Choose a business suit

female dress in business styleA very common and relevant question modern ladies how to dress for work in the office, school or government Department, not to lose the feminine and charming image. Usually the status of a business woman depends on business dress and business suit women, according to customers of many firms. The working atmosphere is creating a business suit with a vest or jacket with dress. So, let us look at the correct choice of a business suit for women.

photo business pant suitsAll know that little purchases such as suits, trousers and coats should be done at the beginning of the season when stores have a large selection of different styles, colors and sizes. It is desirable to prepare in advance for shopping, choose a day to wear decent underwear, comfortable clothes, do makeup and grab the shoes you plan to wear a business suit. Don’t forget to bring good mood and to have the company of a close friend. However, a business suit should like, first of all, you.

How to choose a business suit

  • First of all, a woman should know what she wants to achieve with some help from business clothes. There are situations when women need to look older to be more trust of customers. For this reason, you should decide what visual age will need for your planned result. Then you need to choose the color suitable to your personality and favorites of age. Business lady in years, long ago determined the best option for his style, usually is a classic business suit in subdued colors. Agree, this style can be followed with great pleasure.
  • Now let’s talk about color. It is important to buy business clothes the color that fits the contours of a shape, color, coloring, personality and lifestyle of a business lady. Otherwise you risk to look like someone else dressed exactly the wrong shoulder. By the color of their skin, hair and eyes you can define the color color. It can be dark pastel type, or bright pastel type, warm or cold, rich or pale pastel types. There is a perception that in the wardrobe of stylish business women should be dark blue, brown, gray and color camel wool. It is believed that these colors enhance the trust of customers. light suit for a business meeting
  • The best fabric option for business women’s suit is a lightweight wool with a small percentage of artificial fibers. Quality wool retains its shape, holds the heat and cold and is much longer than other natural fabrics.
  • Learn how to determine the quality. Pleasant to the touch fabric is pretty high quality. Remember it in your hand, feel the rough cloth or a soft, long it remains wrinkled after compression or immediately straightens. Check the seams of the suit, the quality of the lining, it is separated from the underlying tissue. If not, it may lead to cancellation of the flaws after cleaning. Thread color should not be different, they can be contrasting. the peculiarities of selection of business clothing
  • Note the pockets, they should be free of wrinkles and smooth lines. And buttons it is better to select leather, bone, or covered with cloth. Broken threads in loops is absolutely unacceptable. Not to bother, and should lie flat on the suit lapels and the edges of the collar. Cells and figures on the seams must match the accuracy. Eliminate the plastic zone to a business suit. Choose braided or leather belt, or dress material.
  • Walk right to the fitting of the costume that you liked. Start again to try on a blazer or jacket if it will fit you awful, skirt or pants to be measured is not worth it. You should see in the mirror the whole figure, and even better, if you will be surrounded by mirrors so you can see yourself from all sides. What matters is that the costume didn’t bulge, not his neck, not hanging loose and not too snug.

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