How to choose lipstick color

In makeup the bulk of the attention women pay lips, but don’t always know how to choose the right lipstick color, structure and density. Which should be guided by the rules of professionals and true statements about the universality of the red?

The basic rules for choosing

Shades of lipsticks

How to choose the color of lipstick right? The most important parameter, which advise to focus makeup artists, this color type. However, forget about the word «summer», «autumn», etc., because in its pure form, this definition can only be 1 girl out of 20. Much more important correctly to set its temperature, contrast and depth of natural colors. There are a few General rules that adjust the base:

  • Age. A teenage girl is better to choose the most natural shades, in the tone of your own lips or 1-2 shades darker. Mature woman recommended calm palette of deep color.
  • The condition of the skin. The brighter the makeup, the more it will emphasize all the inflammation and redness, so when available it is better to choose light, subtle shades.
  • The condition of the lips. Is also an important parameter, because dry, bitten, flaky any bright or matte lipstick will be portrayed in a bad light, so they should either result in a perfect condition, or cover, bright translucent color.
  • The features of the face. The main role is played by the lower part of the face: small narrow chin and small lips need to give up dark tones. The amount it is advisable to emphasize pearl texture – leave them thin lips.
  • Relevance. Makeup is self – expression, but the limit etiquette and social norms. In the office with a strict dress code at school is permissible only Nude, natural shades. For a walk with friends or for a celebration you can «walk» the bright lipstick.
  • Matching colors and textures: the darker the shade, the less Shine. Bright glossy lipstick is good for the evening, but unwanted in the morning – it is better to wear matte. Light (peach, Nude) look more attractive with at least a satin finish.

How to choose lipstick

Makeup for brunettes

As for the main rules of choosing the perfect color and texture, it is based on the analysis of your color type. It includes 3 parameters, of which is the Central color of the hair as the most obvious color spots in the image. How to choose lipstick color for red hair or brown hair? What burning brunettes and delicate blondes? To answer these questions you first need to measure the temperature.


Girls with jet-black web of hair are the easiest: they are often cold, because black implies the absence of additional pigments. In addition, it automatically puts in the appearance of a dark spot, so brunettes can pick out any shades of fuchsia, purple, wine, cherry, plum. Perfect lipstick has a rich color and a blue home base: if you RUB the product on hand, it will give the crimson pigment.


Makeup for blondes

Owner blond hair are often characterized by low contrast and the overall brightness of other areas: eyebrows, eyelashes, skin, eyes. Lipstick for blondes, if it is picked up for daily use, also should not be bright: recommended peach, marshmallow pink, flesh tone. Before an evening out, on the contrary, should choose a pure color: red is a play on the contrast with blond hair.


Lip color redhead

The rarest color, if we take into account only natural, and causes the most issues when creating a makeup. How to pick the perfect lipstick color for red hair? Start from the richness of their colour, but always to take a warm: red, orange, terracotta, caramel. From cool pink tones should be totally rejected – they do looks painful.

Brown hair

Those women have the appearance of soft, the hair appears grey or can have a light Golden hue. Selection of color lipstick will depend on potona Rus: when gold and how any warm palette elements in the ash of any cold. For an evening out you can take light berry (as if diluted with milk), raspberry, Burgundy. Better if it was translucent and not dense lipstick. For everyday use fit the peach and strawberry shades.

How to choose lipstick

Hair color is one of the main but not the only factor in the choice of lipstick, especially because it only specifies its possible shade, but says nothing about texture. To get a complete picture you need to take into account several parts: skin tone, eye color and traits of the lower face. How not to get lost and make the right choice?

Skin tone

A girl with dark skin

First, an important role plays the temperature. Take a look at your wrist: go to the purple/lilac veins – symptom cold skin tone, leaving in the green warm. Secondly, the lighter the skin, the lighter the shade of lipstick and Vice versa. There is an exception: pale, perfect skin look amazing vibrant bright colors: red, orange.

How to choose a lipstick color? This effect is achieved the product is not the lightest shade of Foundation, and the native pigment. All dairy and flesh colors are good and do not look like «putty» only with Celtic/Nordic skin type. Owners of sun, albeit the minimum, we need more bright colors, such as beige-pink.

Eye color

Is only important for determining the temperature as the last decisive factor in the inability to install it on hair and skin. Green and amber-brown are warm, blue, blue, gray and dark brown – cold. While the greens and the blue on the contrast enhance lipstick fuchsia, deep brown eyes set off the Burgundy, plum. Red universal and will work with everything, so red lipstick for brunettes with brown eyes or blonde with blue is always a win-win solution.

The shape of the lips

Pick up the lipstick properly – so take into account the structure of the face. Visual increase and mitigate thin, small lips with sharp lines contribute to the glossy texture and bright color gradients from the periphery to the center. To highlight the beautiful shape, you can use any bright color. Plump lips will not be very conspicuous if they put a matte texture or a dark color.

The choice of color of lipstick

Girl paints her lips

Even if you know what undertone you need, how bright shall be your perfect lipstick, what texture to choose the best, there are still many questions. One of the main – who is the red lipstick? But this shade almost nothing was said, and he attracts the most attention, is considered a classic. The following are the basic elements of the palette lipsticks with key features and tips from the pros:

  • Pink is present in almost all shades, because it is the closest to the natural pigment of the lips of each girl. Delicate, light, just sits better on blondes and light-skinned girls with grey or blue eyes.
  • Peach – a natural, but for owners the warm appearance with Golden or red glints in her hair, yellow undertone skin. Freshens, eliminates fatigue on the face, recommended for women of elegant age, but not necessarily in high-gloss or pearlescent texture.
  • Coral is a mixture of the previous shades, so it adapts to any temperature. The perfect lipstick for summer, tanned skin, because it blends with the tan.
  • Red is suitable for everybody. This pigment is present in each colour from carrot-orange to Burgundy, not only reigns everywhere. Shades of red lipstick matched just: raspberry-red – for cold exterior, coral red for warm. The darker the color of the hair and skin, the more red can go in Burgundy or plum. The only thing we must not forget that this is the most demanding color and any blemish in appearance he immediately enhance several times.
  • Beige is also among the natural shades are neutral, universal, if you matched the exact color of your lips. The texture is better to prefer a satin or glossy, so as not to focus on the skin texture. Cool shades of beige are dangerous because they accentuate fatigue, circles under the eyes. Warm can increase the discoloration of tooth enamel.
  • Brown is a very controversial choice units. Recommended brown-eyed girls with dark skin and dark hair, is absolutely prohibited under the pale skin as it will make her earthy-gray.

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