade;
  • eye shadow for eyebrows.

Evening makeup for brown eyes step by step

Step by step instructions makeup for brown eyes:

  • Draw the eyebrow shadows.
  • Apply a base under shadows.
  • Fill in the mobile eyelid light shadows, purple-maroon and brown make a gradient to the saturated color turned out at the outer corner.
  • Emphasize the lash line with a black arrow.
  • To draw on the lower eyelid colored arrow to proceed as follows: draw a white pencil arrow to add to her green shade, in the area of the arrow on the lower eyelid apply the malachite mineral.
  • Corner of the eye on the upper eyelid dimmable black shadows, deep colors add the malachite mineral.
  • Paint eyelashes, apply blush, podkashivaet lip gloss.

Smoky ice

Smoky eyes done in a blue color, very eye-catching and easy to brown eyes. It gives the look of languor, expressiveness, depth, adjusting the form under the amygdala. Makeup you will need:

  • matte blue, light brown, dark brown shade;
  • white pencil;
  • eyebrow powder;
  • brown liquid eyeliner;
  • black ink;
  • pale brown or caramel lipstick.

Smokey ice for brown eyes step by step

Step-by-step makeup for brown eyes:

  • Draw the edge of the shadows. Apply white color on the mobile eyelid, shaded with a brush of synthetics.
  • On the eyelid apply a matte blue shadow, shaded from the inner corner of the border is light brown, and dark brown, extending to the temple.
  • Draw arrow brown liquid.
  • Paint eyelashes. Draw an arrow on the lower eyelid with a white pencil, in the lower area apply brown shadow. Fasten these shadow arrows, shaded border.
  • Lipstick.


If you are fond of the East, or do you just like the mystique of this land, his girls, then this master class you will be interested in. Makeup Arabic motifs involves the use of saturated bright colors, so the look gives a very expressive and noticeable. This make not intended for daily wear, it is suitable for New Year themed photo shoot. We will need:

  • shade, shade;
  • eyebrow powder;
  • black mascara;
  • turquoise eyeliner;
  • green-emerald, gold, pearl, light shimmering shadow;
  • the black eyeliner.

Arabic makeup for brown eyes step by step

Manual step by step makeup for brown eyes:

  • Apply a base under shadows. Emerald turquoise pencil holding the upper eyelid, the lower to the middle. Deduce the arrow in the direction of the tail of the eyebrows, draw the line slightly above the crease bone.
  • Green-emerald shaded eye shadow pencil in the crease, upper and lower eyelid.
  • The emerald pencil, draw a line along the lower lash, progressivem mucosa, fixed emerald shadows.
  • All mobile eyelid filled with gold shadow slightly beyond the crease.
  • Apply pearl shadow underneath the eyebrow. Bright shimmering shaded all transitions.
  • Draw the eyebrows.
  • Eyeliner draw the arrow at the top.
  • Paint eyelashes and lips.

Makeup for different hair color

Well-executed makeover will benefit any of the fair sex. Graceful make, which will emphasize the beauty of the face, create a memorable image of the whole art. In addition to the color of the eyes, toning out the makeup palette is also influenced by the color of the hair. How to paint a redhead, blonde and brunette? You will find it out further.

For blondes

To emphasize brown eyes blonde it is better to use warm brown tones. To add expressiveness iris, stop on blue. Perfect dark chocolate, black, brown, gray eyeliner. For such a color combination is better to use neutral shades for lips and pink blush. A thin layer of bronzer will help to give expressiveness to the features.

For brunettes

For brunettes field for experimentation in make-up is much broader than women of other hair colors. Safely give preference to rich, deep shades of eye shadow warm colors. Stop your attention on the color of chocolate, coffee, mocha, or other natural. The presence of glowing particles in shadows will give the look more depth. To create an image of a mysterious femme ladies, prefer dark blue, plum, Golden pink, herbal, Burgundy colors. For lips, choose shades of berry, wine, coffee, and cheek-bones – brown-pink blush.

For redheads

For redheads with brown eyes girl looks great in almost any shade. Try to experiment with colors bravely using unusual combinations like emerald, orange, plum. Be sure to use eyeliner or pencil dark brown, brown-black to give the eyes expressiveness. It is better to use brown shades of mascara.

Video: how to do summer makeup for every day

Summer makeup is the emphasis on freshness and naturalness. It should emphasize the natural beauty of brown eyes, not to Shine with all colors of the rainbow. Makeup at this time requires careful preparation of the skin. Choose waterproof mascara, lipstick, replace the moisturizing Shine. To understand how to make a fresh summer makeup brown-eyed, view the following video. From it you pocherpnete all the necessary secrets and rules of applying make-up for the hot season.

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