How to cleanse your face

Everyone wants to have smooth and clean skin. For this you need to properly care and clean it daily. Constantly debate about the most efficient method of cleaning the skin.

What is better to clean the face: wash with water or using special tonics, creams and milks? It is believed that the contact with water and applying soap dries the skin.

Let us investigate this issue. Soap is a product of chemically-perfumes manufactured through chemical reactions. The process of interaction of alkali and fat, resulting in soap. Despite the fact that soap can be in liquid form or in the form of a solid substance is all the same product. has an alkaline reaction.

Frequent use of soap is dry skin and makes the skin more prone to microbial infection. Washed off the protective shell that has an acidic pH environment. This opens a free access for infection and can also cause irritation, skin peeling.

In the soap often contain synthetic additives flavorings and colorings that can cause allergic reactions. Some natural ingredients that can be part of an expensive soap (honey, propolis, herbal teas or rose water), can also cause allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to test the soap to make sure the brand suits your skin.

With delicate and sensitive skin is better to use soap, which is labeled «for sensitive skin». All cosmetic products and soap in particular, must be chosen depending on the skin type. The main rule is to preserve the purity and freshness of the skin is a mandatory cleansing before bedtime.

It is necessary to remove the remnants of makeup and allows the skin to breathe freely at night.

Depending on skin type, the cleansing procedure consists of the following steps:

-the morning wash with plain water without soap;

for dry skin the application of special means in the form of milk or cream;

-oily skin better to clean with the help of gel oil free;

-for normal skin cleaning agents in the form of gel, mousse, foam or emulsion.

Do not forget about this kind of deep cleansing of the skin, like peeling.

There are all kinds of scrubs, composed of various components. You must correctly choose for themselves the appropriate scrub.

The procedure of cleaning the skin with peeling is carried out:

-for oily skin 1 time per three days;

-normal skin requires exfoliation once a week 1;

-dry skin should be peeling, not more than twice a month.

In this overly zealous and activateit and stretch the skin should be avoided.

A means for peeling should be applied with fingertips, gently rubbing. After peeling the skin should remain visible traces of redness or irritation of the skin. Regularly clean the dead skin particles and to feel that your skin shines and glow like a baby.

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