How to determine ring size. Measurements of finger

how to determine ring sizeVery often as a gift, we received the ring, especially from persons of the opposite sex. But happens and so that the second half is wrong with the size of the ring. How to determine ring size, so any gift was a dream come true and happiness?

It is important to remember that each person has a different finger size, respectively, and the size of the ring too. The mistaken belief that slim people need to have small finger size, and Vice versa, and full of great people. In each individual case the size of the finger is determined only from the man himself.

How to determine ring size?

Ring size will help to determine a straight line from the two sides of the fingers. This is measured by the volume of the desired finger on the paper drawn the circle, between the opposite sides of the circle a line is drawn and measured. Any dimension is in millimeters. To determine the ring size by diameter is easier and more efficient. Usually results in a distance of 16, 5 or 18, 5 mm. the resulting figure is the size of the ring.

How to determine ring size on your finger? You can take an existing ring, measure its diameter, the resulting figure will be the size of a thumb holder ring. This method is very convenient for those who want to make a surprise in the form of a ring. It is important that the old ring was the person in time, in this case the embarrassment of the surprise will not happen.

How to determine the size of the ring to the girl. As a rule, the smallest ring size is 13, 5 mm, but these rings are more suitable for children because of their very small diameter and an adult, you will not be able to pull even on the little finger. The average size of the rings of the girls varies from 15, 5 to 18 mm, 5 mm. If You want to make a gift in the form of a ring for a young girl, the exact finger size you can ask parents or close friends of girls.

How to determine ring size at home? To do this, take the thin thread, clasp it right your finger to mark where converge the ends. Centimetres then measuring the resulting line segment and divide it into 3, 14 (thus determined by the diameter of the circle). The resulting Number should be rounded to the nearest tenth, the result is the size of the finger, and thus the size of the ring.

In some cases, you can know ring size size clothes. Matching the size of the rings and clothing sizes may not be accurate, it’s only approximate results. So, if the label clothing label S is observed, the ring size will be equal to 15, 5 — 16, 9mm, M — 16, 5 — 17, 5; L — 17, 5 — 18, 5; XL — 18, 5 — 19, 5 mm.

There is also American size rings. It is calculated according to the table of correspondence sizes in different countries.

If You picked up the wrong ring size, in this case, it is possible to reduce the size of the ring? Of course, it is no effort, if this go to the jewelry shop. To reduce the size of the ring You will be able within a short time. Remember the big to do a little a lot easier than, conversely, from a small — large.

It is important to note that the size of the fingers for the ring you want to measure in the middle of the day. Usually in the morning after a person has sleep still stiff limbs, and in the evening, already swollen. It is not recommended to measure the fingers in some cases:

  • During menstruation.
  • After sports activities.
  • In cold or hot weather.
  • With a nervous condition.
  • At elevated body temperature.

Ring size to find out only if you pre-measure the finger. When deciding how to choose the ring size you need with a precision of millimeters to measure all the lines. It is important to remember that the slightest deviation from finger size will adversely affect the purchased ring.

How to measure ring size

How to measure your finger size for rings we have described above. Now let’s talk about how to choose ring size.

Some points which should be taken into account in determining ring size:

  • People who have fat fingers, you should measure not only the diameter at the base of the finger, but the diameter of the joints. Sometimes it happens so that the joint is much wider than the base of the finger. If this is not taken into account, the wrong ring on this finger will not fit.
  • The same applies to the owners of thin and long fingers. As a pattern, the joint they have wider of the place, which it is customary to wear the ring.

What sizes of rings correspond to reality?

In some people, the finger sizes on the right and left hand are significantly different, usually the difference is on offers half the size, less the size. So before you buy a ring, you need to think about which hand and which finger You will wear the ring. Only after that calculate the size of future purchase.

If You have the choice of what ring to choose, we recommend staying on the larger size, because if desired, it can be reduced, but with the smaller ring to do more is unlikely to succeed.

Currently, many jewelry stores have moved to the Western form of payment. If we are accustomed to hear of measurement, type, ring size 16, 5 or the size of the finger 18, 5. Western measurement differ significantly, and instead of the usual numbers, we see: ring size 6 or 8. How to translate unusual figures more acceptable measurements?

Consider the most common examples:

  • 6 the size of the ring is what? By American standards this figure is translated into 16, 5 — 17 ring size according to the usual calculations.
  • Ring size 7 corresponds to 17, 5 — 18 size.
  • Ring size 8 is how much? If translated into familiar numbers, you get 18 — 18, 5 ring size.

the ring size table: USA and RussiaSize chart rings in the United States, Russia

If You are in doubt, whether correctly determine your finger size or ring, it is easier to go to a jewelry shop or jewelry store and ask the professionals to help You. More difficult is the case when You want to present a gift in the form of a ring and the finger size is unknown. In this case, it will have to go to the trick and any way to find out what size of ring the recipient of the gift. You can pick up the ring visually, but in this case it is necessary to agree in advance with the seller about a possible exchange of jewelry. When you purchase definitely need to keep the receipt, and even better to write down a receipt. If the ring will not fit, then with the given set of documents could easily be exchanged for a similar ring, but already the right size.

We recommend you to read the article «On what finger and how to properly wear the ring.»

Frequently rings are passed down from generation to generation. In this case, it is not recommended to change the size of a hereditary ring, and wear it on that finger, the amount of which will correspond to the size of the ring.

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