Newspaper manicure at home

newspaper manicure photoWhat nails do not make fashionista to stand out from the crowd and to cheer yourself up. Sometimes the nail design can be compared to a work of art so difficult and detailed everything looks. However, not all interesting ideas are so complex in practice. And today we will prove it by telling you how to make a newspaper manicure at home in 10 minutes.

The necessary fixtures and appliances

  • Colorless varnish for base and fastening pattern; performing
  • The lacquer of the basic tone;
  • Newspaper;
  • Liquid nail Polish remover (rubbing alcohol or vodka);
  • Glass;
  • Tweezers, which will be convenient to hold the newspaper.

The principle of the manicure by a newspaper is not much different from children’s iron-on transfer labels with Hubba Bubba. Here is the sequence of actions:

  1. Prepare everything you need: select from the newspaper the areas that you would like to transfer to the nail. Cut 10 pieces of paper larger than your nail. Alcohol or means for removal of varnish, pour in a convenient container of small volume, for example, a glass or a saucer.
  2. Apply on nails colored lacquer. As the color of the letters in the paper dark, in order to do a newspaper manicure, it is better to use light background.
  3. Take one prepared piece of paper, place it in a solution of alcohol or means for removing makeup, holding with tweezers. Hold in the glass for a few minutes.
  4. Pulling out a piece of paper from fluid, attach to nail the pattern down, that is, the desired text should be reflected in the nails.
  5. Her fingers smooth the paper on the nail plate, gently poprinimat and clap to the pattern as clearly as possible went on the nail. Attention is needed to ensure that the paper is not moved, otherwise the figure will float.
  6. Using 10 seconds, this page remove the paper from the nail, prying with tweezers.
  7. Fix the result with varnish.
  8. A manicure with a newspaper at home ready!

What else you need to know about the newspaper manicure

In addition, the nails can transfer black-and-white newspaper text, it is worth noting that the color constraints no no: color details are also printed on the nails.

Glossy paper is more difficult to transfer to the nails. But if you have a laser printer, you can print any desired pattern and in the same sequence to translate it to the nails.

How to make a newspaper manicure at home

Someone standard dark text on a light background may seem boring. But flight of fancy is not limited to this. Using newspaper print nails at home, you can make many compositions:

  • Manicure with ripped paper

If you want the letters and numbers randomly dancing on your nails, tear the newspaper into small pieces, remember some fragments and put the pattern on the nails. In this case, to do a manicure with a newspaper slightly longer, but the result can be interesting.

  • Manicure with maps

You dream of travel, but did not manage to escape from the house? Materialize your dreams with the help of this manicure: it is enough to get tucked home an Atlas or map. Manual picture does not differ from how to do a manicure with a newspaper

  • A handy cheat sheet

This manicure can really help out in the exam or writing a test. Print out all the necessary formulas and place them on the nails. The main thing – not to get confused, and don’t forget to take a nail Polish remover to erase the beauty before going to answer.

As you can see, from the newspaper manicure at home takes very little time, but looks very unusual and original!

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