What hairstyle will suit your face shape?

How to pick the right haircut to the faceTo choose hairstyles every woman usually fits quite carefully and deliberately. So, coming to the hairdresser girls, feel a slight experience, whether hear all the wishes of her master, she’ll love the end result, and her face is her new haircut? All these questions torment the woman during the long wait. Well, unfortunately, for the professionalism of the master, we can’t answer, but we can tell in detail how to determine your face shape and choose a hairstyle, based on their individual characteristics and traits. After reviewing all the possible nuances and correct ways of selection of hairstyle, the woman will be able to clearly answer in any way it sees itself, and what hairstyle correctly accentuate its unique image of themselves a beautiful and bright detail of appearance. But, everything in order.

Face types and hairstyles to them

Before you can create the most unique style and unique image, you need to carefully analyze your appearance in the mirror and determine what your face shape, features and areas I would like to emphasize, and what it was not superfluous to hide.

How to find the right hairstyle depending on the shape of the face

To determine your face shape, inherent to you, consider the characteristic features of each of the varieties of types of individuals:

  • «Oval». As a rule, has an elongated shape, highlights the cheekbones, forehead or slightly more in width than the chin. This subtype is characteristic of the rounded and flowing lines of the facial contour. This type of person is the classic and proper, hairstyles for oval faces are selected the easiest.
  • Rectangle. The representatives of this type, the face is rather elongated, and the width of the forehead, cheeks and chin is about the same size, or the difference between these three areas are not much different.
  • A «square». This type is common for those who have a face width approximately equal to its height, and too wide lower jaw part rather sharply contrasting with the narrow forehead.
  • «Triangle» ( or heart-shaped). This form is often found among Slavic girls. A characteristic feature is narrowed (spicy) small chin and wide cheekbones, in this regard, formed a rather clumsy contour lines, resembling the shape of a triangle.
  • «The circle». Do chubby ladies, length and face width are approximately equal, the cheeks are quite broad, but the transition from them to the chin is delineated rounded, smooth lines.
  • «The diamond». Is quite rare type, its shape resembles a rhombus, that is, the forehead and very narrow chin, and cheekbones at the same time significantly expanded.
  • Form of «pear». Also refers to a rather rare type of person. Such characteristic of visually heavy lower face (cheeks and lower jaw), but a narrow frontal area and a Fontanelle.

What type of person what type of bangs is suitable, read the article at the link /kak-pravilno-podbrat-chelku/

Thus, to choose a hairstyle for face shape, you should take into account all available proportional to the breach face. Hair should be how to visually adjust the type face and the head shape more correct.

Hairstyles for oval faces

Because the oval shape is considered the most correct and typical face special restrictions when choosing a hairstyle does not exist. But, if there is still a small error in the proportions, it is possible visually to resolve it.

For example, it should be understood that smooth hair with a straight parting is not suitable for girls with a narrowed brow. Or haircut for a big forehead it should preferably include a straight or side bangs.

If the form is oval, rather elongated, it is better to give preference extended haircuts and bangs. In this case, that would look really elongated quads with raised hairs at the roots.

Hairstyles for oval face will look good with a fringe and without it, it all depends on the natural hair, their density and type. The same applies to length. Valinomycin women can wear hair of any length, from short to spit on the belt. There are plenty of hairstyles for oval faces medium hair you can create voluminous cascade and any multi-layer hair, the Bob, straight or elongated caresco etc. easily choose the original and stylish haircut, you to any length.

Hairstyle for rectangular face

If your the type of person refers to «rectangular», then choosing a haircut, to go from a large volume to the roots at the crown, otherwise you risk to emphasize the excessive length of the face. Also, haircut for rectangular face should not be too open, highlighting his angular cheekbones.

Many women are ashamed of their rectangular faces, considering it too obvious and rude. However, many women skillfully turns to emphasize your natural features through an open hairstyle and it looks very aristocratic. Take even the famous representative of this form of angelina Jolie, she never tries to smooth over the hard and smooth edges of your face with hair or makeup, eventually gets in a daring, moderately romantic, drama. But then again, everything is very individual. It is better to ask the opinion of the master.

