How to do laminating hair gelatin at home

gelatin lamination of hairEvery woman spends a lot of time and money to make hair silky, voluminous and shiny. To achieve the desired, despite the efforts and diligence, is not always. That is why the procedure lamination hair instantly gained popularity among the fair sex. Without doubts and questions about the nature of the procedure and potential problems, of course, has not done. Is it harmful lamination of hair and how effective this procedure is, try to understand.

So, first about how safe the procedure. The weight composition for lamination is absolutely safe, does not cause allergic reactions. But it is only in the case that it is quality. Brand have certificates of quality laminating adhesive is composed of bio-complexes, which make the hair healthy from the inside out. The film, which covers the hair fashionistas, do not miss harmful external factors, allows the hair to breathe and retains them longer moisture and nutrients. Make absolutely logical conclusion that the lamination process useful. Harm can apply the low quality and lack of professionalism of the wizard.

How long does the lamination of hair?

homemade lamination hair with gelatin before and after photos

The effect of lamination hair is maintained from 3 to 6 weeks. Repeat the procedure after 3 weeks, early just doesn’t make sense. Regarding the frequency and number of treatments no restrictions. Glut impossible, because the hair absorbs only the amount of the composition that they need.

Sometimes it happens that after the first lamination result disappears much faster. This can only happen to those women whose hair is severely damaged or have too porous a surface. After Wellness treatments everything will be fine and the effect after lamination will hold the allotted time.

The pros and cons

As You have already noticed, the procedure is good, it is absolutely harmless. Why do sound negative statements about laminate? Maybe it’s not safe for pregnant women? It turns out, is absolutely safe, the laminate is composed of herbal extracts and proteins that nourish the hair. Many future moms are faced with the problem of dullness and lifelessness of the hair, arising from changes in the body. Therefore, laminating pregnant women need even more than any other.

in this photo, the effect of lamination hair

Some women who, after a few treatments I stopped doing laminating, claim that hair is dull and dry. Better get used to it, These women had to break the habit of hair to treatments and, of course, didn’t like it. Lamination is a cosmetic procedure that is valid for a certain time. Without repetition, the hair acquires original appearance.

One minus is still seen – lamination should only do those who have weak hair, dry and lifeless. To owners of thick hair with a dense structure, the so-called Asian type, the procedure is not recommended. In this case, it will not look good. Yes to anything she is one of those lucky.

Another disadvantage of the lamination of hair — the cost of the procedure. While it’s a bit pricey, especially with the use of quality tools. In the previous article we looked at what are the funds for lamination hair /media-dlya-domashnego-laminirovaniya-hair

Homemade lamination hair

To do the procedure at home – you will significantly reduce the cost. But here we must exercise caution and clarity of mind, because you can spoil the hair.

Lamination of hair at home can be done with the help of professional masks for lamination of hair. These products are sold in specialized stores for professional hairdressers. Very popular recently and lamination hair with gelatin. But, first look at how this is done using professional masks:

  1. Hair must first be washed with a special shampoo, which cleans them from dust, dirt, grease and residues of other means. After washing your hair to dry.
  2. Mask lamination of hair apply on them is distributed evenly along the entire length.
  3. Hair covered with cling film or a plastic bag. In this form, they need to dry for 30 minutes. 5 minutes dry – 5 minutes break, and then repeated.
  4. The film is removed, the mask is washed off from the hair. After that, they need to be treated with a conditioner and again rinse thoroughly.

How to do laminating hair gelatin?

Many do not believe that this procedure is able to compete with that made by the professional at the salon. A very good reason. Advantages this method has.

  1. All doctors in one voice say that the gelatin has a huge number of collagen. He is responsible for the beauty and youthfulness of the skin and hair. Gelatin should be consumed orally in the form of water and jelly. External aid gelatin can benefit. Laminating hair gelatin is not only cosmetic, but also health, as in this product, the collagen is absorbed perfectly by the hair.
  2. Gelatin lamination of hair you can do at every hair wash. Hair will be grateful.
  3. The cost is ridiculous. A pack of gelatine is worth a penny in the shops. Of the hair after homemade lamination hair with gelatin is just gorgeous.


lamination of hair at home gelatin

Those who has already tried for this method, and speak of it only enthusiastically. So, homemade lamination hair with gelatin, the recipe is incredibly simple.

1 tbsp gelatin 0, 5 tbsp any hair masks and 3 tbsp of warm water. That’s all we need. First you need to soak gelatin in water until dissolved. Then added the hair and everything is mixed. Weight is applied on washed and slightly dried hair, evenly distributed over the entire length. Zamatyvaem head with polyethylene, top, towel and dry with Hairdryer for 15 minutes. The lamination of hair at home by gelatin took place. You only have to wash a lot, nothing else to do.

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