How to choose a headpiece to coat

which headdress will suit coatMany pick up a hat to the coat prove to be challenging. Primarily this is due to the established stereotype that the best option is to tandem coat-hat. Should forget about it as a relic of a bygone era, relax and allow yourself to choose from a huge number of options offered by the manufacturers of the fashion industry. What headwear will suit to the coat, only You can decide. The only thing to do is to wear or take with you to the shop coat and try on everything. You need to consider your type of appearance and looks as headpiece together with a coat. Don’t be afraid to experiment, sometimes the most unexpected is the absolute hit and looks just perfect for You. Some rules for choosing wardrobe still exist, perhaps the following information will be helpful.

How to choose a headpiece for your coat?

headdress for the female coat

Start the same type of appearance. People with round or square face it is advisable to choose hats that open up the forehead and add volume in the area of the head. Also they should pay attention to the asymmetric caps and hats. For elongated face, it is recommended to cover the forehead and to purchase caps, more volume on the sides. Very nice hats with earflaps on the owners of heart-shaped faces.

Tall people should not wear tight hats, to visually reduce the head. People of low growth contraindicated voluminous headdresses that make them look like a mushroom. High hats miniature women get also very desirable. Full people large, wide brim hat will fit perfectly. The girls who are blessed with broad shoulders, you should pay your attention on the caps of bright colors, such as beige.

The most frequently purchased headdress under his coat – hat. For this combination there is a very important rule: the simpler the coat, the more interesting and intricate must be the hat. Don’t forget that hat with a wide brim can be combined with a silk handkerchief. It looks very stylish. Looks very good scarf with a classic coat or a coat with a fur collar.

hat - a hat under coat for women

Cap is a chic headpiece for the female coat made in military style. Do not forget about the beret. The classic version will perfectly complement the romantic coat. Knitted beret goes well with many options and styles, here the search box is very wide. Very interesting headgear for women’s coat – scarf-pipe. It is indispensable, if the coat fastens to the neck, the collar is small or missing. And, of course, hats. They are different, to get lost in the wide range is very simple.

How to choose a hat to the coat?

how to choose a headpiece to coat

Fur hat for coat always fits, even if in the coat no fur collar or inserts. Here you can experiment very easily and freely. Fur collar and hats should not merge into a single entity, to avoid any Association with the animal with a large head.

what hat to wear a coat with photo

Choosing which hat to wear with a coat, you should pay attention to the color. You can select the identical option. If you have a coat of paste differing in color from the foundations, hat of the same hue is a popular choice. Headwear can be a tone lighter or darker than the coat. You can pick up a cap under scarf, shoes or purse. It is equally important to consider the color of eyes, hair and skin and trust your feelings. First and foremost You have to like yourself.

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