If you do not want to risk, choose among win-win options. You definitely fit such a hairstyle for a rectangular face, as graded ladder, all kinds of layered hairstyles, long bangs, long in front hair, which will visually soften the lower contour of the face.

Women with this face shape, it is best to make a slash or ragged bangs. You can and will focus on the semi-circular forehead. But smooth and short bangs are best forgotten so you just select all the clumsy proportions of the face.

Hairstyles for square face type

Wishes to the haircut for face type «square» are not particularly different from those proposed for rectangular shapes, the main task is to hide or to smooth the angular lines and transitions.

To further highlight the expressiveness and clarity of existing lines, and to visually extend and narrow face should avoid sharp geometric lines, this reason is not:

  • To cut straight and short bangs;
  • Clear and smooth the length of the chin;
  • To make a too short haircut, they would be appropriate, if only to complement her fine, soft strands frame the face and give the image of tenderness and sensuality.

Choosing a haircut for big faces, give preference to medium-length hair, and a scythe, and a light fringe.

Hairstyles for diamond shaped faces

The main task that must be performed by haircut for diamond shaped faces is the reduction of the width of the cheekbones, the extra length of the face and balance the narrower chin. In this case, you need to focus on the amount of forehead and chin, that is, try to abandon the «sleek» haircuts and those who have no hair on the neck and chin. So try to forget the too short haircuts without bangs. Hairstyles with hair stacked up you may also not be suitable, since visually they will further lengthen the face.

The perfect choice would be «torn» haircut with oblique bangs and a side parting. Very feminine look will add any options with the curly hair and elongated chin up front strands or bangs. Remember, smooth and short bangs and sleek top definitely not your option.

Haircuts for pear face

The master should know what hairstyle will suit women with a massive chin and a small forehead and what hairstyle is best to talk her out of it.

So the first rule is: do not focus in the area of the cheekbones and chin, that is, there should not be a large amount of hair, body better to make the top. Otherwise, the chin will be more difficult. Too short and smooth at the roots of haircuts are also best avoided. A great option for you would be any layered haircut with volume on top, haircut like an elongated Bob, ladder with oblique elongated bangs that will balance the upper and lower part of the face.

If you want beautiful to collect hair and open face, do a high volume bun. Most importantly, do not gather the hair tight and highly not smooth, this will only accentuate the bottom part. Make a small bouffant or add volume to the bun, let a few strands, so visually, you will create an oval silhouette of a head.

Haircut for wide face

Many women are embarrassed by their wide face shapes, and it is in vain. This is not a reason to abandon a stylish and contemporary hairstyle, it is important to know how to choose a hairstyle to face to visually narrow the contours of the face or specific part of it.

For example, if you do not want more round your face, avoid any extra hair volume in the cheeks. And in General, you should avoid any clear horizontal contours (smooth bangs, exactly cut or quads). Visually pull the face will help the torn strands of the cheeks, or, for example, cascade, which starts below the cheekbones. To soften the face will help small curls or large curls and beautiful bangs fall to the side.

In addition to proper hairstyles for wide faces women can correct your face shape with hair coloring. For example, highlighting or coloring strands around the face will help to visually hide too wide limits.

Selection haircuts face shape is a science with its own rules, nuances and taboos. But, in addition, that with hairstyles that you need to create the correct proportions of the head and face, it is necessary to individually take into account other needs. The most common of them is to conceal a high or wide forehead.

Choosing a haircut for a big forehead, well, if it will be extended thinned, torn, oblique or asymmetrical bangs. The only thing you should not choose a too short flat bangs that will draw attention to themselves. Creating hairstyles for a wide forehead, do not forget about all sorts of ancillary accessories, such as headbands, hats, ribbon and bows.

Making a haircut for low forehead, ask your master to make you lush, airy, not very long bangs, which cleverly hide the low line of hair growth. The most important thing to prevent the most catastrophic error is not «to lick» and to slick your hair back, leaving the forehead open. A small and short forehead will brosat in this case, the eye in the first place.

To determine face shapes and hairstyles for them, can any high-class hair stylist. But, to pick out a haircut you can own, besides there are so many resources where you can gain knowledge on this issue and even try on his particular hair with the help of the program or application. We hope our article was useful to you, and you were able to glean from it the important points when you choose a harmonious way.


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