How to care for hair in the summer?

Of course, for the hair, summer is not the best time of the year. The hair can easily make a dry salt water, sun and even dry wind. Therefore, hair can quickly become brittle, dull and dry. However, if you properly care for them in the summer, all easy to fix.

Summer care is playing a key role in the life of your hair after the summer, as never before, it can be easily damaged. So if you want your hair was always well-groomed and healthy, you should they are well taken care of.


Protecting hair in the summer should become as normal as brushing your teeth. For this you will need to purchase a special protective hair mask that includes protection from ultraviolet radiation, and constantly to use it. Funds with a sun protection factor should be the basis of your summer hair care. While in the summer, use a sunscreen spray. But if you relax by the sea, you will need the whole line. Because the problem is much easier to prevent than to fix later.

If you are already at sea, but you have no special means for protection of hair, you can use regular sunscreen. It should be applied to the hair, and after bathing with shampoo rinse.


More hair in the heat is in need of moisture. For this you should use a hydrating mask twice a week. And in order that the effect of such masks have been stronger, should it not just apply to the hair, and to make wraps. On slightly damp hair, apply mask, cover with foil, stand twenty to thirty minutes and rinse with water. With this method the moisturizing effect of the mask will skyrocket. Summer wraps it is desirable to do at least once a week.


Summer hair care was much faster. Against this particular, you should not try to fight it. It is best just to wash my hair as needed, because the sebum on the condition of your hair affects very bad. To clean the hair in summer you should select the shampoo contains mild surfactants that is suitable for frequent use.

Before you wash your hair should be moisturized scalp apply a few drops of essential oil of avocado, jojoba or coconut. The oil should be rubbed into the scalp massage movements, and only then wash hair as usual. This massage nourishes the scalp to it during frequent washing from drying.

Most importantly, remember that the hair in the sun to dry is contraindicated. Because of this, your hair can become very dry, because the sun destroys the protective layer of the hair. It is best to dry your hair with a hair dryer or in a natural way, however, in the room. Being on the beach, you need to cover your head headdress, it will help to protect your hair from the negative effects of sunlight.


Summer hair tends to fade. This is a natural process. If you color hair, try not to leave the house without a hat, it will protect the structure of your hair. It would be better if in the summer you dye your hair will not at all. In an extreme case, do yourself tinted.

If you just need to lighten hair, don’t do it at least on a hot day. And try to reduce staining to a minimum.

Based on the foregoing, summer hair care should include hydration and protection, to correctly wash your hair and use hats. In addition, you should refrain from colouring hair.

How to care for hair in the summer?