How to cook cucumber lotion at home?

How to cook cucumber lotion at home?

Of course, nature is able to give us all the essential components that are ideal in order to help us to preserve your youth and beauty. One such component may be a cucumber, which contains a vast amount of nutrients that are very effective for your skin.

Cucumber lotions that you can cook yourself, will be as useful for your skin, as purchased in the store or pharmacy products. This lotion contains a huge number of different nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, and even some acids, including coffee, which can reduce puffiness around the eyes and ridding you of dark circles. This tool is ideal for oily skin, because it can reduce your enlarged pores.

How to cook cucumber lotion at home?

This is due to the fact that the pH of the cucumber and our skin are very similar, they also contain a large amount of water. So you can from the cucumber to cook several types of cucumber lotion, which can be suitable for any skin type. This lotion is also recommended in order to cure the skin from sunburn, to lighten the skin, reduce inflammation and increase skin elasticity.

In addition to the main component in the form of cucumber juice, lotion can be added other ingredients that are required for the epidermal layer. To help you in this components such as honey, mint, witch hazel, rose water, various fruit juices and aloe Vera gel.

To prepare cucumber lotion at home is very simple. Some types of this lotion does not even require rinsing, but some should be kept on the skin for some time, then rinse with cool water.

Toning and cleansing lotion

The composition of this lotion will be:

1.The juice of three cucumbers.

2.Rose water or a decoction of witch hazel.

3.Sterile utensils.

In cucumber juice, you need to add rose water or a decoction of witch hazel. The resulting mixture should be poured into a glass bottle or jar. This lotion can be stored in the refrigerator for four days.

Lotion for problem and oily skin

To prepare this lotion you will need:

1.Puree six small cucumbers.

2.Egg yolk, mashed with a spoon of honey.

3.Rose water – 100 gr.

4.Alcohol – 50g.

All the ingredients must tchatelno mix well, pour into a closed utensil and hold it in a dark place for four to five days. After that this lotion should strain and use if necessary within two weeks.

This means the active components are vitamin C and vitamin B1, as well as proteolytic enzymes and ascorbic acid oxidase.

Rejuvenating and moisturizing lotion

To prepare this lotion you will need:

1.100 g of cucumber juice

2.50 g of aloe Vera gel

3.50 g of rose water

You should all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and pour into a clean container. Wipe the skin of face and neck with this lotion every day.

To give a bit of freshness, add to this lotion watermelon juice, but in order to squirm from pigmentation – lemon juice.

You will also be able to come up with recipes such lotions. It is particularly important this homemade cosmetics store. Stored it in a sealed container made of dark glass, because it will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Also protect the products from contact with sunlight. As a natural preservative can use tocopherol, that is vitamin E.

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