How to apply makeup

how to apply makeupEvery girl at some point in life wants to learn to make beautiful makeup. You can go the easy route and enroll in courses make-up, but this option may not be suitable for a number of reasons: high cost, the need to drive to the Studio or home to the master, and maybe in your community, and absent such a service. You can learn how to do makeup at home if I stock up a sufficient amount of time and will use our advice.

Getting started

Some think before to apply makeup on the face, do not need any training. This is absolutely not true. An important condition for beautifully makeup – clean skin. Ideally you should regularly care for the skin, making masks, scrubs, it’s a special gel and never falling asleep with the skin, free of makeup. If you do not, start to slowly care for the skin: for example, in the morning wipe it with a ice cube from the decoction of chamomile, and in the evening wash your face with a cleanser according to your skin type. Gradually pamper my skin more and more, because with age its natural protective functions are weakened, and good appearance requires perseverance and work on our part.

So, how to properly apply makeup, clean face cleanser. Even if you think that «you slept when you would have time to get dirty», remember that the skin constantly produces the sebum, and if you put makeup on a raw face, the pores will become clogged, and the minimum that you face is pimples, acne, fragile make-up and groomed appearance.


The sequence of applying makeup on the face is not without moisture. If you plan to use concealer or thick Foundation, you know that they pull moisture away from the skin and leave only the colored pigment, and thereby is achieved a smooth complexion. To protect your skin from dryness, use a cream that suits your skin type. It can be in the form of an aqueous gel, which blends well with oily skin. For oily and normal will suit light day cream, and for dry cream oil based.

It is best not to RUB the cream into the skin, and nail it in with fingers, you stimulate the circulation and will not stretch the skin.

Give extra attention to the skin around the eyes, it requires a special tool created for this zone.

If you are concerned about not only the beautiful makeup at home, but the condition of your skin for a lifetime, pick a cream with SPF-factor, especially in the warmer seasons! Even if you don’t see the sun from the window, the UV exposure during the daytime is inevitable, so better to anticipate and protect skin from signs of aging.

After applying the cream, wait until it is absorbed.

Makeup base

Base, Foundation, primer are all names for the same funds. They make the skin more smooth, which is beneficial to the subsequent application of Foundation. The database may not have color and be white as the cream, you can adjust the color of your skin or have a colored tint: for example, blue hide a bad sunburn, green-based takes away the red inflammation.

Before you apply Foundation makeup to choose it correctly based on your skin type and your needs. If you have a fairly even complexion by nature, is quite suitable and regular white primer.

Do not have to put base every day, count how you want to have proof makeup. He is to stay good throughout the day, without the base just will not do and light make-up for a walk, you can run without it.

The complexion

Smooth complexion is one key to the success of the makeup. You might think that the main thing in the make-up is eyes or lips, but if the face of inflammation are present, the capillaries, the bruises, you see, the impression won’t be the same.

So what’s next in the order of applying makeup on the face we consider makeup.

How to do makeupWhen there was only cream with a dense texture, whose main function is to align the complexion and conceal even apparent faults. Its drawbacks are that the leather «not breathing», so that is not very suitable for the summer.

But the cosmetic world is looking for new ways how to put on makeup, and was developed by BB and CC cream different from BB cream a light texture and composition, rich useful for skin care compounds.

CC-cream is able to hide the flaws (it is called Colour Correction – color correction) often has a SPF factor which is very important in the modern world and is aimed at a specific beneficial effect on the skin, for example, with anti-aging effect.

BB cream is lighter, it is not so easy to cover up shortcomings in the form of pimples or bruises, but the tone quality is very convenient.

The color palette BB and CC creams less than the tonal resources, and some products can even adjust the color of your skin.

In any case, before you learn to paint, pay attention to these products.

Corrector (concealer)

Point to remove (or rather hide from prying eyes the flaws on your face will help these two tools. How do they differ, the more we talked in another article, but briefly mention here.

Concealer can have a wide range of colors, including blue, yellow, pink, green, etc. Each color is designed to overlap the particular lack or stress value (for example, cheekbones). Concealer also matched to the color of the face, it has a firmer texture than the Foundation, but if your face is clearly visible spots better to handle them overrides the color and the top has to apply liquid Foundation.

