Care for neck at home

skin care neck and decolleteCare of the chest area is a necessary component of elegance present beauty. It is for the neck, you can judge a woman’s age, and it is certainly not playing into her hands, because the ladies are always very sensitive to this issue. Therefore, we must daily care of the skin in those areas, which fall on the views of others first.

Useful tips for skin care to rejuvenate the neck

To skin care neckline gave the expected results, every morning during washing to rinse it with ice water. For hot water you have to forget, especially the older women. She stretches the skin, causing it to SAG, and it looks, frankly, not very aesthetically pleasing.

After bathing the skin should be wiped dry and cleaned with a special tonic. It will help enrich it with vitamins, and to remove dust from its surface.

Skin care neck also provides for regular use of nourishing day and night creams that will help to provide round the clock care for problem areas, while helping to fast regeneration of cells. With their help, you can also achieve rejuvenation of the neck at home without any additional procedures and visits to the beauty salons.

Also cosmeticians recommend to use a mask for the neck, which will help to reduce age-related changes of the skin structure and delay the appearance of wrinkles. To do this procedure regularly – only in this case it will give expected results and will have a positive impact on the condition of the skin.

Every evening, coming home, and doing all the necessary evening the toilet, do not forget to take care of the décolleté. Warm (but not hot!) water with a small amount of soap, wash with it the accumulated daily dust. Cleansing must be completed wiping this skin tonic, after which must be followed to apply night nourishing cream.

Care neckline: how to choose a suitable cream for your neck?

Care of the face and neck involves the use of various cosmetic products. With regard to the correct approach to the selection of caregivers, especially creams, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to their composition. In the list components must be present collagen. He fully provides for rejuvenation of the neck due to its beneficial properties and ability to restore the skin’s moisture balance.

How to care for the chest area using nourishing creams masks?

With age, the skin became flabby and unattractive, you will need to make a mask for the neck and décolleté. Their main advantage lies in the fact that a woman at any age can perform this procedure at home, after preparing the mixture by yourself from natural ingredients, or bought ready-made tools in beauty.

Recipes of such masks, there are many, and they all have a simply stunning effect. Especially important is care neck and decollete after 40 years because in this period of a woman’s life start age-related changes of the skin. For the reason that the beauty salon is not cheap, any beauty need to learn how to prepare the mixture for masks at home.

Neck lift at home: recipes of masks and methods for their use

Any woman who cares about beauty and youth of your body, needs to rely not only on your beautician, and also on their own strength, after all the visits to the beauty salon can sometimes be very expensive. That is why the recipes of masks will help to ensure thorough and effective care for neck and decollete. The main rule is in full compliance with the instructions and your actions.

Mask neck based on potatoes

Boil a few small potatoes, a nice rubdown. Add prepared egg yolks (2 PCs), floral honey (1 tsp), olive oil (1 tsp), glycerin (the same amount). As a result, you should get a homogeneous mass of yellowish color.

The resulting product should be applied on a clean soft cloth, gauze or bandage, tightly wrap up this segment of the neck and wait 20 minutes. After that, a mask to wash off warm water.

This mixture has a rejuvenating effect. Perfect for older women.

Protein mask for neck for women over 50 with vegetable oil

To rejuvenate the neck and elasticity of the skin will help the next mask made of natural ingredients.

Separate the egg white from the yolk, mash, mix with a teaspoon of any vegetable oil. Stir and add a little lemon juice. Mix well again, then spread the skin of the neck. Wait a quarter of an hour. Rinse with warm water.

The perfect tool for removing the mask is a fresh decoction of lime flowers. It will enhance the effect of the mask and will promote rapid absorption of nutrients into the skin and underlying tissue.

Firming mask for neck.

Heat water and put it in a bowl of paraffin. Wait until it melts, then remove from heat. You must then put a few drops of wax on the back of your hand, checking thereby the mixture to the temperature.

Take the brush and with it apply a thin layer of wax on the skin, neck and decollete. After 10-15 minutes the mask gently scrape with a special cosmetic spatula.

For maximum effect, this procedure should be performed 15 times (making it in 2-3 days).

Mask for neck and decollete from wrinkles of the dough

If you love to cook homemade cakes of the dough, then why not leave a small piece in order to then use it for cosmetic purposes? Even during the filling in pies just wrap a small strip around the neck and leave for 20 minutes. Then wipe the skin with lemon juice diluted with water in proportion 1:3.

This mask will help to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, making it more supple and elastic.

To achieve the desired effect of masks at home, you need to look at the neck constantly. Two or three sessions of cosmetic procedures will not help to get rid of wrinkles and prevent aging of the skin in the chest area. If you carefully monitor it, engage in regular exercise for the neck and put her in the water, then very soon your skin will thank you and you will look irresistible at any age!