Tips for choosing hair color

How to choose the right hair colorThere are many reasons why people dye their hair is a desire for an image change to color gray, discontent with their natural color. Whatever the reason, there are a few rules, how to choose the right hair color.

For a start, you should decide what result would obtain: slightly adjust your color or radically change the image. Based on this, you will have to choose what color to dye my hair and the way color.

Your final image should look natural and harmonious combination of the color with the skin tone and eyes. If this is not taken into account, can be obtained even if the hair color turned out beautiful, awesome the whole image will be visible your flaws, the nose will look too long or cheekbones are too high, it will seem older than your age, etc.

If you want to adjust your natural color, add brightness, the shade of paint should be different from your maximum of two tones. The radical change of hair best left to professionals. He will assess the condition of your hair, your complexion and will consider your wishes.

Do not dramatically change its color to the opposite, hold such global changes gradually, each time changing the tone color of two.

It is not necessary to choose paint according to the principle «like the color of hair the girl on the box.» The result is represented by an image may differ. Better to use a map of colors, shop typically offer all major manufacturers of hair dyes.

You should consider a few nuances of color to choose to look good.

If your skin has a cool tone, it will go well with the cold tones of hair, and the warm and rosy skin tones are combined with warm colors of hair. The same applies to the combination of hair color and eyes.

Light shades

in the photo the hair is painted in a light colorIf You were born blonde, you’ll like most light shades. No matter if your hair is darkened, it was decided that blonde hair would look good on you. This article describes how to paint blonde hair.

Very light colors look good only when well-groomed skin is smooth tone, or with careful daily make-up. In other cases, all your flaws will come out.

When bleaching, use only quality paint and not hydrogen peroxide.

To lighten hair at home, it is better to choose paint cool or neutral tones. Of non-specialists warm shades are obtained usually either red, or not go at all. If you are lightened more than two shades from your color, it is better to do it from a professional in the salon.

Over the bleached hair needs special care, you will have to constantly touch up the roots.

Dark shades

dark shades of hairDark shades of hair suitable for people with natural hair color light brown to black. The shade of dark color is better to choose according to eye color and skin condition, the skin tone here is not so important. Here the paper focuses on coloring black hair.

In addition, if you have thin, sparse or damaged hair, a dark color will look the most advantageous, visually add volume and thickness. In addition, they will make brighter and more expressive eyes and smile more. Brunettes have more choices of bright makeup, it will be underlined, while blondes do vulgar.

Red shades

suitable for red hair colorYou don’t want to choose red color if you have dark or well tanned skin. Also should refuse from red to other colors, if your skin reddens easily or is prone to inflammation.

Almost everyone is some shade of red, it is only to pick up.

Some of the shades in nature simply does not exist. They owned up to them, but look you will be unnatural. Natural red shade of orange and similar shades.

Plus red hair is that it attracts everyone’s attention, many men like a redhead girl. Minus – red color involves the use of appropriate makeup, this is especially true for lipstick, and paint these colors fade faster than others

A little about paint

If you doubt what color to choose, you can use temporary dyes — special toning tonics and balms. They slightly change the shade of hair and will disappear quickly.

About 6 weeks kept semi-permanent dyes, they are less harmless. This is optimal for those who like to frequently change hair color and care about them. Resistant inks last a few months, but they are using contains ammonia destroys the hair structure. Henna and Basma are natural dyes, they not only help hair, but also saturate them with useful items.

You can use a partial color – highlighting and coloring. They will help you effectively highlight your hair color.

We talked about how to choose the right hair color, but the final decision is yours. Don’t forget to appropriately care for colored hair, use appropriate conditioners and shampoos and then hair color will last long, and the hair will be strengthened after the chemical exposure to paint. The main thing to dye your hair, no matter where — at home or in the salon.

If you haven’t chosen paint colors for the hair, see the video:

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