Body care at home

How to care for the body at homeWomen always pay more attention to the care of skin, hair and nails, but forget that the body also requires special attention and care. Of course, being under layers of clothing, it is less susceptible to negative environmental factors, but for as long as possible to preserve youthfulness of her body and its beauty, you should think in advance and without delay proceed to the care of the body. Body care at home is not only useful but also enjoyable.

The most important point in the care of his body cleansing. Take a shower in the morning and in the evening enjoy a warm bath. Only use high-quality means to care for the skin, no odors. Body lotion after carried out cleaning procedures will provide moisture and nutrition to skin.

For deeper cleansing, once a week swipe peeling. This will need a body scrub that you can buy in the store, but you can prepare at home. To make this scrub is quite simple: mix the salt (preferably sea) and vegetable oil (preferably olive) in a ratio of 1:1, to give the means of fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil (citrus – grapefruit, orange floral or pink, etc.). After shower body massage using a scrub and then rinsed off with warm water. The skin will remain a bit of oil, which is quickly absorbed, providing the skin with moisture and nutrition. Recently very popular is the use coffee scrub on the basis of grinded coffee insoluble. With the help of massage mittens coffee is applied to problem areas such as thighs and buttocks, contributing to the fact that the skin becomes elastic and smooth.

Exciting women question how to get rid of cellulite, can be solved in the following way. Anti-cellulite program includes not only the use of appropriate means, it is impossible to achieve results without diet, exercise and massage. Anti-cellulite products can’t work miracles by themselves. These creams promote active lipolysis, to hydrate the skin and have a warming effect for blood flow to problem areas.

Good effect on make body wraps at home. For this fit completely available products, such as honey, chocolate, tea or cellulite oil. To ensure a sauna effect suitable elastic bandages, food film and a warm blanket.

For the body is useful from time to time to visit the bath or sauna, if there are no contraindications for health. The same applies to contrast showers. Body care at home with good results.

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