How to make oblique bangs

how to cut diagonal bangsGirls and women of all ages are experiencing a desire to change the image and add zest to your appearance. A great solution to this issue is the side bangs. This is a less radical change in comparison with a straight fringe or a haircut all hair, but cut or altered bangs just will not remain unnoticed by others. How to cut diagonal bangs yourself, and how to choose concrete form, let’s talk today.

What you need to know before cutting

The first thing you need to do before you cut oblique bangs, choose the length and shape bangs. And it must be done without looking at the neighbor or the star of the TV screen, and starting from your face shape. In a previous article we already told you how to choose bangs based on your own data, but also think about this below. Yet, we start from the idea that you are already sure that you want to change in your image.

Second, you need to arm yourself with a sharp scissor, flat comb, a large mirror and bright, preferably natural light. Ragged bangs will also require thinning scissors.

how to cut bangs oblique

Another important point: to cut the bangs better on wet hair, so the cut will be more clear and easier for you to cut it exactly hair. But once the hair dries, they will become a little shorter, it must be considered when adjusting the length of the bangs.

No matter whether you imagine an elongated oblique bangs or very short, we do not recommend to cut from a large piece of hair. Cut off 1-2 inches and watch whether you like what comes out. So it will be easier to correct the flaws during the process.

Instructions on how to cut bangs diagonally

  1. Wash the head or just the bangs with shampoo.
  2. Remove excess water from hair with a towel and give them a little dry without a Hairdryer.
  3. Comb the hair.
  4. Make a side parting, if you cut the bangs first time. If you already have one, parting there must be.
  5. Select a strand on his forehead, which is a potential bangs. The rest of the hair kill it or put it in the tail. Received a strand of hair clamped between the fingers should resemble a triangle.
  6. Hold between forefinger and middle finger of the Central strand is almost at the roots and slide your fingers almost to the tips of the hair. Keep them under the same angle at which you want to see your bangs diagonally. When you reach the desired length, cut with scissors the excess area.

For obtaining side-swept bangs with a clear straight edge guide the scissors along the cutting line, i.e. parallel to the fingers that hold the lock.

Torn oblique bangs provide uneven ends, to receive them you need to hold the scissors perpendicular to your fingers, and cut the hair along every few millimetres. Much easier to do using scissors for thinning out.

  1. After you have worked for the Central strand as a whole, divide it into sections, e.g. two or three parts, and then align the tips of each strand separately. Pinch the strand between your fingers and head scissors the same way as described above.
  2. Dry the bangs with a round comb and Hairdryer. Dried hair is still a little trim.

How to choose oblique bangs for yourself?

We are all different, therefore can not be a single of the standard hairstyle for all. First and foremost, you need to choose the bangs based on the shape of your face to accentuate your best side.

In the most favorable situation are the holders of oval and rectangular face shapes, you can choose any bangs, whether long or short straight oblique bangs, milled with ragged ends or perfectly smooth.

If your face type is closer to a triangular shape, then it is better to choose classic bangs to the side, for example, one that will from the crown down to one of the cheekbones. Thus, it is possible to balance angular facial proportions.

If your face is of type «square», it is better to stay for a shorter version of bangs. You good layered bangs to the eyebrows, and preferably it is not milling.

Besides face shapes, when choosing the best haircut, you need to consider your overall appearance. If you are a romantic person, who chooses a feminine and classic suits, blouses, shirts, ruffles, hats and skirts, then definitely you will have to face side-swept bangs for long hair or smooth flat bangs.

Women, leading active way of life, is in constant motion, prefer a comfortable and practical style of dress, you should choose the bangs which is easier to look after. So better to give preference ragged bangs to the side or milled the forehead to the eyebrows or slightly above them.

If you have a good idea of what result you want to obtain, you can put it into practice yourself or in a salon Barber shop, if I can’t determine the length, thickness or shape of the bangs, maybe the stylist can give you helpful advice, do not be afraid to try something new, otherwise you will never know if one or the other hairstyle.

Haircuts with bangs oblique

Bangs diagonally suitable short, medium and long hair. It adds femininity and playfulness. If you prefer to wear long curls, it is best to look long hairstyle long hair cut with oblique parting. If desired, it can be nice to stab sideways or up, and can be left to fall carelessly over his forehead.

Caret which has already become a classic feminine look, goes well with oblique bangs. In this case, a long angle Bang can almost merge with the line of the caret, and the short angle out of the middle of the forehead. Another option haircuts with side bangs are when the bangs and the longest part of the hair, the remaining hair is trimmed under the caret or Bob.

Styling bangs oblique

Not enough beautiful and right to cut off his trailing bangs, it is important to take care of her and beautiful place to give to your image completeness.

Option 1: straighten

The same as straight bangs with elongation at the sides, side-swept bangs looks nice, if its just to straighten. However, you shouldn’t do bangs very straight and flat, it is better to tighten it a little inside to my forehead using hot straighteners or round comb and Hairdryer.

Option 2: use the lock

This method of hairstyles with side bangs is particularly relevant if you plan to take her during the day and don’t want the hair lose its original appearance. Just say that to use a lot of gel, wax or hairspray is not necessary, otherwise the hair will seem dirty or heavy. Apply locking agent in a small amount on the hair and then comb them. More apply locks at the tips than at the roots.

Option 3: rebellion

Regrown bangs with extension sides can be transformed into a beautiful formal hairstyle. Make a side parting, collecting the most part of bangs to one side. Make the bangs behind the ear and kill it so that it lay nicely on my forehead, and took most of its surface. The rest of the hair raise up and make a high ponytail, a neat bun or just curl it with a Curling iron to create curls.

Option 4: divide

Bangs on the sides of the face can be done with direct and oblique shearing or form. The essence of the styling is to create scenes with bangs, that is, dividing it into two parts. But to the bangs lay in this position, you must first make a smooth parting or a scythe. Depending on this, your hair will be divided into equal or asymmetrical halves. Then you need to comb the two halves of the bangs and style them with a neutralizing solution.

Equally beautiful side bangs for long hair and short, it all depends on your character and what way you want to try. Experiment with different hairstyles, selection of bangs and leave your stories and tips in the comments.

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