How to get rid of or disguise a Hickey from

How to remove a HickeySome lovers specially leave your partner a Hickey on the skin as a sign of passion. But what if you don’t want, anybody else seen this trace of love, or if you were generally against such a imprint on my skin. There are actually several ways to quickly remove Hickey on neck, and below we share them.

If you have not had to face such a manifestation of passion, and you don’t know, looks like a Hickey, it’s easiest to describe it as round or oval bruise with red dots. And well as usual a bruise from hitting a Hickey at first is red, then goes to blue, and finally becomes brown.

Little tricks

If you have no time, passionately must not deduce, and correctly to disguise or hide. After all, how long does a Hickey, depending on its intensity, skin and many other factors, but even under the best-case scenario, a Hickey will not come off with the skin before a couple of days.

  1. A scarf or shawl

For girls the answer to the question, how to hide a Hickey on your neck, can become a stylish solution and an additional highlight of your image. Tie a scarf around your neck and make sure that the fabric hides a Hickey at any angle. Browse the most popular methods of tying a scarf on the neck of the link /kak-zavyazat-sharf-na-shee/

  1. Sweater

A sweater with a throat, of course, is not relevant to the warm season, but in winter, you don’t even have to resort to methods how to hide a Hickey, you will make the maximum closed clothes.

  1. High collar shirts

Another little trick that will help you hide even the most prominent Hickey on his neck.

  1. Cosmetics

You can try to cover up the Hickey with Foundation and powder. This should pick up the tone lighter than your own skin. This method can work perfectly for hours, for longer periods of time large risk that the makeup will begin to fade.

  1. Band-aid

The question how to quickly get rid of a Hickey sometimes bothers not only women but also men. If you disguise a Hickey on the neck the easiest way for them to stick on top of a band-aid and say all curious about the fact that I cut myself during shaving. Girls this trick is also suitable, but should show a little more imagination: you might have burned during styling Curling iron, or you scratched the cat friends, your options are also welcome!

  1. Solarium

If you own at least one extra day in order to disguise the Hickey, try to go to the Solarium and a little browned my skin. On a tanned body, a Hickey will stand out less.

  1. Collar Trench

For those who are ready to decide on quite drastic measures, we recommend you to look at the collars to treat neck. Of course, in this case, you will have to spend a certain amount and come up with a story of why the lock appeared around the neck, but even the closest people will be easy to refuse to demonstrate his neck.

If you still have some amount of time of free time, before you hide a Hickey, try to list it using drugstore or household products.

Medical techniques

All ointments intended for the treatment of bruises and getting rid of the hematoma, now you need better than ever.

  1. Badyaga

The most popular and effective tool is badyaga (or concoctions). It is sold in pharmacies in the form of gel or powder. It is believed that the powder works better, and it costs less.

Before how to quickly get rid of a Hickey on the neck, dilute the powder with boiled water to a pulp, or cream. Then apply to the bruise (i.e. passionately) for 15-20 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of your skin and rinse with water. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 hours.

The pain stimulates blood circulation, resulting in hematoma quicker.

  1. Iodine

To get rid of a Hickey on the neck or chest will help old-fashioned way: iodine mesh. Of course, before leaving the house to do, but here at night to leave quite useful. Be careful when applying iodine, so as not to burn the skin.

  1. Lioton
  2. Troxevasin
  3. Artisinal
  4. Venator

All of these funds have approximately the same mechanism of action that allows you to quickly remove a Hickey on your neck. They reduce inflammation and accelerate blood circulation, resulting in less blood stagnates in the damaged place and a Hickey heal faster.

Before you bring the suck with the use of these funds, carefully read the instructions and contraindications.

Folk secrets

What to do if the pharmacy to go is not an option, and passionately of the urgent need to get rid of? Come to the aid of the advice of traditional medicine, which is based on products that are in almost every home.

  1. Ice – first aid

Immediately after applying or receiving the Hickey, apply to the affected place ice or something cold, so as quickly to bring the suck only «in hot pursuit».

However, due to the fact that most remain hickeys on the neck or chest, there is a risk anything yourself to get cold. Try not to keep long icy objects near the lymph nodes located under the jaw.

  1. Garlic/Onion

Another effective method of how to remove a Hickey in the home, you will need garlic. Cut him into pieces and RUB the Hickey for several minutes. Repeat with convenient intervals, but ensure that the skin did not appear painful sensations, to avoid irritation of the skin. Garlic can be replaced by onions. Of the downsides of this procedure note an unpleasant odor, which may persist over time.

  1. Toothpaste

This tool certainly can be found in every home, and cope with the problem of how to reduce a Hickey, it’s not worse than the specialized ointments. Apply toothpaste on the bruise and massage even better to use a toothbrush. RUB her skin for a while and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

  1. Potatoes/cabbage

These two vegetables are at their best in solving the problems of the skin. Potatoes should be cut into slices or grate it and add to saasu for a while (about 15-20 minutes until the potatoes will not darken). Cabbage leaf needs to be chopped with a knife, not cutting, but only to the juices start to release, add to the bruise and fix with a bandage or scarf.

  1. Aloe

Time, how much is a Hickey can be reduced significantly, if you have an aloe plant. The juice and pulp from its leaves has anti-inflammatory and healing effect. To attach the leaves of aloe to the skin several times a day to accelerate healing.

  1. Plantain

Another plant that traditional medicine heals the inflamed areas of the skin is plantain. It is best if you will have the opportunity to win this grass in places that are remote from the carriageway, after growing along the road the plantain has lost some of its valuable properties. Chop the leaf to give the juice and apply throughout the day to bruises.

  1. Soda

Plain baking soda also can reduce the period and how many days it is passionately. Dilute it with boiling water in a slurry and apply to the skin. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water and make a soothing poultice of boiled or raw potatoes.

  1. Massage

Another way to disperse the blood and stimulate the removal of Hickey is a soft massage. You can combine it with any of the above recipes, or use your regular moisturizer and massage from the passionately throughout the day.

How long is Hickey?

If untreated, a Hickey in the same way as any other bruise goes through 5-14 days. If you are doing certain actions for a speedy recovery period can be shortened even up to two days!

Some girls managed to eliminate the Hickey and in a few hours, but much depends on skin type and depth of the bruise.

Why do men put the hickeys girls: as a proof of love, not to be glued to the other Boyfriends or simply a fit of passion, remains unclear. But now you know how when you need to withdraw quickly from the skin that bruise, and that means Hickey can decide with your partner the next time.

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