Wraps with blue clay

wrap the blue clay slimmingDue to the wide range of action, the blue clay is effectively used in cosmetology for many years. Especially popular are the wraps with blue clay. Clay body wrap for weight loss been used, available and effective method of struggle for a slender figure. Blue clay as an environmentally friendly natural substance has virtually no contraindications. Despite the wide range of care products for body, blue clay and wrap it in a huge popularity until now. Reviews say that the blue clay, and it wraps with blue Recipes wraps with blue clayclay effectively fights cellulite. Anti-cellulite body wrap with blue clay you can apply on your own at home. Clay is sold in a regular pharmacy or store cosmetics.

The composition of the clay and its benefits

Composed of blue clay a lot of nutrients — magnesium, potassium, iron, rhodium, calcium, nitrogen and others. However, the wraps against cellulite with effective clay in the first place, due to the presence of silicon, restoring connective tissues, making our skin smooth and elastic.

Recipes wraps with blue clay

Wraps with blue clay against celluliteTo enhance the effect, you can use wraps with blue clay for weight loss using various essential oils or other active substances. For instance, clay wraps and cinnamon, which enhances the skin tone. Or wrap with clay and mustard, which significantly increases elasticity of the skin. Thus the anti-cellulite clay wraps have a ton of different recipes. Course clay wraps cellulite usually consists of 10-12 sessions at intervals of 2-3 days. For body wraps for weight loss with clay goes both blue and black. Wraps with black clay of great help in the fight against overweight and are considered to be the most rapidly effective in the fight against cellulite.

The stages of the procedure wraps with clay at home

wrap the blue clay slimmingBefore beginning the procedure wraps the skin need to steam, just hot water. Then clean with a scrub or washcloth. After that you can dilute the clay with water, the consistency of the resulting mass should be similar to sour cream. Smear the problem areas, wrap the body with cling film. The time depends on the effect you wish to obtain. To obtain the skin taut enough 20 minutes. Used blue clay for weight loss as wraps must remain on the skin for at least 50-60 minutes. After the procedure simply wash off the clay with warm water.

Clay body wrap’s effectiveness has only positive reviews.

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