Beautiful manicure on short nails

09New technologies allowed to increase beautiful nails by artificial means, and many girls believe that beautiful and fashionable manicure is only possible on long nails. No need to categorically make a beautiful manicure on short nails it’s possible. Especially now that the fashion hit of the season, just short nails. Also many ladies long nails bring inconvenience, because of the profession or after birth. And once one nail breaks, you have to cut all the nails and get upset about it. So having short nails, practical and convenient, and how to make them cool manicure, you’ll see.

Beautiful manicure on short nails photosFirst of all, don’t forget to take care of their nails. It is desirable to prepare them with a glass nail file, so as not to injure the plates. The nails do not exfoliate, do not apply immediately after a bath. Before you can make a beautiful manicure on short nails, gently remove the cuticle, that they might receive a well-groomed appearance and visually lengthened.

Make nail shape is a classic oval. Even visually lengthen your nails and to reduce too wide, you can paint dark varnish only the middle, and the edges leaving a light lacquer. A similar effect of lengthening can be done by drawing vertical lines or stretched images. If your nail shape is not perfect, it is necessary to apply a patterned pictures. Cut nails very short and can be too to round out the edges of your nails.

How to do a manicure

So, first wash your hands and rinse the remnants of the old nail Polish with a special liquid, and start.

How to make a manicure the mostFirst you need to give the nail shape. Manicure scissors to cut your nails to the desired length, you can then start sawing. Just do not forget that to prepare nails need before making the bath, not after. Podpilivaya first the sides, then gradually from the edge to the middle of the semicircle. Give your nails an oval shape, although the choice is always yours. Then polished with a nail file the nails must be sanded for high-quality varnish. Only without fanaticism, otherwise Estancia plate nails, and they will be brittle.

After that, it was time for baths. In soap to wet hands within 15 minutes, DAB the hands with a tissue and apply a tool to remove the cuticle. If not, RUB in a cuticle almond or apricot oil and dip your hands in a bath for nails for a couple minutes. Then you can start to remove the cuticle and burrs. Take a spatula and move the skin on the nails. Then gently remove it with special pliers. And burrs can be removed with small forceps. Disinfect your hands after this procedure.

After treatment, massage with nourishing cream hands, mimicking the donning and removal of gloves. Now degrease the nail plate and you are ready to start to do a manicure at home.

So, how to do a manicure at home. Perfect for nails of any length look translucent and neutral tones. For example, pearl, pink, beige, with the addition of mother of pearl. As these tones are quite small, they smoothly and make less noticeable errors of nails. The average length of the nails is better to use bright colors, in a short length should not be vulgar. If you apply a bright nail Polish, first apply Foundation, to avoid yellowing. First the varnish is applied to the center of the nail, and then laterally. After applying the first layer, let it dry thoroughly and then apply a second coat. Then secure the «drying» to ensure persistent protection of nails and Shine. That’s it, your good manicure is ready.

View several videos that show how to do manicure at home:

How to make beautiful manicure at home is told in this video:

Usually a French manicure, or another jacket, is not so popular. However, it has already become the most classic and as relevant as a few years ago. French manicure on short nails or scythe jacket looks pretty good. Will not work only the moon manicure, it differs from the French because the accent is made on the basis of the nail, not the tip. Recommended for a beautiful manicure on short nails use paints dark and bright colors, perhaps even in conjunction with sequins. Bright and clear advise not to use. But if already painted her nails bright varnish, be sure to make a contrasting picture. It is not recommended to apply a horizontal strip or cross large pictures, it is noticeable visually make your nails are short and wide. A huge variety of lacquer shades provide you with the Foundation for the realization of any imagination for a beautiful manicure on short nails.

How to do a manicure on short nails shown in this video

And it shows how to do French manicure on short nails

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