Having blemishes such as acne, age spots, bruises and bags under the eyes, it is impossible to learn how to do makeup correctly without having to master the technique of applying consilierul and proofreaders. How to use a proofreader read the link /konsiler-i-korrektor-dlya-litsa hotel/


How to apply makeupAfter you have aligned the tone of the face and camouflaged spot the flaws, the result should fix powder. In the market there are powders not only different colors but also different texture. White mineral powder, for example, is designed to create the lightest matte veil on your skin, you will not get thick make-up and not burden the person, and this is very important if you want not only beautiful makeup, but also comfortable to wear it throughout the day.

The contours

So you have bleach out face, made him color even, and the surface is almost perfect. This process can be compared to art, so you are now a blank canvas.

The face is of uniform color looks boring. It’s time to give it a nice contour. To make the makeup itself, not necessarily to use the full range of contouring, according to which almost covered the entire face with concealer. It is sufficient to emphasize cheekbones brown or even grey shade. This will make the face visually more slender and curved. To correctly capture the position of the cheekbones, add lips, and emphasize formed depression.

Using contouring you can adjust the shape of the nose, forehead, oval face, etc. the answer to the question, how to do face makeup, just can’t fit in one article. Follow the fashion trends and make-up artists, experiment and improve their technique of makeup.

The first thing you need to know about contouring:

  • Dark color visually reduces the volume and creates shade, light – on the contrary, visually expands the space;
  • Should not be left with no clear lines between light and dark. Good shade border, otherwise you will look like an Indian or Papuan.
  • Do not overdo it with contouring. It is suitable for star TV, models or brides, but in everyday life too much makeup often looks ridiculous.

Except for brown, use on top of working on the contours of the pink blush. To apply them follows the dimples of the cheeks just above your cheekbones. This will give the face a fresh and rested appearance.

Shine on the face

Fashion trend in makeup is to use shimmers / highlighters – brilliant vysotnaya funds. To apply them should be at the top of the cheekbones, in the corner of the eye and on the upper folds of the lips. However, this remedy is not for everyone! Girls who don’t know how to makeup, may face this error. First, the highlighter can highlight the fact that you have oily skin. Secondly, with wide-set eyes, the inner corner is dim, and especially not to emphasize the bright color. Third, consider the structure of your face, age and the highlighter is suitable to you specifically.


A very important part of the face is the eyebrows. To date, nicely decorated eyebrows almost more important than properly painted eyes. So your brows always look beautiful, consider the following tips:

  • Don’t pluck to the strings. It is no longer relevant and it looks ridiculous. Read the article «How beautifully and correctly to tweeze».
  • Pick it up more in the hairs of the eyebrows upwards. This will create a lifting effect, and the whole face visual also tends to rise, and thus looks a bit younger and fit.
  • Down eyebrow color in tone (or darker tone) color of your hair.
  • Fix the hairs with gel or wax for eyebrows.
  • Regularly tweeze eyebrows and pick the best form.

About eyebrows can speak a lot longer, but if you want to know how to paint face for a start and that’s enough.

Interesting to read:

«How to dye your eyebrows with henna at home»


Choosing eye makeup look for:

  • The reason for the exit. Day makeup is less bright and more relaxed than formal and festive. Sometimes it is enough just to draw the eyelashes, and in the evening already, add a dark eyeliner and shadow. Brightly painted eyes will look ridiculous in the morning, unless you go to a photo shoot.
  • Your color type. Selection of color cosmetic products should be based on the color of hair, eyes and skin. It is a «science», learn more about it, you can read our other articles.
  • The color of the clothes. This is not the main factor, but before how to apply makeup at home, should think about what you will wear. A beautiful image can not be compiled if you snatched the first thing that fell out of the closet.
  • Your attitude. Is this not the main condition for good makeup: you must like and fit the mood today!

For the eye makeup, there are a huge number of techniques. Start to develop them with Smokey eyes — a classic evening make-up.

On other techniques, see the articles:

  • Easy everyday eye makeup
  • Evening eye makeup


Task how to apply makeup to the lips, is often underestimated. Had her lipstick all ready, do you think? Actually no.

First you need to treat lip scrub to remove peeling. Then apply moisturizer, wait 5-10 minutes and remove excess with a tissue. The next step is to emphasize the contour lip pencil, smudge it and then apply on top of lipstick or lip gloss. More detail about these steps, see the link /sovetyi-po-makiyazhu-gub/

But few learn to paint, it is important to know one immutable rule: the emphasis in the makeup on either lips or eyes. If you have brightly painted eyes, lips should apply a Nude or transparent shade. But if lips are bright, the eyes don’t distract attention.

Of course, the art of makeup can be trying to master forever, but the information that we have presented in this article, you should be enough to make up beautifully at home.

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