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Women beauty is power! Not scary at all, according to the common phrase, and the magic that devours men. It has many components among the mandatory items will be facial makeover using makeup to lady of any age become more beautiful. To master the correct technique of applying makeup is simple, if you use a step-by-step instructions and makeup: Foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blush. Step by step learn how to do face makeup step by step.

The basic rules of applying makeup

The process of creating a harmonious image requires training, not only theoretical. Practical step to avoid common pitfalls, will be the choice of colors of eye shadow and lipstick that suit you, and do not represent a modern fashion trend. Skin tone, hair, eye color, shape of eyebrows, lips, face – all of it will have to consider before you start applying makeup.

Preparation of basis

First you have to prepare is to choose database and cleanse the skin, then it makes sense to begin to master. Without training grounds not to do if you want to achieve an even complexion. Choose a tinted moisturizer better slightly darker than the skin tone, and ideally there should be two brighter and darker to adjust the selected area. Do not forget that all Foundation funds are divided into two categories:

  • water-based (washed with water);
  • oil-based (washed with special means for make-up remover).

Step-by-step makeup lesson face from photo

But step-by-step makeup lesson face pictures will not begin with applying Foundation, and that makes the face clean and fresh. Following a paragraph-by-paragraph, do not neglect the recommendations that are proven in a phased makeup application. This will help to create flawless makeup and will make you irresistible, that effectively, because the search with a description of each stage will not have to waste time. Compactly about the main and the most informative are the advantages of step-by-step tutorial for those who are looking for a meaningful answer to the question: how to make a stylish makeover?

The cleansing of facial skin

The cleansing of facial skin

Behind the training grounds at the preliminary stage is followed by skin cleansing. This procedure is compulsory in the regular skin care. When you create a beautiful image it is also impossible to exclude: before applying makeup the skin needs to be cleaned. Only one caveat don’t forget: before applying makeup, avoid using moisturizers for skin care. If the skin is properly prepared, the likelihood of trouble will be minimized.

Applying concealers

how to apply concealer

When the previous step is completed, it is time to proceed to the main, and to begin a phased makeup face have with applying the base. Even tone or correction of some areas help to make the skin smooth, attractive, hide flaws, including rashes or bumps. Ideally, if the makeup together with Foundation are:

  • Concealer to disguise dark circles under the eyes.
  • Concealer helps to hide the imperfections.
  • Highlighter visiteuse areas of the skin.
  • Bronze powder, visually darkens the skin.

Masking tools are applied before using Foundation. Base applied with a latex sponge, evenly distributing a small amount in the forehead, eyes, nose, cheekbones, near the mouth, on the chin. To avoid the mask effect will help rastushevyvaet on the hairline, do not forget the neck. To visually correct the face, visualaudio tool or concealer of a light shade, apply on the nose, the area between the nose and upper lip and chin. While cheekbones will darken with applying tone bronzerat.

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow shaping

The second step when applying makeup on the face — the eyebrows. They attract attention no less than the eye, so it is important to care for them, to keep fit, while maintaining naturalness. To correct the shape of eyebrows when applying makeup use a pencil or shadow. They help visually increase the density or change the shape, eyebrow tint, and not to draw them. The shape of the eyebrows should match with the type of your face to balance it and give it symmetry. Professionals recommend girls to adhere to the following rules:

  • Broken eyebrow or house, when the line goes down at an angle, fit the ladies with round face shape. To visually pull it out or make is narrow, it is recommended that the eyebrow line to make a little shorter.
  • Rounded eyebrows will be suitable for those with a square face type. Soft makeup will give a slightly curved brow, straight eyebrows will look no less expressive and feminine.
  • A smooth curve with a slightly raised line is a perfect option for those who have a face shape close to the triangle. The average length of the eyebrows smooth out the proportions, balancing the bottom face and the top.
  • On the straight shape of the eyebrows should pay attention to the girls with rectangular face shape.
  • Eyebrows any shape you can safely choose the winner of the oval face shapes — from classical to straight curved.

Eye makeup

How to do eye makeup

Creating a beautiful image involves the use of eye-shadow, pencil, liner, mascara. The real magic when using makeup to make the color accent on the eyes and attract attention. A variety of options determines how the selection of cosmetics — only the shadows are matte, dry, cream, sequins and preferences or future events.

So as not to destroy the effort, when choosing eye shadow should be based on the color of the eye, this factor will define the basic palette. Professionals do not advise to choose shadows that match the iris of the eye, to avoid the opposite effect of makeup. The use of shading is to emphasize the expressiveness or to give depth to the eyes, not discolor it.

  • Owner gray eyes can use when applying makeup on the eyelids and any eyeshadow color. An important role for them to play the skin tone, and if it’s warm tones, the choice is better to stop on the same panel: Golden, bronze and sand shade. For cool skin tones suit blue, blue, green, turquoise and purple shades of flowers.
  • Brown-eyed ladies facial makeup, it is recommended to opt for a combination of beige — brown, pink-lilac colors and grayscale tones.
  • Owners of blue eyes suit shades such as silver, sky blue, bronze, chocolate and terracotta.
  • For green-eyed ideal makeup palette will look like this: white, pearl or silver, green or olive, peach or beige, pink or chocolate shades of eye shadow.

To give a fresh and visually enlarge the eyes help light shades, while dark accents and help adjust the shape. With the same purpose used the eyeliner and a pencil, and a finishing touch at the stage of eye makeup – the application of Tushino eyelashes. Depending on the desired effect it is applied in a single layer when it comes to everyday makeup, or in 2-3 layers, leaving a small amount of time to dry, when it is necessary to make the evening makeup. Opting newdetails or waterproof mascara will be determined by the preferences or situation.

Cheeks and lips

Apply the lipstick and blush on the cheekbones

In the final stages of applying makeup attention should be paid to the cheeks and lips. Blush will help to adjust and to emphasize the cheekbones, the perfect, if they coincide in meaning with lipstick or lighter. A broad brush, flowing movement and a small amount of blusher — that’s the simple secret to successfully applying makeup to the cheekbones.

This is followed by the lips, which complete the gradual application of makeup. To preserve the natural line, or to increase the form — it is in the power of the lip pencil, which is used before the lipstick and have to match her tone. They should define the lip line or slightly to expand it before using a special brush, apply the lipstick. So she stayed longer and did more juicy lip, lipstick is best applied in two layers, in between lightly blotting the first layer of cloth. The face makeup is completed in stages.

Video: Master-class to implement the makeover in stages

As a good example of how to gradually apply makeup on the face, will serve as videos from a master class. The advice of a professional makeup artist, accompanying each stage, help to make the process more easy and simple, and visuals demonstrates the result to which you aspire. Even beginners can quickly master the secrets regarding make-up in stages to create a beautiful image. With the recommendations of the professional to master this art is to always look irresistible and well-groomed, can every woman, if her goal is to be beautiful!

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