How to choose the right style of clothing

How to choose your style in clothingTo always look irresistible, you need to choose the right style of clothing. But in order to do this, you need to consider some nuances. This is the shape of the figure, figure, color of hair and eyes, skin color. With the help of clothes can highlight their strengths, or hide the excess. How to pick the right clothes for the figure written in this article.

If you want to make your body slimmer, you need to choose clothes dark green, black or dark blue colors. To make the figure slimmer can clothes blue, purple and green-blue color.

How to choose the right style of clothingTo find your style in clothes, you need to pay attention to some very important details. When you choose clothes, pay attention to the fabric. She should keep good form, don’t have a crush. That’s good advice, no need to wear clothes made of transparent or translucent fabric.

If your feet have a great shape then you need to choose the pants that begin to expand from the hip, then you will be removed visually the completeness of the legs. But we should not wear tight pants, they make your feet more fully.

No need to wear oversized things, they make your figure look fuller, it’s not pretty.

In fashion always keep the first space suits, jackets. But clutches it is better to wear slightly open, it makes the figure slender. Don’t need to wear jackets with a bright pattern, with some stripes. Well, if you can’t choose a style, then you should turn to classical things.

You have low growth, use long clothes. The color should not have horizontal or vertical strips, the color should not be a major figure. Shoes, in that case, you need to choose on the heel.

If you have a large growth, choose clothes with large and colorful patterns, vertical or transverse bands. Choose wide straps and collars. The length of the clothes you need to choose, using a mirror. Here we have a little experiment.

To choose a suitable style, do not always need professional help, you can often do this themselves. To stand in front of the mirror to try on lots of clothes to choose different colors and choose the right style of clothes for yourself.

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